Car Recovery Services in Dubai - Complete Guide

In a city as bustling as Dubai, where traffic congestion and unpredictable road conditions are part of daily life, the need for reliable car recovery services is paramount. Whether due to breakdowns, accidents, or flat tires, drivers often find themselves in urgent need of assistance. more

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Car recovery services in Dubai offer swift response times and professional support, ensuring vehicles are swiftly towed to safety or repaired on-site. These services not only ensure convenience but also enhance road safety across the emirate.  You should know the best service provider and the types of recovery services in general. Read on to find out more!


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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Importance of Dubai Car Recovery Service

We will first understand why Dubai car recovery services are important —

  • These services help in promptly recovering broken or damaged vehicles, preventing traffic and potential accidents. 
  • Assistance in handling and transporting the car safely to the garage for repairs, making sure no further damage occurs 
  • Immediate assistance that reduces the inconvenience post a breakdown

Top Companies that Offer Car Recovery in Dubai

Check out the top companies that offer car recovery services in Dubai —

Service Providers Location Contact Number Timing
Car Recovery Service Dubai Al Qusais 2, Dubai, UAE +971 55 151 5721 Open 24-by-7
Al Wasi Vehicles Recovery Al Quoz 4, Al Barsha, Al Barsha 2, Dubai, UAE +971 56 935 4565 Open 24-by-7
Saqib Car Recovery and Towing Service Dubai International City Warsan 2, Dubai, UAE +971 54 509 4536 Open 24-by-7
Emirates Car Recovery Dubai 126 Kensington Manor, JVC, Dubai, UAE +971 50 961 3777 Open 24-by-7
Middle East Star Automobile Recovery  Al Quoz, Al Quoz 3, Dubai, UAE +971 52 270 0605 Open 24-by-7
Car Recovery Dubai — Car Towing Service 27 Street, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE +971 56 361 3657 Open 24-by-7
One-Click Car Recovery Services JVC, Prime Business Centre, Jumeirah Village, Dubai, UAE +971 50 515 9777 Open 24-by-7
Car Recovery Services Dubai Street E66 Al Ain, Dubai Road, Dubai Al Rowaya 3, Dubai, UAE +971 55 134 3228 Open 24-by-7
Colour Fair Auto Garage 38 13 A St., Al Quoz, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE +971 55 131 9787 8:30 am to 11:20 am (Monday to Friday)
166 Recovery Empire Heights, Tower A, 93 Marasi Dr, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE +71 80 001 666 Open 24-by-7
Car Recovery Service Roadside Assistant Al Falak Street, Al Sufouh 2, Dubai, UAE +971 50 404 0995 Open 24-by-7
Mahar Car Recovery Car Towing Services Dubai Rashid Hospital Street, Umm Hurair 2, Dubai UAE +971 50 460 0972 Open 24-by-7
Lucky Car Recovery Dubai & Towing Service  One by Omniyat, Office 303, Al Mustaqbal, Dubai, UAE +971 50 537 4094 Open 24-by-7
Millenium Star Car Recovery Dubai Al Qusais, Dubai +971 56 361 3657 Open 24-by-7
Dubai Rapid Recovery Business Bay, Dubai, UAE +971 54 509 4536 Open 24-by-7
Arabian Automobile Association Baghdad Street, Al Nahda 2, Dubai, UAE +971 4 402 0700 Open 24-by-7
UAE Car Recovery 7 Street, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 1, Dubai, UAE +971 55 767 6296 Open 24-by-7


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Different Types of Car Recovery Services in Dubai

You can request car recovery service for any of the following problems —


An Accident:

Car recovery services cover everything from a small crash to a major accident. You can request a car towing service in Dubai if your vehicle has been seriously damaged in a major accident. However, you can also ask for recovery services even if the car is still functional but needs a check. Most recovery companies in Dubai have trucks of different sizes to tow the damaged vehicle without harming it any further. 


Car Engine Break Down:

Car engine breakdowns require immediate roadside assistance. If your car’s engine breaks down, you can connect with a nearby car towing service provider to take your broken vehicle to the nearest garage. 


Multiple Tyre Punctures:

Cars usually have one spare tyre that you can use if there is a flat tyre situation during your journey. But what if more than one tyre gets damaged? This is where car recovery in Dubai comes to the scene. You can contact the service and get your car towed to the nearest garage. 


Car Battery Break Down:

Most automatic cars depend on the battery — if the car battery dies and you get stranded on the road, it can be hard to deal with such a scenario. In such a situation, you can use Dubai car recovery service and get your vehicle towed to the garage and recover your vehicle. 


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Off-road Incidents:

As we know quite well, off-road sports are among the most popular activities in Dubai. However, even if you take precautions and appropriately engage in off-road activities, there are chances that your vehicle can get trapped in rough terrain. In such a case, you can seek car towing service in Dubai and get your car recovered. 


Fuel Problems:

Car recovery service in Dubai can also help in case your car runs out of fuel by bringing the fuel to the location. It also offers a towing service in case you use the wrong fuel and take it to a garage for fixing. 


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How to Choose the Best Car Recovery Services in Dubai?

Here’s how you can choose the best car recovery service in Dubai —

  • Look into a service that is available round-the-clock
  • Choose services that offer prompt responses
  • You should look for a car recovery service well in advance by checking their services like towing, battery boost, and more 
  • Compare the prices in advance to opt for cheap car recovery in Dubai

Note: Most car insurance companies in Dubai offer coverage for car recovery services. Make sure you get the best comprehensive vehicle insurance to get the benefit from Apply here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Under what circumstances should you opt for a car recovery service?

In case the vehicle faces mechanical issues, accidents, or other problems,  you can opt for a recovery service in Dubai.

What is the cost of car recovery in Dubai?

The rate usually depends on the extent of damage, the type of damage, and the distance the car has travelled.

How to choose the right car recovery service in Dubai?

Check for the ratings, services offered, and customer reviews to select the most suitable car recovery service in Dubai.

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