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Having car insurance in the UAE is not just about following the law but also the financial security of your car. Choosing the right coverage becomes essential for ensuring the availability of financial protection against accidents, theft, and damages.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

When it comes to car insurance, there is a wide range of providers offering car insurance options, each designed for specific car models and types. This article uncovers all the crucial aspects of Convertible car insurance – its significance, variations, core coverage elements, and more.

What is the Significance of Car Insurance for Convertibles?

As mentioned earlier, car insurance is beneficial for several reasons. Let’s understand them better here -

  • With car insurance, you meet the legal requirements as car insurance is mandatory to drive around in the UAE.
  • If your car gets damaged, and injuries/ accidents are involved, or there are legal expenses (if applicable), your car insurance plan can provide you with financial help.
  • If you are held responsible for causing damage to a third party or causing an accident, you can have financial coverage through your UAE car insurance policy.
  • If your car is damaged or stolen, your car insurance can pay for the repairs or replacement as applicable.

What are the Different Types of Convertible Car Insurance?

Fundamentally, there are two types of car insurance for Convertible:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This is a kind of insurance that doesn’t just cover accidents but also takes care of your car if it's stolen or damaged by conditions like storms or other natural calamities. So whether it's a scratch from a collision or a dent from any other cause, comprehensive insurance has got your back.

Third-Party Car Insurance

Third-party car insurance is a legal requirement designed to safeguard drivers and their financial interests. This insurance type offers coverage for liabilities resulting from accidents where the insured driver is at fault.

It covers the costs related to the damage caused to other vehicles or individuals, reducing the policyholder’s burden of paying for these expenses out of pocket. With that said, keep in mind that this type of car insurance doesn't cover damages to the insured driver's own vehicle.

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Convertible Car Insurance Coverages & Addons in UAE

The table below mentions all the general inclusions, exclusions, and add-on plans for Convertible car insurance -

Inclusions Exclusions Add-Ons
  • Third-Party Liability
  • Third-Party Damage
  • Damage to the Insured Vehicle
  • Damages Due to Riots/ MD/ Strikes
  • Loss of Personal Belongings
  • Windscreen Excess Waiver
  • Fire and Theft Cover
  • Ambulance Service
  • Car Registration Service
  • Agency Repair
  • International Driving Licence
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • No Claim Discount Protection
  • Lock Replacement
  • Valet Parking Theft Cover
  • New Car Replacement in Case of Total Loss - Auto Gap
  • Personal Accident (PA) For Driver
  • Personal Accident (PA) Cover for Passengers
  • Natural Calamity Cover
  • Oman Cover
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Replacement of Vehicle

How Much Does it Cost to Insure Car Insurance for a Convertible?

Obtaining insurance for a Convertible is quite affordable in the UAE. Diverse options provided by different insurers and falling within various price ranges can be found in the country’s insurance market.

A simple approach involves obtaining a quote from Policybazaar UAE, which can then help you discover the best plans that align with your financial needs.

In the UAE, you can expect the premium for Convertible car insurance to be around AED 1,300, although other options of different prices will be available from many providers. Keep in mind that the quoted rate can vary based on your chosen plan and the extent of coverage. Moreover, the possibility of an extra premium payment exists for certain optional plans (if you take add-ons).

Know the Car Insurance Cost in UAE

How to Buy Car Insurance for Convertible Via Policybazaar UAE?

Buying car insurance for Convertible is quite an easy process through our platform. If you are planning to get one, refer to the set of instructions given below to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience -

  1. From the ‘Insurance’ drop-down menu on, select ‘Car Insurance’.
  2. Locate the lead form on the next page and fill it out accurately.
  3. Submit it to be taken to our car insurance quotes page.
  4. Look for the plans listed on the page and select one after comparing a few.
  5. Proceed by following the on-screen instructions.

Note: Upon successful purchasing, a copy of your insurance policy will be available on your registered email ID.

Still wondering why you should buy Convertible car insurance through Here are just some of the reasons!

  • We have collaborated with some of the established insurance companies across the UAE to offer you the best plans in one place.
  • On our intuitive platform, you can compare and explore the best plans in the most seamless way.
  • Renewing your car insurance policy is a convenient process through our platform.
  • You can make changes to your existing plan, i.e. you can easily include add-ons or remove them to get tailored coverage.
  • Switch to a new provider without any hassle.
  •’s customer representative team is available round the clock for your assistance.

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How to File a Claim for Convertible Car Insurance?

Knowing the car insurance claim process is essential. Uncertain circumstances such as an accident can drain you out financially and emotionally. It is, thus, of the utmost importance to take necessary actions at the earliest. At this moment, car insurance comes in handy as it saves you from spending hefty amounts for car repairs, medical treatment costs, and legal fees (if applicable).

Following the right procedure for filing Convertible car insurance can help you get compensation quickly. Here is the step-by-step guide to do so -

  • As a police report is required to claim your insurance, visit your nearest police station and provide them with all the details regarding the incident.
  • The next step is to inform your insurance provider and download the online claim form.
  • Fill out the form and upload the documents as required. Keep in mind to follow the instructions given regarding the format and size of the documents.
  • Upon submitting the form, wait for a response from the company authorities.
  • If you get approval, transport your car to one of the provider’s approved list of car repair stations.
  • The authorities of the workshop will analyse the damages and draft an invoice.
  • A copy of the invoice will be sent to your provider.
  • Your car will be taken for reparation once your insurer gives approval.
How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

Tips for Buying Convertible Car Insurance in the UAE

Who doesn’t want the best deal on their car insurance! However, in order to find the best one, it is important to take a few factors into consideration.

Take note of these points to make an informed decision while searching for the best car insurance -

  • To start your research for the most-suited car insurance company, understand your own requirements in terms of the coverage that you specifically require from an insurance plan.
  • Keep a check on the performances of the car insurance companies and know their Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR).
  • Look out for several plans that meet your criteria and compare them instead of just going with the first plan that you like.
  • Read the inclusions, exclusions, add-on plans, and terms and conditions carefully so that you don’t face any issues at the time of making a claim.
  • Do not forget to select your riders wisely. Note that some of them are available free of cost, while to opt for others, you need to pay a small amount.
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