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Noor Takaful Insurance Company is known for providing a wide range of insurance services, having both general and customised products for individuals, families, groups, and corporate employees. So whether you are searching for insurance plans regarding travel, home, car, boat, medical, or family, you can be assured of discovering excellent options with the Noor Takaful Company.

Some of the most notable plans offered by Noor Takaful fall under car insurance plans, which are loaded with several features and benefits to help policyholders optimise their expenses better. These plans cover accidental damage expenses for the policyholders and aid them in getting their vehicles repaired at reasonable prices.

To avail of such car insurance plans, knowing the garages falling under Noor Takaful Car Insurance Garage List is crucial. These garages play a critical role in delivering the best service experience to the policyholders by providing full-time help and assistance to help insured people deal with accident-related damages.

The Noor Takaful Auto Garage List has some of the best-performing garages in the UAE. These garages are cashless and cordially help the policyholders throughout the claim process. Such is their quality of repair service that they make the vehicle up and running in no time.


Best Car Insurance in UAE

Some of the best and the cheapest car insurance quotes in Dubai are:

S 2.5L

In that light, let’s go ahead and learn more about the benefits that the garages in Noor Takaful Car Garage List offer.

Benefits Of Noor Takaful Car Insurance Cashless Garages

Here is the list of benefits that the garages in Noor Takaful auto insurance garage list come with.

  1. Hassle-free Claim Process: Noor Takaful Insurance garages help policyholders throughout the claim process by simplifying the steps for them. As they stay directly in touch with the insurance company, they can smoothly share the estimation report and initiate the transfer of funds. All that a policyholder needs to do is report a claim and get approval for the same. 
  2. Roadside Assistance: The Noor Takaful Insurance Garages offer full-time roadside assistance to help policyholders deal with even accidental situations such as the vehicle stopping its movement altogether. These garages help policyholders tow the vehicle from the accident location to the garage. 
  3. Cashless Payment: The Noor Takaful Insurance garages remove the hassle of carrying cash with their cashless benefits. They get directly paid by the insurance company instead of the tedious way of the insured person paying first then getting the amount reimbursed later. At times when the policyholders seek quick and smooth assistance, these garages make the whole claim process pretty straightforward. 
  4. No Extra Repair Cost: You can be assured that these cashless garages always charge the policyholders reasonable costs for repair. In fact, they also offer an extended warranty for the products replaced in several cases.
  5. Reduced Paperwork: With cashless garages, the policyholders don’t need to go through the long and complex paperwork to settle down the claim. They send the estimation report after the claim gets approved to get the clearance for the settlement. 
  6. Quality Repair Services: The cashless garages from Noor Takaful Insurance Garage List are A-grade garages, delivering quality repair services for the policyholders.

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How To Report A Claim With Noor Takaful Car Insurance?

Here are the simple steps to report a claim with Noor Takaful Car Insurance.

  1. Report the Claim: First, you need to call the Noor Takaful Car Insurance Company’s helpdesk number at 800 825 2385 to report the claim. 
  2. Get the Garage Details: After the first step, the helpdesk representatives will provide you with the reference number and the workshop details for the vehicle repair. 
  3. Get the Estimation Report: You need to visit the referred workshop and get an estimated report that has been created with the details of all the damages caused to the vehicle. The people at the garage will help you create the report and send it to the insurer.
  4. Submit Your Documents: Next, you will be required to provide the necessary documents required for the processing of the claim, with the list including the original police report, a copy of your driving license and car registration card, the garage repair estimation report, etc.
  5. Get the Claim Approval: The insurer will verify your documents and details. They will approve the claim if everything is in place. Remember: you need to wait for approval to get your vehicle repaired. 
  6. Pick Your Vehicle: You will be informed by the garage once your vehicle gets repaired. You can go and pick up your vehicle from the workshop. It is recommended to take a test drive to check if everything is working fine before you leave from there.

Noor Takaful Car Insurance Garage List



Workshop Name

Contact Details

Contact Person


Al Quoz

Aarya Auto repairs

Landline Number: 04-3417728

Unit Manager: Mr. Sooraj

Mobile Number: 056-1199129

Email Address: sooraj@aaryaauto.ae

Apex Auto

Not Available

Manager: Ms. Hala

Mobile Number: 056-1434344

Email Address: hala@apexautogarage.com

Carriage Auto

Landline Number: 04-340 0770

Manager: Ms. Wajih

Mobile Number: 056-3429948

Rover Auto Centre

Landline Number: 04-3409096

Email Address: info@rovercares.com

Operations Manager: Mr. Ajith Kumar

Mobile Number: 055-1098309


Boby Auto Garage

Landline Number: 04-2854897

Email Address: info@bobygarage.com

Operations Manager: Mr. Ajai

Mobile Number: 052-2069431

Golden Workshop Car Repairing

Landline Number: 04-2858346

Email Address: aldhahab@emirates.net.ae

Operations Manager: Mr. Jaya Shankar

Mobile Number: 056-5257845

KM Garage

Landline Number: 04-2855099

Email Address: info@kmgroup.ae

Operations Manager: Mr. Anees

Mobile Number: 055-1080928


Industrial Area

Samra Auto Repairing

Landline Number: 06-5339805

Email Address: samraautoworkshop@gmail.com

Operations Manager: Mr. Pradeep Kumar

Mobile Number: 050-8708934

RAK Arabia Services

Not Available

Estimator: Mr. Abdul Latheef

Mobile Number: 052-6097130

Email Address: latheef@arabiaworkshop.ae

Hatta Auto

Email Address: info@kmgroup.ae

Estimator: Mr. Stanley

Mobile Number: 050-8183978

Abu Dhabi


Aarya Auto repairs

Landline Number: 02-5512175

Unit Manager: Mr. Prajith

Mobile Number: 050-9985869

Email Address: prajith@aaryaauto.ae

Apex Auto

Email Address: hala@apexautogarage.com

Estimator: Ayub Khan

Mobile Number: 056 5040546

Farooq Garage

Not Available

Owner: Mr.Farooq

Mobile Number: 050-4438373

Email Address: farooq80@eim.ae

Al Ain

Al Ain

Apex Auto

Not Available

Estimator: Mr. Ajmal

Mobile Number: 055-8380806

Email Address: ajmal.saifudeen@apexautogarage.com

Ras Al Khaimah


RAK Arabia Services

Not Available

Manager: Mr. Habeed Meadh

Mobile Number: 052-6097296

Email Address: Habeeb.mh@arabiaworkshop.ae



Emirates Transport

Not Available

Estimator: Mr. Sharma

Mobile Number: 050-8531628



Diamond Garage

Not Available

Manager: Mr. Ahsan

Mobile Number: 055-4204420

Email Address: diamondmotors.ae@hotmail.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get in touch with Noor Takaful Car Insurance Company if I have any queries?

Ans. You can get in touch with Noor Takaful Insurance on +971 50 651 8475 and 800 825 2385.

Q2. Do you provide a no-claims discount?

Ans. Yes, Noor Takaful provides no-claims discounts if your vehicle avoids meeting any accident throughout the year.

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4.7/5 (based on 10,200+google icon reviews)
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