Top 7 Driving Tips for Senior Citizens

As we age, our physical and mental faculties start to change, and even simple tasks can appear intimidating. To drive a vehicle safely, it is even more important for senior citizens to pay attention to the areas that need some extra attention. more

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If you’re simply looking for some driving tips for senior citizens, then read ahead.

Get a physical assessment

It is no secret that driving requires focus and flexibility. You must steer the wheel at the right time, engaging the entire musculoskeletal system. With ageing, the body undergoes significant wear and tear. The joints become weaker and muscle pain starts to set in. Staying physically active is important as it not only boosts strength but makes driving safer in the long run. 

Before taking the wheel, it is recommended to get a fitness test done. Get a vision and hearing test as these abilities tend to weaken with age. It is extremely risky to drive with age-related vision problems like astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, and loss of hearing. 

A driving tip for senior citizens is to regularly consult the doctor, and test vision and hearing functions. Also, avoid driving after sunset, and always maintain a safe distance from the other vehicles while driving. 

Check the weather before driving

An important driving tip for senior citizens is to drive according to the weather. In the rainy season, the roads are wet, causing the vehicle to skid. Driving during sandstorms also greatly reduces visibility. It is recommended that seniors should drive when it is sunny and clear.

Additionally, seniors should ideally drive on familiar roads, as they are more comfortable to navigate and less stressful.

Constantly upgrade driving skills

Another tip that ensures the safety of the seniors and fellow drivers on road is to constantly update their driving skills. The traffic laws in the UAE often undergo frequent changes, making it important to approach professional drivers to increase driving knowledge.

Senior citizens can invest in any of the refresher courses available in the local organisations or any of the community education programs. Specially designed for senior citizens, these courses keep them updated, giving them additional confidence to drive on the roads.

Refrain from driving in crowds

Driving in crowded places can stress people out, as the space to maneuver vehicles becomes less. Crowded roads can especially unnerve senior citizens, and in places with a lot of pedestrians, bicycles, and other vehicles. 

A driving tip for senior citizens is to avoid taking out the vehicle in such cases and opt for travel in public transportation to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. 

Plan the journey in advance

To reduce the risk of driving senior citizens, they should plan their route. Check the maps to become familiar with the routes and/or exits to the destination. Planning the route reduces distractions and stress.  Another driving tip for senior citizens is to avoid listening to loud music, checking cell phones, or snacking, especially while driving on unfamiliar roads.

Get sufficient sleep before driving 

Any well-rested person is bound to have greater focus and concentration. Senior citizens should ensure that they get sufficient and sound sleep, especially the night before driving a vehicle. While any insurance plan from Policybazaar provides all assistance in case of any accidents, it is always better to be prepared. Seniors should aim to get between eight to nine hours of sleep. 

Use aids if required 

To increase road safety, senior citizens are encouraged to use aids while driving. Tools like hearing aids, lumbar support, coccyx cushions, panoramic mirrors and goggles increase comfort and alertness, reducing the risks of accidents. 

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Just because age catches up, senior citizens shouldn’t be deprived of fun activities like driving. By following simple driving tips for senior citizens, driving can be a calming experience, allowing them to be independent. 

Get a motor car insurance policy from Policybazaar, and drive stress free. As accidents can happen anytime, it is best to be prepared. An agent will guide you through every step of the way. 

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