What to do if your Airline Loses your Luggage

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It is not uncommon for passengers to lose their baggage during a flight journey. Even though reputed airlines are less likely of misplacing your luggage, exceptions are always there. Having said that, you can stay immune against such risk by opting for a travel insurance plan

In case your baggage is lost, the first thing you should do report the incident to the airline authorities.  When you are not able to find your luggage, don’t panic. It is a common issue for them and they will handle it in a professional manner.  you don’t find your luggage, wait for some time and report the matter to your insurance service provider. The insurer will initiate the claim process for missed baggage. In this way, you will be able to get through with your tour without too many hassles.

You can follow the guidelines given in this article and avail travel insurance coverage for lost baggage.

Report the Matter to Airline Authorities

  • The first and foremost thing you need to do when you notice that your luggage is missing informing the airline authorities about the incident. They will try to trace the luggage using their network and provide all the required assistance.

Remember that the sooner you inform them about the incident, the better chances you have of recovering your luggage.

  • Once you have informed the authorities about the matter, make sure to provide the basic details about the contents of your luggage. It will help them to identify the luggage and bring it back to you.
  • In some cases, you may have to call the customer support team and inform them specifically about the lost luggage. This is a good idea as it will create a proper record of the complaint and you can follow up with it in future.

Get Acknowledgement of your Complaint

  • Most people make the mistake of complaining verbally about the lost baggage to the airline authorities. However, you need to understand that only a written complaint will come to your rescue when it is time to file the claim.
  • Remember that the authorities deal with tons of luggage and they may not follow up your complaint in some cases. This is less likely to happen when you have filed a written complaint about the lost baggage. Additionally, it will create an official record of the incident. They will give an acknowledgement about the complaint. You are advised to keep it carefully till the issue is resolved. Additionally, you may have to submit this to the insurance company in order to claim compensation (if required).
  • In this way, the authorities are likely to take the issue seriously and you will have better chances of recovering your lost luggage.
  • The customer support team of the travel insurance service provider will guide you about the process and make it easy for you to handle the situation in a proper manner.

Check the Lost Baggage Policy of the Airline

  • Every airline has a specific policy about lost luggage and you need to understand it while booking tickets with the airlines.
  • Some airlines have zero tolerance for such incidents and they provide immediate support with the help of some complimentary things needed for your travel. They also provide compensation if the baggage is not found after a certain period of time.
  • On the other hand, some airlines do not have a clear-cut policy baggage policy. You are likely to face a tough situation in case of lost baggage with such airlines. In that situation, your travel insurance cover will come in handy and help you to get compensation for the lost baggage.

Inform your Insurance Company

  • The next important thing you need to do is to inform your insurance company about the loss of baggage. Register a formal complaint about the incident.
  • Collect the acknowledgement copy of the complaint from the airline authorities and submit it to the insurance company as a proof.
  • When you mention the valuables in the lost baggage, you will get compensation based on the coverage offered by the travel insurance
  • The compensation may vary depending on how much coverage you have and how much amount is allocated to cover lost baggage.
  • In most cases, you will be eligible for getting compensation when the baggage is not found even after 24 hours after the incident is reported to the authorities.

Temporary Relief Provided by Airlines

  • In most cases, the airline authorities of reputed companies will offer temporary relief to the passengers in the form of basic toiletries case of lost In other cases, some financial assistance may be provided on a temporary basis and this can be used for buying clothes and other needed stuff. However, the assistance may be provided after a pre-decided period of time. If you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy, you can avail insurance coverage in case of a covered emergency.

Compensation for Delayed Baggage

  • When it comes to getting compensation for the lost baggage or delayed baggage, you need to understand that the travel insurance company and airlines may have different guidelines. You need to get in touch with both of them and file a proper complaint.
  • In most cases, you are eligible to get compensation even when there is a baggage delay for 24 hours. You can file a claim if the luggage is not found within this duration.
  • There are many incidents when the luggage gets misplaced and it is usually found after a couple of days. In this situation, the compensation will be less but it will be enough to handle the situation.

Compensation for Lost Baggage

  • When the luggage is lost and not found even after a few days, you are eligible to avail comprehensive insurance coverage from the travel insurance
  • Even the airlines can provide compensation in this situation depending on their lost luggage terms and conditions.

How to avoid this situation in future?

Here are the tips that can help you avoid this situation in future:

  • Mark your Luggage for easy Identification: When you are travelling abroad with your family members, you are likely to carry many bags and suitcases. In this situation, you need to understand that most of the luggage that other passengers carry might look similar. In order to avoid any confusion, mark your luggage so that you can easily identify it. You can stick your name tag or some unique pictures on the luggage for easy. In this way, when the airport authorities trace the bag, it becomes easy for them to contact you using the information provided on the sticker.
  • Buy Comprehensive Travel Insurance: If you have a comprehensive travel insurance coverage for your trip, you can stay immune to travel-related risks. When needed, you can file the claim in case your baggage is lost or even delayed for a very long duration. If your claim is filed as per the terms and conditions,  you will get compensation as per the opted policy. In this way, having a travel cover will provide many benefits along with offering cover for lost baggage. You can also get compensation when your flight is delayed or when important documents are lost during travel. Additionally, you will also get cover for emergency medical expenses during your tour.

Summing it up

It is not very rare for airlines to lose your luggage during travel. The guidelines mentioned in this article will help you to handle the situation in an effective manner. The problem arises when you do not have travel insurance plan and you carry valuables in your baggage.

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