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Keeping your vehicle's paperwork in order at all times is a crucial part of owning a vehicle. One of the most important documents you must keep in your vehicle is your car insurance policy. As per the Ministerial Resolution No. (178) on Rules and Procedures of Traffic Control in the UAE (2017), drivers caught driving without valid insurance papers can face a fine of up to AED 500, receive 4 black traffic points, and have their vehicle impounded for 7 days.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Owing to such a law, one can get tense if they are unable to find their insurance documents. However, if your car insurance papers are lost even after taking all the necessary precautions, you don't need to panic as you can simply get duplicate copies for the same. In fact, getting a duplicate car insurance copy is as easy as buying one (or even simpler).

Here are the steps you must follow if you lose your vehicle insurance policy to get a duplicate car insurance copy quickly.

How to Get a Duplicate Copy of Car Insurance?

Insurance Company via Online Mode

Getting a duplicate car insurance copy online may be a good idea if you have access to a reliable internet connection. As several insurance companies offer online insurance services, you can easily download the duplicate car insurance copy within minutes. The process is detailed below.

  • Step 1 - Go to the official website of your insurance provider to get started.
  • Step 2 - Search for your policy and click on the car insurance policy you own.
  • Step 3 - Depending on the insurer, you may be required to log in to your account by entering the relevant information such as your policy number.
  • Step 4 - Your car insurance policy will appear as soon as you confirm your account.
  • Step 5 - A 'Download' button will appear after the previous step. This will allow you to save your duplicate car insurance policy as a PDF. You can print your policy document and keep it in a safe place if possible.

Insurance Company via Offline Mode

If you lose car insurance papers, you can also notify the insurance company immediately. If you prefer to apply for your duplicate car insurance copy offline, you can do so in any of the three ways discussed below

Phone Call: You can obtain a duplicate car insurance copy by making a call to the insurance company and requesting the same. 

E-Mail: Your email inbox may be of help here; look through the entire email thread between you and your insurance agent at the time of purchase. You can follow up with the agent on the same email and request a duplicate car insurance copy or request information on how to obtain one.

Submit an Application: You can also write a letter informing the insurer that your policy documents have been lost and request the same there. The application must include the reason for the loss, policy details like the policy number, cover, date of issue, and all other required details.

Note: It is crucial to mention the need for a duplicate car insurance copy and to ask about the procedures that are to be followed.

Contact Insurance Agent

You should contact an insurance agent right away if you obtained your car insurance through an agent instead of directly getting it from the insurance company. Almost every agent keeps a copy of the insurance documents of their customers. Thus, one can inform the agent about the missing documents and ask them to provide a PDF of duplicate car insurance copy.

Check out some quick details related to duplicate car insurance in the UAE below.


Q1. What documents are needed to get an online copy of your duplicate car insurance?

Ans: It only takes a few seconds to download and get a duplicate car insurance copy if you know your policy number and other credentials like the date of birth and so on.

Q2. Would I be able to get a hard copy of my car insurance at the insurance company's office?

Ans: As the practice of insurance companies varies in this regard, you can inquire about how to obtain a duplicate car insurance copy by sending an email or calling a customer service representative.    

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