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Buying a second-hand car is a smart decision in many cases. Not only does it ensure proper usage of the existing products but also reduces wastage and proves to be an environmentally responsible step. But purchasing a used car is not as easy a feat as one would think. You not only have to carefully examine the features and function of the car that you are about to buy but also the on-road history of the vehicle. A car that has been in too many accidents can prove to be a hassle in the future. This applies in terms of insurance prices as well as maintenance. This is where the car VIN number comes into the picture. Let’s understand why car VIN number is important and how it can help you. 

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What is VIN – Vehicle Identification Number?

A car VIN number or car Vehicle Identification Number is a unique identification number that can be used to generate important details about the concerned vehicles. Car VIN numbers are also popularly known as chassis number of the car. However, in reality, chassis number of a car is a part of the car VIN number. Vehicle identification number comprises a total of 17 characters containing numbers as well as alphabets. The last 6 digits of the Vehicle identification number are known as chassis number. Car VIN numbers are commonly given to all vehicles across the world. All vehicle purchases after the year 1989 are given a VIN number. There are several ways to find a car VIN number. 

If you want to look for a vehicle identification number, try and look at your:

  • Registration documents
  • At the bottom of the windshield of the car
  • In front of the vehicle frame
  • Under car’s hood
  • Doorjamb on driver’s side
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General Details Provided in Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Following are the details you can gather from properly decoding your car VIN number:

  • The country of manufacture – all countries are divided into small groups with pre-allotted characters. For example, vehicles manufactured in South America are given the number 8 or 9. 
  • Brand and type of the vehicle.
  • Model, engine type, body type, restraint type and transmission of the vehicle. 
  • Authenticity verification number of the car generated by the manufacturer.
  • Year of manufacturing.
  • Plant of manufacture and production line of the vehicle. 

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How to Understand Your VIN?

The 17 characters of a car VIN number all reveal something unique, separately or in a group. Following are the things that a car VIN number can tell:

  • The 1st character denotes the country of origin of the vehicle, aka world manufacturer identifier. 
  • The 2nd character of your car VIN number shows the brand of the car. For example, “A” is written for Audi. The 3rd character represents the type of vehicle. For example, a Chevrolet truck manufacturer in America will have 1GC as the first three characters of its VIN. 
  • Characters 4 to 8 are the ones that offer details like the model and make of the car. This sequence is also known as “vehicle descriptor”. Here, you can find the model type of the vehicle, transmission, body type, restraint type and engine type of the vehicle. 
  • The 9th character is a unique one generated by the manufacturer for each product. This character is known as the “vehicle identification section”. It can be used to verify the authenticity of any particular vehicle. 
  • The 10th character represents the year of manufacturing. 
  • The 11th character is the manufacturing plant code of the brand. 
  • The 12th to 17th characters are digits that represent the production number of the vehicle. They are generally read sequentially. For example, a vehicle with 000124 as its last six characters will be the one 124th vehicle manufactured in that production line. 

What Can the Car VIN Number Identify?

As stated above, a VIN number check can help you know a great deal about a particular vehicle. Following are things you can check with the VIN number in the UAE:

  • Frauds: The vehicle identification number is present at several places, not only on the car but also on the documents. This means you can easily recognise foul play using the car VIN number. A quick car VIN number check will help you find out if the car has been involved in any fraudulent or illegal activities. If there has been forging of documents or tampering with the car, it can be identified with a car VIN number check. 
  • Age, Make, Model and Brand of the Vehicle: As mentioned above, the car Vin number contains every single detail about the vehicle. If you have some doubts about the car, you can always verify them using a car VIN number check. For example, the year of manufacturing. A quick scan of the car VIN number can help you verify them. 
  • History of Accidents: Accidents may lead to the replacement of certain parts, even the ones containing car VIN numbers on them. A difference in the VIN numbers of the car and the document would mean that the car may have been a bad accident that damaged the VIN number or required the part to be changed. 
  • History of Thefts: Chassis numbers are noted in the database of the police if the vehicle has ever been stolen. A car VIN number check can help you find and verify if the car you are about to buy has ever been stolen before. The same goes for accidents as well. You can use the car VIN number check to find out how many accidents the vehicle has been in. 
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Car VIN Number Check UAE

We have already covered how to find out the car VIN number free by checking the documents and body of the car. Now, let’s find out some of the platforms that offer free VIN number check to find out some added details about the car in concern:

Platforms to Check Free VIN Number in UAE

  • Emirates Vehicle Gate website – to check registration details, accident history, etc. using chassis number
  • Ministry of Interior – Details like make, model, type, registration, fines, etc. 
  • RTA websites – any available detail about the vehicle that RTA records.

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In a Nutshell 

Needless to say, a simple car VIN number check can land you in a huge pool of information. This simply means that you need to keep your eyes peeled for this unique 17-character number whenever you buy a second-hand vehicle in the UAE, or anywhere else in the world. At least check the accident, fraud, and fine history of the vehicle using the car VIN number. Understand how you can use this special number to your advantage and make an informed decision. 

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