Steps to Renew Your Car Registration in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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Is your car’s registration going to expire soon? Or are you feeling stressed for renewing your car’s registration? Do not worry, because the authorities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have made the car registration renewal process comparatively easier and seamless.

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A grace period of 30 days is given to every car owner for renewing his/her car’s registration when it is expired. In this way, by including one penalty-free month, the car registration in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are valid for 13 months. Moreover, this is the reason why car insurance policies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi last for 13 months.

Previously, when the drivers do not renew their registrations even after the grace period of 30 days, then they were charged a penalty of Dh10 per month. However, since 15th April' 2018, people who do not renew their car’s registration within the grace period have to pay the fine of Dh500 and get four black points when they pass the new toll gates in Abu Dhabi. In addition to this, some drivers may lose their license or their cars can be seized for seven days.

In order to prevent this scenario, it is suggested to renew the registration of your car on time by following the below-mentioned steps. We are here providing both offline and online car registration method followed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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Document's Required:

Before anything else, you must ensure that there are no outstanding penalties on your car. If any traffic fines are being pending on your vehicle, then pay these fines off from the website of Abu Dhabi or Dubai police. Even though, you can pay them at the time of registration as well, but the black point holders have to go to the police for resolving this issue before renewing the registration of the car.

Apart from clearing all these fines, you need to provide your driving license and Emirates ID, with the enlisted documents:

  • Your old registration card
  • Your renewed vehicle insurance policy and
  • A test certificate of your car mentioning that your car has passed this exam.

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Get Your Car Tested:

The new cars of Dubai and Abu Dhabi do not have to undergo vehicle testing for two years. However, after two years every car has to be taken to any of the RTA or ADNOC vehicle testing centers for their assessment and get the ‘Passed’ certificate. This step is performed to make sure that your car is roadworthy under which the tyres, steering, braking, chassis, chassis attachments, and suspension system of the car are accessed. You may require displaying the spare wheels, safety triangles, and fire extinguisher of your car, but it entirely depends on your vehicle. The cost of this test is approximately Dh170 and the time taken for the same is 20 to 40 minutes and the validity of this test is 30 days. If the validity expires or terminates, or your car fails due to which it needs to be retested, then, you have to pay the fees again.

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Where to Register?

If the car is taken through a dealer in UAE, then the dealer takes care of the registration of your car for one year. However, from the second year onwards, you need to renew your car registration on your own. The authorities of UAE have several centers located across UAE, where you can conveniently renew your car’s registration.

Process to Renew

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you have two options to get your car’s registration renewed:

Online Method:

For online processing of your vehicle’s registration, go to the Abu Dhabi Police E-Service Portal or RTA’s website. From there, select your vehicle, submit all the relevant documents online, and confirm the delivery method. You can collect the registration either from any of the offices of the authority or by courier. Your application for registration is processed within five working days after you have paid the fees of the service.

In-Person Method:

In this method, you have to wait in the line at the registration center and then pay the renewal fees. The renewal fee in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi is Dh350. You can then pick up your renewed registration card. The new registration sticker with a new expiry date is also issued to you. Place this sticker on the rear number plate of your car on the old plate and you are done.

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Let Someone Else Do Your Car Registration Work

If you do not have time for this entire work, you can ask someone else to do your car’s registration work by using the ‘Personal Appearance Service’ of RTA. To use this service, all you need to do is to visit the customer service center of RAT once and you will get a PIN on your mobile after registering your details there. Anyone having this PIN can perform the work of registration at RTA on your behalf. The registration work can be done for one car or multiple cars on your name. The processes such as selling the number plate, exporting, and transferring can as well be carried out with this PIN.

Note: This PIN expires as soon as your representative visit’s RTA for work. However, for further visits of the representative, you will have to get a new PIN through the ‘Personal Appearance Service’ of the RTA.

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In this way, by following the simple steps of this procedure, you can get the registration of your car renewed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However, do not forget the expiry date of your car’s registration and one month’s grace period otherwise you will have to pay the penalty. Moreover, renewed online insurance policy is also required. You can renew the insurance of your car online as well. If you are searching for a good insurance policy online then you can make an informed decision by comparing insurance plans online.

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