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Before planning a trip to the UAE, getting travel insurance to cover your stay can be a great idea if you want to freely travel across the country without worrying about unexpected expenses. With travel insurance for UAE visit visa, you can be financially covered in case any medical or travel-related emergency comes up.

To find out whether travel insurance for UAE visit visa is mandatory, the costs associated with this insurance, and other such details, let’s go through the article below.

Is Travel Insurance for UAE Visit Visa Mandatory?

As per the guidelines, individuals visiting the UAE must necessarily have medical insurance for a visit visa UAE. Simply put, if you aren’t eligible for visa-free travel and require a visa to enter the UAE, you must have a valid medical insurance plan that would be valid in the emirates as well.

How Much Does UAE Travel Insurance Cost?

The cost of UAE travel insurance varies as per the applicant. Travel insurance UAE costs are generally influenced by these factors –

  • Trip duration
  • Type of coverage and the benefits included in the plan
  • Age of the visitor(s)
  • Number of visitor(s)

To compare the cost of various travel insurance policies, you can visit the ‘travel insurance’ section on Policybazaar UAE and experiment with different inputs to find the estimated cost for different trip durations, visitors, and more.

What Should Medical Insurance For Visit Visa UAE Include?

To ensure the best coverage for your trip, you should make sure that your medical insurance for a visit visa UAE covers the following –

  • Medical emergencies: Your policy should cover emergency medical expenses as well as those related to ambulance, doctor consultation, hospitalisation, surgical procedures, medicines, and others.
  • Trip disruption: If your trip is disrupted for any reason, you would be able to recover the non-refundable expenses related to trip reservations and deposits if your travel insurance plan has the provision for the same.
  • Lost belongings: It is advisable to get insurance for a visit visa in the UAE that covers lost personal baggage and belongings. With this cover, your insurance plan can compensate for your losses in case your luggage is stolen or lost during your trip.
  • Emergency evacuation: Finally, you should check whether your travel insurance for a UAE visit visa includes a cover for emergency evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains to the home country.

Additional Coverage for Travel Insurance for a UAE Visit Visa

Here are some scenarios for which you can get the relevant add-ons included in your plan –

  • Coverage for expensive items otherwise excluded in usual travel insurance plans
  • Coverage for medical emergencies or losses related to an event of terrorism
  • Participation in adventure and sports activities
  • Personal or legal liabilities for injury or damage to a third party during your

What is the Best Travel Insurance Plan for a UAE Visit?

The activities that you plan to pursue during your stay and your general trip itinerary will primarily influence your choice of travel insurance. The best travel insurance plan for your UAE visit would ultimately depend on factors like the number of passengers to be covered, participation in sports and adventure activities, the age of the travellers, and more.

Generally, it is advisable to go for comprehensive travel insurance plans, which cover the following –

  • Baggage loss, flight delays, and damage to personal property
  • Delays due to medical issues during the trip
  • Weather-related disruptions in the travel itinerary
  • Trip cancellation
  • Covid-19 coverage
  • Emergency medical expenses cover

What are the Major Exclusions for Travel Insurance for UAE Visit Visa?

Given below are the general exclusions of most travel insurance plans in the UAE –

  • If you face an injury resulting from participation in a high-risk activity that is not covered in the insurance plan
  • If damages are incurred due to war or nuclear activity
  • If your personal belongings were lost or damaged due to neglect
  • If you miss a flight or cancel the trip for a reason outside the plan’s scope

Where Can I Get Travel Insurance for the UAE?

It is advisable to compare different insurance policies to get the best medical insurance for visiting visa UAE. You can easily do this on Policybazaar UAE, where you can compare the plans before applying for one that suits your requirements the best.

To buy travel insurance online from, visit the ‘travel insurance’ section on the site and fill out the lead form with the specified details. Check out the travel insurance quotes page to compare the plans as per their features, exclusions, premiums, and so on. Once you find the best plan for yourself, apply for it by clicking the button for the same.

Keep the following things in mind before buying travel insurance for UAE visit visa –

  • Buy insurance for visit visa in the UAE early: Travel insurance should be one of the first things you must get as soon as your plan and bookings are made. By purchasing insurance early, you can clear off a big step right at the start and have ample time to make adjustments, if any.
  • Do your research: As mentioned earlier, researching the different options available for medical insurance for visit visa UAE is the best way to find the most suitable plan for yourself. At, you can find compare the best travel medical insurance plans from the leading providers, medical insurance for visit visa UAE costs, and other such key factors.
  • Read the entire policy: To ensure that you are not caught unaware and without any assistance in case you require help during your trip, you should go through the entire policy and the fine print before getting travel insurance.


Travel or medical insurance for a UAE visit visa can be of great help during your trip, as these plans can bring you peace of mind with adequate coverage to tackle any unforeseen situation and expenses. To get the best plan as per your budget and requirements, you can compare comprehensive travel insurance plans that cover situations related to medical emergencies, loss or theft of luggage, trip cancellation or curtailment, and so on. Additionally, you must compare the plans and examine them in detail.

Check out the ‘travel insurance’ section on for more details and to find the most relevant travel insurance plan!

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