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Does Travel Insurance cover Pregnancy?

By Laxita Gautam
  | Published: 15 September 2021

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Going abroad? Protect your trip with travel insurance

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Parenthood is indeed an interesting and fulfilling time in every couple’s life. The journey is all the more intense for to-be mothers. During gestation, taking extra care of their health becomes a priority and it is common to ponder over the coverage extent of your travel insurance plan if you are to travel during your pregnancy. Pregnancies without complications do not pose any restrictions on traveling in the earlier trimesters, provided your doctor gives you a green light. However, there may be situations where you have to handle both - a complicated pregnancy and a little bit of overseas traveling as well. To handle these special and some common scenarios, travel insurance plans offer, special, pregnancy-related benefits. Let’s examine what is covered by common travel insurance in the UAE and if there are any special alternatives that you can go with instead.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Pregnancy?

Generally, travel insurance in the UAE does not cover pregnancy that is not only known to the insured but is also categorized as normal. Pregnancy is only covered by travel insurance plans if it occurs or is noticed after you bought the plan or sudden complications arise which were unknown to the insured before. This applies to all travel insurance-related benefits including emergency medical expenses, evacuation, trip curtailment, and cancellation.

What is Covered by Travel Insurance When It Comes to Pregnancy?

Different benefits of travel insurance plans are affected by pregnancy in different ways. Some of these benefits however have nothing to do with pregnancy such as personal liability, personal accident, baggage loss cover, etc. Following is a list of benefits that your travel insurance in the UAE would cover, only in case you are dealing with a complication related to pregnancy or an unannounced pregnancy that occurred after you bought the insurance:

Trip Cancellation

Assume a scenario where you booked the trip, all the activities that you are going to take part in, the flight, and the hotel as well. Now, just a week before the trip you find out that you are pregnant and are advised against flying by the doctor. If you have to cancel the trip in this situation, the travel insurance in the UAE will cover the cancellation cost of the trip up to the assured sum. Now assume that you were already aware that you are pregnant when you bought the trip. You are ready to travel and all set for the trip when just a few days before the departure you get caught up in severe morning sickness. Your doctor advises you to not travel, considering the complications. Your trip cancellation will be covered in this situation as well. This benefit is also often extended when the trip is canceled due to unexpected pregnancy, even with no complications, which is the case in the early days of most of the pregnancies.  

Trip Curtailment or Interruption

If you are already on the trip, face a complication related to your pregnancy and have to cut the trip short in the middle, the travel insurance in the UAE would cover it. Note that most travel insurance companies only cover the curtailment if more than 50% of your trip is yet to be covered. So, make sure that you have checked the individual policies of your travel insurance provider. Know what is the threshold after which the insurance won’t cover curtailment for your trip.

Emergency Medical Expenses

Pregnancy complications can often land you in hospitals to receive emergency medical treatment. If a situation like this occurs when you are on a trip, your travel insurance in the UAE will cover the treatment expenses for you. The only catch is that this complication must not be something already known to the insured person. If it turns out that you were already at the risk of developing such a condition before you bought the travel insurance in the UAE or were advised against traveling by your doctor, the insurance won’t cover it.

Emergency Evacuation

Complicated pregnancies can often require emergency evacuation to your home country. Sometimes the healthcare services available in other countries are enough to handle your case while others may require your treating doctor to have a look at you personally and assess the situation. In such a case, your travel insurance in the UAE will cover the costs of the emergency medical evacuation for you.

Childbirth with Complications

Childbirth is generally not covered by any of the travel insurance providers in the UAE. However, the same rules about complications apply here as well. if you face any sudden complication during the birth and have to transfer to intensive care or require any special medical facilities available, your travel insurance plan would cover the cost of the childbirth and evacuation if you have to leave for home immediately. Premature childbirth within 32 weeks of the pregnancy is also often covered by travel insurance plans. But it largely depends on the provider. So, make sure to check the list of benefits beforehand.

What is Not Covered by Travel Insurance in the UAE?

Yet again, just like with any other general insurance policy, travel insurance also comes with some exclusions related specifically to pregnancy. Following are the most common ones:

Normal Childbirth While Travelling

If you are in the final trimester and traveling, the travel insurance in the UAE will not cover normal childbirth if it happens during the trip. The parents or the insured has to handle the full cost of the childbirth and other maternity ward services if they choose to have the baby in the country they are traveling to.

Travel Denied by the Carrier

Different airlines and even tour agencies have different rules regarding traveling during pregnancy. Some allow even women in their third trimester to fly while others do not even cover the first one. So, if your airline happens to deny you admittance in the airplane when you reach the airport on grounds of pregnancy, the travel insurance in the UAE will not cover the cancellation costs. Make sure that you have checked this with both the airline and tour agency before buying anything related to the trip.

Trip Taken Despite Being Advised Otherwise

Doctors often advise bed rest or to not travel as a form of precaution during pregnancy even if there are no major complications in the picture. If you decide to travel either way and end up facing a complication during your trip, the insurance plan will not cover the treatment or evacuation or trip curtailment costs.

Babymoon and Travel Insurance in the UAE

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming phase and what comes next when the baby arrives is an evolved form of overwhelming. This leads to parents wanting to enjoy some me-time before the arrival of the baby. So, these small trips taken a little before childbirth are popularly referred to as babymoon. Since these small trips are taken too close to the due date, the travel insurance in the UAE may not cover any of the previously known complications to the insured. It will also stand void if the trip is taken despite being advised not to by a doctor. But all unknown and unannounced complications will be covered by your travel insurance in the UAE.  

Things You Need to Know Before Travelling During Pregnancy

Flying and traveling during pregnancy can be a risky game. You are not only supposed to take good care of the travel arrangements, accommodations and activities but also make sure that the location you are visiting is not dangerous in any way. Following are a few pointers that you can add to your checklist when preparing for a trip during pregnancy:

Travel Guidelines of Your Airline and Travel Agency

Once again, not all airlines have the same rules regarding pregnant flyers. Make sure that you have thoroughly checked with your airline about the important rules related to flying before your book the tickets and buy the insurance. Also, repeat this process with your travel agency as well. If your flyer or agency denies any services due to pregnancy, insurance won’t cover it.

Vaccination Requirements

Anti-malaria is just one example of the vaccinations you may need when traveling abroad. This is not something exclusive to pregnant women. Every traveler is advised to get vaccinated appropriately according to the area or region they are visiting. But this task becomes even more important when you are pregnant. Consult your doctor and figure out what all vaccines you will need as per the place you are traveling and get them immediately.

Destinations That Shouldn’t Be Travelled To

Doctors advise pregnant women to not travel to countries that are at risk of infecting them with the Zika virus. There is a list available with the names of such countries on the internet. Check it out beforehand to avoid any mishaps or loss deposits later.

Healthcare Quality of the Country/Area You Are Visiting

Most places would offer you basic healthcare services. However, there is a chance that some special care services may not be available there. Even if there are no complications in your case, check if you would receive all the medical services, you may need if the need arises. Check for the complication specialists as well while you are at it.

The Final Word

Traveling during pregnancy is a concern. It is mostly safe and secure if you are following all the important medical precautions and staying on top of your game. Normal pregnancies do not require any medical attention. But if you are faced with an unexpected complication, your travel insurance in the UAE will cover the cost of medical treatment for it. This means that as long as you are aware of your medical condition and the extent of coverage of your travel insurance in the UAE, you will be well-protected during your travels.

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