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Dubai is famous for its smooth traffic system. The transportation of the city is based on the Salik Traffic Toll System, which not only has improved the traffic conditions but also changed how people can travel in the city. 

What is the Salik System?- A General Overview 

Introduced by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in 2007, Salik Dubai is an electronic toll gate system that eases traffic in the Emirates. RTA replaced manual toll gates with electronic ones, which deduct the toll fees digitally from what is known as Salik Tag (discussed in detail below) as you drive through these gates. 

The money collected here is used to improve the roads and enhance the transportation system in Dubai. 

How Does the Salik System Work in Dubai?

Salik Dubai uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to collect toll fees.

After you buy a Salik Tag and activate it, the RFID at Salik toll gates will detect and scan it. Note that the fee gets deducted every time a vehicle passes through the gates. 

It is important to understand that as a Salik account holder, you are responsible for paying for every trip at the toll gates irrespective of who the driver is.

Service Offered by Salik in Dubai

Here are the services available with Salik Dubai —

  • Purchase Salik tag
  • Register and activate the Salik Tag
  • Correct the Salik account data
  • Raise query about Salik violations
  • Check Salik's monthly account statement
  • Recharge a Salik account 
  • Add a new vehicle to the Salik account 
  • Salik fees exemptions 
  • Remove a vehicle from the Salik account 
  • Pay Salik fines

Salik Dubai Fees

Check out the exact costs of Salik Dubai whether you are getting it online or offline —

  • Buying a Salik Tag from an RTA-designated spot — AED 100 (AED 50 is the Salik Fee and AED 50 is added to your account)
  • Buying Salik Dubai Tage online — AED 120 (AED 50 is the Salik Fee, AED 50 is the prepaid balance, and AED 20 are the delivery charges)

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Major Salik Toll Gates in Dubai - Salik Cost, Timing & Location

Tabled below are the top Salik toll gates in Dubai —

Dubai Salik Toll Gate Location Salik Cost Salik Timing
Al Barsha Salik Gate Sheikh Zayed Road AED 4 24 hours
Al Garhoud Salik Gate Al Garhoud Bridge AED 4 24 hours
Al Mamzar South Salik Gate Al Ittihad Street AED 4 24 hours
Jebel Ali Salik Gate Sheikh Zayed Road AED 4 24 hours
Al Safa Salik Gate Sheikh Zayed Road AED 4 24 hours
Al Mamzar North Salik Gate Al Ittihad Street AED 4 24 hours
Airport Tunnel Salik Gate Beirut Street AED 4 24 hours
Al Maktoum Salik Gate Al Maktoum Bridge AED 4 24 hours (free from 10 pm on Thursday to 6 am on Saturday)

What is Salik Tag?

This is a sticker with an electronic chip that gets scanned at the Salik toll gate scanners. Once you approach a Salik toll gate, the scanner reads the chip on the tag. The amount then gets deducted from your Salik Account.

You can get Salik Tags from several locations in the city including —

  • RTA Customer Service Centres
  • Petrol Stations — EPPCO/ENOC, ADNOC, and Emarat petrol stations
  • Banks — Branches of Dubai Islamic Bank and Emirates NBD 

How to Register Salik Tag?

Here's the process of registering your Salik Tag —

  • Fill in the registration form at any RTA Salik centre. You can also apply online. 
  • Submit the necessary documents and fees with the form. The concerned officials will examine the details before you get the Salik kit that has the tag.
  • Fix the tag on the car’s windshield.
  • Once your details get entered into RTA’s system, you will get your PIN and Account Number through SMS. Use these credentials to access the Salik Account. 

Note — If you already have a Salik Account, you can easily get the tag online at

To get the Salik Tag, you need the following —

  • A mobile number
  • Vehicle’s registration card

To activate the Salik Tag, you need the following —

  • Vehicle’s RC copy
  • The number on Salik Tag’s back
  • Registered phone number
  • Salik Tag’s purchase date
  • Trade licence’s copy (for companies)

Salik Account: Everything You Need to Know

When you buy your first Salik Tag, your Salik Account gets created. 

To create the account, you need to provide a few details related to yourself and your vehicle. Follow these steps to open the Salik Account —

  • Step1- Go to Salik's official website. 
  • Step2-Click on the Register button and enter your details. 
  • Step3-Select the kind of account you want Personal Account or Business Account. 
  • Step4-Make an initial top-up so that the amount can be used for toll payments. 
  • Step5-Select the payment method for the top-up.
  • Step6-Choose the mode of receiving your Salik Tag — delivery at home or collecting it from a nearby Salik Customer Happiness Centre. 
  • Step7- To confirm registration, check for errors before reviewing your details. 

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How to Use Salik?

Mentioned below are the steps to use Salik —

  • Purchase an RFID tag and affix it to your car's windshield.
  • Link the tag to your vehicle for identification.
  • Preload your Salik account with funds using prepaid cards to cover toll charges.
  • For a seamless recharge process, refer to our guide on how to recharge a Salik tag next.
  • Drive confidently as the system automatically deducts toll fees each time you pass through a Salik toll gate.

How to Check Salik's Account Balance?

You can check your Salik Account balance in two ways —

  • Online — Salik website or Smart application
  • Offline — Using the customer care service number

Whichever mode you choose, make sure that you use your plate number or Salik account number and PIN. 

How to Recharge Salik's Account?

Here's how you can recharge your Salik Account —

  • Via Salik Dubai's app or official website
  • Auto debit using your bank account
  • If you have a Salik Dubai recharge card, you can recharge your Salik Account via —
    • Salik Dubai’s official website
    • Salik call centre
    • Smart Salik App
  • If you want to make cash payments, you can do the recharge via —
    • The kiosk machines
    • Cash Deposit Machines for Dubai Islamic Banks and Emirates NBD Bank
    • Another way is dialling the Toll-Free Number – 800-SALIK (72545).

Important: Make sure you do a minimum recharge of AED 50. 

Find Out About Major Salik Dubai Violations and Associated Fines

RTA Dubai has laid down some rules to ensure that the Salik system runs smoothly in the city. Thus, in case there are any violations, the car owner will be penalised for the same. 

Here is a list of the major violations and related fines —

Violations Descriptions Fines
ISF Violation — Insufficient Funds Passing toll gate without enough funds in the account and not recharging it in the next 5 days AED 50
URP Violation — Unregistered Plate Passing the Salik toll gate with an unregistered tag and not buying or registering one within the next 10 days AED 100 for the first time, AED 200 for the second time, and AED 400 for every subsequent time

Who Are Exempted from Salik Toll Fee?

Here is the list of vehicles on which the Salik toll fee does not apply —. 

  • Ambulances
  • RTA public buses
  • School buses
  • Military vehicles
  • Police vehicles
  • College buses
  • Those under the ‘Determined Ones’ category 

Keep Salik Dubai Guidelines in Mind!

Here are key practices to effectively use Salik Dubai —

  • Affix the Salik tag to the assigned vehicle as per the Salik application.
  • Don’t use the same tag for multiple vehicles.
  • Inform authorities of any changes in vehicle number plate or user/driver mobile number.
  • Purchase and fix the Salik tag on your car's windshield within the initial 10 working days of using the system.
  • Recharge the Salik account within 5 working days if funds are insufficient. 

Remember, Salik ensures smooth traffic flow on Dubai roads and is obligatory. When purchasing a used car, acquire a new Salik tag as it's non-transferable, i.e. each vehicle needs its own tag,

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Q1. Can I add another car to the Salik account that I already have?

Ans: Yes, you can add any number of vehicles to your existing Salik account for as long as the vehicles to be registered are under your name.

Q2. Is it possible to have multiple Salik accounts, one for each of my vehicles?

Ans: No, you can only have one Salik account for all the vehicles registered under your name.

Q3. Is the balance in my Salik account transferable to another Salik account?

Ans: No, the Salik account balance is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Q4. What do I do with the Salik tag on a second-hand vehicle that I just bought?

Ans: You can remove the current Salik tag and replace it with a new one. You will have 10 days’ time from the date of purchase to do this.

Q5. Can I check my unpaid trips through Salik toll gates? If yes, how?

Ans: Yes, you can easily check your unpaid trips by logging in to the RTA Salik website or you can use Salik smart application to check the same.

Q6. How can check I my Salik account balance?

Ans: You can check your Salik account balance via – the Smart Salik app, RTA Salik official website and Dubai Drive app.

Q7. How do I manage my Salik account on online platforms?

Ans: Visit the official website of RTA Salik and create an account. Update all your personal details and buy and activate a Salik tag using the same platform. Once the account is created, you can manage your Salik account online and do everything online from recharging the Salik tag to checking unpaid trips and paying for them.

Q8. What is the price of a Salik tag in the UAE?

Ans: A Salik tag costs AED 100. Out of this, AED 50 is the cost of tag and AED 50 is the mandatory prepaid balance for the Salik tag.

Q9. How can I apply for determined people Salik fee exemption?

Ans: You can apply for this service on the official website or at one of the customer service locations in the UAE.

Q10. Can I use the same Salik tag if I change my license plate number?

Ans: Yes, you can use the same Salik tag even after changing your license plate number. However, make sure that you update the changed license plate info in your Salik account. 

Q11. How can I update my phone number on a Salik account?

Ans: You can update your phone number via the Salik Smart app, the official website, the Dubai Drive app, customer service cell or at one of the service centres.

Q12. What is the expiration date of a Salik account balance?

Ans: A Salik account balance is valid for 5 years from the date of recharge. 

Q13. Is there a grace period applicable to pay my Salik fee?

Ans: Yes. You get a grace period of 5 days to pay the due Salik fee, starting from the date of the trip. Any violations in this timeline attract an additional penalty of AED 50 per day after the 5th day.

Q14. Can I drive through Salik toll gates without a Salik tag?

Ans: Yes, you can drive through toll gates even without a Salik tag. However, you need to purchase a tag within 10 days of taking such a trip. Failure to do so will lead to violation and a fine starting at AED 100. 

Q15. What is the minimum Salik account recharge amount?

Ans: The minimum Salik recharge amount is AED 50.

Q16. Do I need to purchase a Salik tag as a tourist?

Ans: If you are bringing your own car to UAE, you must get a Salik tag for it.

Q17. Why is Salik Dubai important?

Salik Dubai regulates the traffic in the city. The Salik Account is easy to set up and allows you to easily drive around the city once recharged. 

Q18. What to do if your Salik tag gets stolen, lost, or damaged?

If your Salik Tag goes missing, deactivate it right away to avoid being charged for any tolls. Do this on the official Salik website or call their 24/7 self-service at 800 Salik (72545). In the latter case, choose the language — press 1 for Arabic or 2 for English — then press 3 to log into your account. Finally, press 5 to modify details. 

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