7 Incredible Benefits of Buying Car Insurance Online

e-Commerce and online platforms have certainly made our purchases much more comfortable. A few clicks are sufficient to get what we want without moving a step anywhere. The same now extends to car insurance – we can now easily buy car insurance online and renew it using the same online platforms as well! ...read more

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Car insurance, mandatory in the UAE, financially protects us from major burdens if our car is damaged or stolen. By getting car insurance online, however, we can easily add and enjoy even more benefits while having the ease of making purchases from anywhere.

In this article, we will discuss the major benefits of buying car insurance online over the traditional offline approach.

Reasons to Buy a Car Insurance Plan

Before we get into the benefits of purchasing car insurance online, let’s first understand why each car owner in the UAE requires car insurance –  

  • You remain protected against any financial difficulties arising from on-road or off-road damages incurred by your car
  • If you own a car in the UAE, it is mandatory for you to get insurance coverage for your vehicle
  • This insurance plan safeguards you from unexpected financial expenses which may dent your savings
  • The leading car insurance companies in the emirates have a swift and hassle-free claim and reimbursement process 

Benefits of Purchasing Car Insurance Online

By purchasing car insurance online, as mentioned earlier, you can avail yourself of a wide range of benefits. Let’s go through the major ones below – 

  • Enjoy Attractive Offers and Discounts 

Purchasing car insurance online comes with special discounts, which are not available for offline purchases. Various providers and aggregators offer discounts that apply only when the purchase or policy renewal is done online. With these offers and discounts, you can reduce overall costs and get additional benefits as well.  

  • Compare Different Insurance Plans 

What to buy and where to buy from – these are generally the first few questions that may hit you when you want to purchase car insurance. Obtaining the relevant information to make a decision by physically visiting the offices of various insurance companies is time-consuming and stressful. This may also come with long waiting queues and the need to take some time off your regular work. 

All these difficulties are easily removed when you opt for the online medium. You can get all the required details quickly – all you need is an internet connection and a device connected to it. You can then check and download the quotes provided by different insurance providers by visiting their official websites.  

This process is further simplified by Policybazaar UAE, where you can find the top car insurance quotes from the leading insurance providers in one place. You can continue on policybazaar.ae and simply visit the ‘car insurance’ section to obtain and compare the best car insurance plans to purchase a protection plan that best suits your requirements. 

  • Save More with Cost-Efficient Plans

You can significantly lower your purchasing costs by getting car insurance online. Not only do you save money on the purchase and renewal but also the money you would have spent to visit the offices of the different insurance companies physically. 

When you buy car insurance online, you can take your time to evaluate each minor detail associated with the car insurance policy. This may not be possible while you are seated in their offices. Incomplete information related to the plan or failing to capture certain hidden charges can result in increased costs for you. 

Such situations can easily be avoided when you purchase car insurance online. You can read and meticulously scan for any hidden charges mentioned in the plan from the comfort of your home. 

Another benefit with respect to the costs comes in the form of premiums – you may observe that insurance premiums offered online are generally lower than those provided offline. Additionally, you are not restricted to one insurance provider and can quickly scan the premiums offered by different insurance companies to pick the best one.   

Purchasing car insurance online also eliminates other costs such as brokerage fees or agent fees that you may incur during offline purchases otherwise. 

  • Make Claims and Seek Assistance Round-the-Clock

Car insurance plans offer 24/7 help service for any questions, issues, or claim-related concerns. You can, however, easily carry out the insurance claim process online with a few clicks from anywhere and at any time without worrying about the business hours of the insurance provider. 

For instance, if you wish to make a claim, all you need to do is log into the official website of your insurance provider and navigate to the section for online claims. You can enter your claim-related details here and attach the required documents as mandated by the insurance provider. 

The entire process of applying for a claim and getting the reimbursement in your account can be carried out online without any middlemen or having to visit your insurance provider's offices physically. 

  • Renew Plans without a Hassle

With car insurance validity in the UAE being 12 months in most cases, you would be required to renew the coverage every year. Online platforms offer great convenience here as well, as you can renew car insurance online and continue with the same plan or select any additional coverage benefits. 

The renewal process is completed easily once you make an online payment and receive the policy documents via your email. The offline approach for renewing the policy, similar to getting a new plan, could be time-consuming.  

  • Reduced Interaction with Agents 

Purchasing car insurance online also means minimal interaction with insurance agents or executives. With the online mode, you are provided with all the details in a clear and unambiguous way that can be processed at a time and place of your convenience. 

This can be highly beneficial, as insurance agents may influence your decision-making process as per their objectives. An online purchase ensures that there are no middlemen involved, meaning that you get to speak directly to the concerned insurance officials to purchase a plan of your choice. 

  • Navigate Faster with a Simple User Interface

The websites and products of most insurance providers are rather easy to understand. The websites are user-friendly, interactive, and easy to navigate, which allows their customers to easily gather all the relevant details regarding their car insurance policy. 

This is especially the case for Policybazaar UAE, where you can seamlessly check the key features, terms, premiums, and other details of the best car insurance plans in one place.

Wrapping Up

Buying car insurance online is always a good choice considering its various benefits. You can conveniently compare and examine the available options from the convenience of your home, and complete the application process in the same way. Most importantly, the online process safeguards you from any unforeseen or hidden financial expenses, which can bring down the costs. 

You can visit Policybazaar UAE to explore and compare the different car insurance plans provided by the leading companies across the region.

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