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The importance of car insurance in the UAE is difficult to overstate. More than simply meeting legal obligations, car insurance stands as a financial security for your car and yourself. With just one plan, you can have financial coverage against accidents, theft, damages, and losses.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

When it comes to auto insurance, there are several providers that offer diverse choices tailored to your requirements. This article will focus on car insurance for truck cars, exploring its significance, variations, fundamental coverage features, and more.

What is the Significance of Having Truck Car Insurance?

Here’s why you should have car insurance for Truck -

  • Legal Obligation: In the UAE, having car insurance is a requirement by law. By having an insurance policy, you can ensure that you comply with UAE traffic laws.
  • Financial Safeguard: Repairing a damaged car, covering medical expenses for injured individuals, and managing legal fees (if necessary) can be quite costly. Car insurance provides vital financial protection in such cases by covering your expenses.
  • Liability Support: If you're at fault for an accident or damage to someone else's vehicle, your car insurance plan in UAE can offer financial protection in such scenarios by covering the liabilities.

What are the Types of Car Insurance for Trucks?

The different types of car insurance for trucks are as follows -

Third-Party Car Insurance

Third-party car insurance is a basic coverage that provides protection against third-party liabilities. It covers the costs incurred if you cause injury to someone or damage their property while driving. This type of insurance is a legal requirement and offers financial support to the affected parties, helping you fulfill your obligations as a responsible driver.

While third-party car insurance doesn't cover damages to your own vehicle, it ensures that you are financially prepared to handle potential claims arising from accidents that you are responsible for.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance plans offer extensive coverage for your vehicle. This policy not only includes the standard benefits of third-party liability coverage for damage to others but also extends to cover damages to your own vehicle. It safeguards against accidents, theft, and fire. 

With comprehensive insurance, you're effectively protected from an array of potential expenses. The plan offers a comprehensive safety net that takes care of repair costs and ensures financial security in various driving scenarios.

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Truck Car Insurance Coverages & Addons

Inclusions Exclusions Add-Ons
  • Third-Party Damage
  • Third-Party Liability
  • Damage to the Insured Vehicle
  • Agency repair
  • Fire and Theft Cover
  • Off Road Cover
  • Valet Parking Theft Cover
  • Lock Replacement
  • Ambulance Service
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Windscreen Excess Waiver
  • Loss of Personal Belongings
  • Damages Due to Strikes/ Riots/ MD
  • New Car Replacement in Case of Total Loss - Auto Gap
  • Involuntary Loss of Employment Insurance
  • Alloy Wheel Replacement
  • Child Car Seat Replacement
  • Personal Accident (PA) Cover for Driver
  • Personal Accident (PA) Cover for Passenger
  • Replacement of Vehicle
  • Natural Calamity Cover
  • Roadside Assistance

How Much Does It Cost to Insure Truck Car Insurance?

The premiums for car insurance for trucks through start at around AED 840 per annum. For more info on the premiums, you can get in touch with one of our representatives or follow the steps covered in the next section on buying car insurance through our site.

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How to Buy Car Insurance for Trucks?

Are you planning to insure your newly purchased Truck car? If yes, you can easily buy car insurance online through our platform. On Policybazaar UAE, you can easily compare and browse through the top plans in one place. 

Here’s how you can buy Truck car insurance through our platform -

  • Visit
  • Choose the ‘Car Insurance’ option under the ‘Insurance’ drop-down or click on the relevant icon on our homepage.
  • Fill out the lead form on the following page.
  • Submit the form to get to the Truck car insurance quotes page.
  • Choose the most suitable plan from the list and follow the prompted steps.

Note: Once you buy the plan, policy details will be sent to your registered email ID.

Here’s why you should purchase car insurance for Truck via Policybazaar UAE -

  1. You will find the best plans at affordable rates as we have collaborated with some of the top car insurance companies in the UAE.
  2. You can seamlessly compare numerous plans at a time and make an informed choice.
  3.’s customer representative team is active and resolves your queries instantly.
  4. Renewal of car insurance through our digital platform is quite a convenient process.
  5. If you wish to make customisations to your current plan, you can easily get them done through our platform.
  6. Do you want to switch your provider? All you need to do is check quotes, get in touch with our representatives, and opt for a new insurance provider at the time of renewal.

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What is the Claim Process for Truck Car Insurance in the UAE?

Unforeseen events such as car accidents can lead to both emotional and financial stress. You can at least eliminate the financial burden by initiating a claim through your Truck car insurance. However, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the claims process to prevent any further complications.

To assist you, here are the steps involved in the car insurance claim process:

  • Start by promptly reporting the incident to the nearest police station. Make sure that you provide accurate details to obtain a police report.
  • Once done, get in touch with your insurance provider to initiate the claim process.
  • Visit your insurance company's official website and download the claim form.
  • Carefully complete the claim form and attach all the necessary documents. Make sure to adhere to the specified document size and format guidelines.
  • Submit the filled-out form along with the supporting documents.
  • Await a response from your insurance provider. If your claim is approved, take your vehicle to one of the authorised mechanical workshops present in your insurer’s network list.
  • Skilled technicians at the repair facility will assess the extent of damage to your car and generate an invoice.
  • A copy of this invoice will be forwarded to your insurance provider.
  • Once your insurer provides final approval, your car will undergo the necessary repairs.

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Points to Remember While Buying Car Insurance for Trucks

When thinking of purchasing Truck car insurance, it's crucial to note a few essential points to make an informed decision without any errors -

  • Evaluate Your Needs: Start by identifying your specific insurance requirements. Insurance providers offer various coverage options, so it's vital to assess what precisely you need.
  • Compare Providers: Conduct thorough research to identify multiple insurance providers. Monitor their performance and check their Claim Settlement Ratio, which reflects how effectively they handle claims.
  • Shortlist Providers: Create a shortlist that includes more than one insurance plan and thoroughly compare them. This comparison process will assist you in finding the plan that aligns best with your particular requirements and budget.
  • Review Policy Details: Before making the final decision, invest time in carefully reviewing the policy details. This step will help prevent any confusion or unwanted surprises down the road.
  • Consider Additional Coverage (Riders): When considering additional protection for your car, choose riders thoughtfully. They can offer supplementary coverage at minimal extra cost or even for free.
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