Traffic & Road Signs in the UAE

If you are new to the UAE, you can certainly drive around the country to explore it thoroughly, especially considering the fabulous roads and cars available here. Before revving up your car, however, you must be aware of all the basic traffic signs in the UAE. more

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Most of the UAE traffic signs are placed next to, on, or over public roads. They are visible and quite easy to comprehend. Knowing them in detail certainly helps - if you are driving, say, during the rush hours in an Emirate like Dubai, looking to park before going shopping, and more, these car signs can convey a lot of information with plain symbols!

In this write-up, we will have a look at the most important traffic signs in the UAE that can help us drive and manage our vehicles on the road better.

Mandatory Road Signs

Mandatory Road Signs

These symbols inform you about specific actions that you must take while driving on particular UAE roads and highways. The list of basic traffic signs in the UAE includes the following

  • Ahead Only
  • Pass Either Side
  • Turn Right Only
  • 60 KMPH Minimum Speed Limit & Freeway
  • Keep Left
  • Keep Right
  • Roundabout Travel in Arrow's Direction

Parking Control Signs

The parking control traffic signs in the UAE can help you know where you can park your automobile. These signs also provide time restrictions, i.e., how long can you park your vehicle in the zone. Some parking control traffic signs in the UAE also signify that parking slots are reserved for particular types of vehicles like cabs, buses, commercial fleets, and more. 

Here are some common parking control traffic signs in the UAE –

  • These areas are reserved for taxis only
  • These zones are reserved for vehicles that are loading or unloading at a particular time
  • You should not stop or park in the areas shown by the arrow(s)
  • You should not stop or park in the areas depicted by the arrows at the time mentioned in the sign
  • Parking is restricted to the shown time

Handicapped Parking Road Sign

These UAE traffic signs are specially designed to help individuals of determination in finding a convenient parking spot. The signs usually have a blue P with a person in a wheelchair to symbolise a handicapped driver. 

It must be noted that people of determination, too, are required to obtain a special permit that has to be presented in the parking area. The following are the two main handicapped parking traffic road signs in the UAE –

  • Parking Area for Handicapped Drivers Only
  • Meter Parking on the Right Side

Trailblazing Signs

The trailblazing traffic signs in the UAE are displayed on the main roads to ensure that you are on the right road. These signs are easily visible on the highways and other busy roads in the UAE. 

Some of the common trailblazing road signs are –

  • Dubai Routes
  • Emirates Routes
  • Freeways
  • City Centre Central Business District
  • Dubai International Airport
  • Tourist Destination Descriptions

Control Signs

Control Signs

These easy-to-read UAE traffic signs simply denote the direction in which you should travel. Moreover, they can also inform you about which roads cannot be entered. Some of the common control traffic signs in the UAE are –

  • You must give away to pedestrians
  • You must not enter this road
  • You must go this way
  • You must stop
  • You must give way

Prohibitory Signs

Prohibitory Road Signs

These traffic signs in the UAE signify specific actions that you cannot do while on the road. Some prohibitory road signs restrict the speed limit, prohibit overtaking, and more. A few UAE traffic signs also indicate which kind of vehicles can be driven on certain roads, the maximum vehicle height allowed, and more. 

Listed below are some common prohibitory road signs –

  • You should not turn left
  • Do not exceed the 80 KMPH speed limit
  • No hazardous materials allowed
  • No pedestrians
  • Qualification plate
  • You should not use the horn
  • You should not turn right
  • You should not overtake
  • No goods vehicles allowed
  • No cyclists allowed
  • No ‘U-turn permitted
  • Maximum vehicle height limit

Freeway Controlled Signs

Freeway Signs

There are two main freeway-controlled road signs in the UAE – the beginning of a freeway and the end of a freeway.

Guide Road Signs

The guide traffic signs in the UAE are designed to help you with directions, with these signs providing you with information regarding street names, route numbers, and destinations. With the text being visible in both English and Arabic languages, you can easily understand the signs as per the language you find convenient. 

These signs have different colours, with each colour having a different meaning. Discussed below are the guide road traffic signs in the UAE along with their respective meanings -

  • Blue – Found on national routes and have the Emirates route symbol
  • White –  Denoting local roads and destinations
  • Green – Used on local Dubai routes and have the emblem for the Dubai route
  • Brown – These traffic signs in the UAE provide extra information about a particular destination

Advance Guide Signs

Advance Guide Signs

This type of traffic sign in the UAE features route symbols, trailblazing symbols (arrows pointing towards the left, right, and ahead), and directional information.

Exit Direction Signs

Exit Signs

With the help of these UAE traffic signs, you can know about the lanes that you must take to exit the highway. The white exit panel on the signboard implies that the particular lane provides an exit from the main road.

Some examples of exit direction traffic signs in the UAE are –

  • Two-Lane Exit: With one Lane Drop: Two Exit Route Numbers
  • Two-Lane Exit: With Two-Lane Dropped Two Exit Route Numbers

Warning Signs

Warning signs are the most important UAE traffic signs, as they can alert you about potentially dangerous situations ahead on the road. They can also inform you about the upcoming road junction that may not be visible otherwise.

Warning traffic signs in the UAE can feature different designs. Most of them are shaped into a triangle that has a thick red border and a symbol against a white background. The following are the three main types of warning signs -

Advance Warning Signs

Advance Warning Signs

These signs alert you about potential hazards on a particular road. Some common advance warning traffic signs in the UAE are –

  • Dual Carriageway Ends (Two Lanes Join – Beware of the upcoming traffic)
  • A curve in the road to the right
  • Low-flying aircraft ahead
  • High Voltage overhead cable
  • Tunnel
  • Loose Chippings
  • Speed Hump
  • Traffic Signals Ahead
  • Stop Sign Ahead
  • Roundabout Ahead
  • Intersection Ahead
  • Two-way Traffic
  • A curve in the road to the right
  • Curve or bend in the road
  • U-turn ahead
  • Road Works Ahead
  • Opening Bridge Ahead
  • Quayside or River Bank Ahead
  • Slippery Road
  • Risk of Falling Rocks
  • Give Way Sign Ahead
  • Junction Ahead
  • T-intersection ahead
  • Pedestrian Crossing Ahead
  • Maximum Headroom at Hazard Ahead

Diagrammatic Warning Signs

Diagrammatic Warning Signs

When the advance warning signs are not sufficiently big, diagrammatic warning traffic signs in the UAE are employed. These signs are used on high-speed roads. 

The diagrammatic warning signs can be divided into the following general categories –

  • An obstruction is affecting the movement of the traffic
  • An extra lane is added ahead
  • Lanes merge
  • Controlled use of a lane

Given below are some examples of diagrammatic warning traffic signs in the UAE –

  • Right Lane Closure Ahead
  • Lane Use under control
  • Lane use control directional restriction
  • Joining lane
  • Additional lane added
  • Five lanes merging to four lanes
  • Beginning or end of the median

Hazard Marker Signs

Hazard Marker Signs

Hazard marker signs can help you detect any physical dangers ahead. The list of potential hazards may include a bridge structure, guardrails or traffic islands. Some of the common hazard marker signs are –

  • Hazard plate
  • Single chevron right
  • Multiple chevron right
  • T-junction chevron
  • Hazard marker
  • Single chevron left
  • Multiple chevrons left

RTA/Driving License

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Sharjah Transfer Car Registration
Driving License UAE Driving License in Dubai

Other Important Traffic Signs in the UAE

Other Important Traffic Signs in UAE

Let's quickly go through some other important traffic signs in the UAE –

  • No turning for lorries
  • No through road
  • Parking
  • 300 m 200 m 100 m count-down markers
  • Parking for diplomat cars only
  • Other supplementary signs
  • Lane ahead open
  • Reduce speed now
  • Road clear
  • Priority over vehicles from the opposite direction
  • Hospital
  • Diversion of traffic route
  • Reflective marker posts depicting the edge of the carriageway
  • Lane ahead closed
  • To Conclude

Traffic road signs in the UAE can ensure that you remain safe and adhere to the traffic rules while on the road. All the signs stated in the write-up must be adhered to for the utmost safety as well as convenience. 

While on this topic, being financially covered while on the road is important as well. This can be secured with comprehensive car insurance, which can cover your vehicle as well as third-party liabilities so that you can drive with assurance!

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