How Important Are Car Insurance Add-on Covers?

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Road mishaps are very common now these days. The pleasure of driving your car could easily turn into misery if your vehicle collides with another vehicle or object on the road. Not only you will have to experience a lot of hassle to settle back everything in place but also you’ve to invest a hefty amount to repair your car. Henceforth, it is highly recommended to get your car insured with an apt auto insurance policy as it helps you through the post accident process by offering financial as well as medical assistance. Just compare car insurance Dubai in order to find the best auto insurance policy.

Moreover, buying an auto insurance policy is mandatory in the UAE as per the RTA Law. There are several motor insurance providers in the market that offer two types of auto insurance – Third-party Liability Insurance Cover and Comprehensive Cover.

Under a third-party liability insurance cover, you get risk coverage only for the damages to a third-party or third-party’s property. However, the comprehensive insurance cover offers wider coverage against damages to both parties involved in an accident. It basically covers theft, damages to the car, legal liability to third-party, & personal accident cover.

Well, third-party liability insurance is a basic type of insurance policy that doesn’t offer enough coverage. In fact, even a comprehensive insurance policy may also skip some crucial liabilities. That is where car insurance add-on covers come into the picture especially when you require extended coverage.

What Are Car Insurance Add-on Covers?

As the name suggests, car insurance add-on covers provide additional coverage to the insured vehicle which simply helps in enhancing your basic motor insurance policy. You can avail add-ons covers only with the comprehensive insurance cover and not with third-party liability insurance cover.

There are several insurers in the market that allow you to choose a wide range of add-on covers. Based on your insurance needs, you can choose the add-on covers to modify your comprehensive car insurance policy by paying an extra premium for these auto insurance add-on covers. Remember, they are worth purchasing in the majority of the claim circumstances.

What Are The Cost of Car Insurance Add-ons?

Auto insurance add-ons are additional covers that provide you better financial protection for your vehicle during damage or loss. They certainly affect your premium because you have to pay an extra amount for every add-on cover you opt for. However, the cost is dependent on the age and model of the car. The more add-on covers you choose to buy, the higher would be your insurance premium.

List of Add-on Covers That Are Important

Following are some of the important add-on covers in motor insurance that are very important:

Zero Depreciation Cover

This is amongst the most important car insurance add-on that you should opt for. It plays a pivotal role in claim settlements as well as reimbursements since this cover enables you to claim the full amount for the replaced car parts that have been damaged during an accident. In simple words, this cover provides the full claim amount devoid of any kind of deduction for the depreciation.

NCB Protector Cover

This is another most important add-on cover that you should probably not skip. NCB (No Claim Bonus) is a reward that the insured gets for not making even a single claim in previous years. Well, the policyholder can avail this bonus while renewing the insurance policy. NCB protector cover is basically a coverage option that assists in safeguarding your precious no claim bonus.

Engine Protection Cover

The engine is undoubtedly the heart of the car. Any sort of damage to its repair can lead to major issues. That is where this protection cover comes in. It basically compensates for the repair cost in case of engine damage. Hence, it is a highly recommended to add this protection cover because this will ensure the engine protection.

Apart from all these three car insurance add-on covers, there are few other add-on covers that play their role in offering you additional protection. It includes roadside assistance, GCC coverage, personal belongings cover, agency repair, medical expense, personal accident cover for drivers as well as passengers, off-road coverage, windscreen cover, fire & theft cover, etc.

It is not compulsory to add all the aforementioned car insurance add-on covers, you can add any of these as per your insurance need.

The Final Verdict

As said earlier, buying an auto insurance policy is mandatory in the UAE as per the law. But whether it’s a third-party liability insurance cover or comprehensive insurance cover, both of these insurance covers may miss out on some of the crucial liabilities. That’s what car insurance add-on covers meant for. They offer additional protection to your insurance policy and protect you financially in times of need. So, choose the right insurance policy along with an apt car insurance add-on covers by just practicing compare car insurance dubai in order to find the best deal that can meet your insurance needs.

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