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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
2018 saw the emergence of dozens of vendors for car insurance in UAE. This was a welcome sight for car owners, who believed that the stiff competition between car insurance online and on the ground would help suppress prices and result in cheaper coverage. And while online car insurance in Dubai definitely saw a fall in prices, certain vehicles still continue to attract bulky premiums till date.

Luxury cars and SUVs see some of the highest premiums amongst any car insurance in UAE. So it is understandable that car owners try to trim the fat by cutting down on various expenses they see as optional or even unnecessary. In such cases, the biggest casualties to car insurance in UAE are most commonly the add-on covers and services.

Unfortunately, this trend of blindly opting out from add-ons offered by car insurance online has created a whole new category of car owners who are vastly underrepresented and at higher risk. Customers should not be fooled by the words, ‘add-on’. Offered in the form of additional covers, no car insurance in UAE is truly complete without some of these incredible covers.

These are 7 Essential Add-on Covers that Should Feature on Every Customer’s Car Insurance Comparison:

1. Personal Accident Cover

While comprehensive car insurance in uae protects the customer’s vehicle and personal belongings, it is the personal accident add-on that covers the car owner against bodily injuries. The add-on offers a fixed pay-out to the customer in accordance with the stipulated injuries, which comes in handy to pay off hospital bills and other medical expenses. This was the second most purchased add-on cover for car insurance in UAE in the first half of 2018.

2. Agency Repair

The type of car repairs strongly affects the premium of car insurance in UAE. Agency repairs are carried out in the original car manufacturer’s workshop and use only genuine spare parts. Non-agency repairs, on the other hand, do not use genuine spare parts and reduce the market value of the car. Most of the online car insurances in Dubai offer car owners up to three years of agency repair, after which it becomes an optional add-on.

3. Replacement Cars

Sometimes a road accident can leave the vehicle completely incapacitated. There is no substitute for the replacement car add-on during these times. The extension is offered by nearly every car insurance in UAE and provides the car owner with a replacement car while their vehicle is being repaired. For working professionals, losing a means of transport can be a major setback on professional duties. The replacement car cover ensures minimal loss of productivity. This was also the most purchased add-on cover for car insurance in 2018 as per the first half of 2018.

4. Roadside Assistance

From flat tyre replacement and fuel delivery to battery boosting and more, roadside assistance is a top-featured service on any car insurance online The add-on is especially crucial in an environment such as that of the UAE, where extreme climates and a naturally dusty atmosphere can wreak havoc on vehicles.

5. Fire & Theft

As the name suggests, the fire & theft cover is an extension of the popular car repair service offered by any car insurance in UAE, which protects the vehicle against malicious damage, unforeseen explosions and theft. Many websites that offer online car insurance in Dubai include the fire & theft add-on as part of their third-party / comprehensive insurance plans. Customers should consult the policy document for their car insurance in UAE to ensure they are protected against the same.

6. Off-Road

For vehicle owners that enjoy the thrill of dune bashing, desert rallies and other all-terrain adventures, conventional car insurance in UAE is thoroughly unprepared to cover their interests. The off-road add-on affords car owners with greater freedom to explore the beautiful UAE landscape and to set ablaze new routes.

7. Oman Extension

The Oman extension can be purchased at car insurance online portals, in person at an insurance vendor, or even at the Oman border itself. This add-on extends the geographical scope of car insurance in UAE, offering cover to the vehicle across the neighbouring nation of Oman as well. Note that the Oman extension allows the car owner to avail of their car insurance in UAE for damages to their own vehicle only. It does not cover damage to third parties and to third-party Therefore, the car owner will still be required to purchase third-party car insurance online or at the border to drive legally in the country.

It can be tempting to cut out add-ons and save on car insurance in UAE, especially for owners of a luxury car or an SUV. However, the risks of driving unprotected far outweigh the nominal one-time expense incurred in ensuring the full safety of yourself and your passengers.

Over to you

  • Conduct a detailed car insurance comparison online before picking a plan.
  • Do not skimp on the required add-ons when purchasing car insurance in UAE, and
  • Drive safely!

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