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The windscreen of a car is reinforced with composite material and is fabricated but strong impacts and natural calamities can damage it easily. During road accidents, the windshield of a car has the highest chance of getting destroyed. It can make the driver and passengers prone to injury and may require immediate attention since it blocks view. Car insurance secures your vehicle from various vulnerabilities that can result in minor or complete loss of the vehicle.

While buying car insurance in the UAE, you need to ensure getting the right policy that covers the windscreen losses. Most comprehensive car insurance plans offer windscreen loss coverage, however, you need to verify before getting one. Go through the article below to know more about car insurance covering windscreen damages and ways of filing claims.  

​How Does Your Car Insurance Cover Windscreen Damages?

Car glass replacement can burn a hole in your pocket, especially for luxury and high-end vehicles such as SUVs, premium cars. However, if you own the right car insurance, your insurer bears the repair and replacement cost. Modern windscreens despite being resilient can be fragile to accidents and impacts. What's problematic with windscreen is, the minor cracks aggravate over the period and worsen its conditions. So, as soon as you get a crack, you need to get your car glass repaired or replaced.

With car insurance in the UAE, you can cover windscreen damages. In an accident, where your windshield gets partially or completely damaged, you can file a car insurance claim by producing supporting documents and evidence. After review and survey, the insurance company settles your case through cashless claims by paying directly to the service centre.

In case your parked car gets impacted by another vehicle, you can file claims through their liability insurance. But, if your car is involved in an accident or the damage resulted due to natural calamity etc, you need comprehensive car insurance to cover the damages. 

Which Car Insurance Type Covers Car Window Damage?

Before understanding which car insurance covers the windscreen damages, you need to know the type of car insurance plans available in the UAE. Below is the rundown of various types of car insurance plans available in the UAE. 

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan

As the name suggests, a comprehensive car insurance plan provides extensive protection from a variety of threats whether your vehicle is parked or running on the road. A comprehensive policy secures your vehicle from fire, explosion and allied perils, including vandalism, theft burglary, third party malicious acts etc. Not only your vehicle, but several comprehensive plans also secure personal belongings getting damaged during an accident. In addition, the plan also covers the damages to the third party within the single plan. Comprehensive plans in the UAE are optional and you can buy and customise your plan as per your protection needs. Being a broad security plan, these policies are costly in comparison to third-party liability insurance. However, considering the benefits and coverage extent, these plans are preferable for wholesome security.

  • Third-Party Liability Insurance

Under the UAE Federal Laws, third party liability insurance is mandatory for every car owner. A third party liability insurance protects an uninsured individual and his/her property against the losses due to the insured vehicle. These plans do not provide any security for damages to the insured vehicle or the drivers and passengers. Being a basic plan, third party liability insurance is cheap when compared to other car insurance plans. However, your insurer may offer add-on riders to customise your protection with a nominal increase in the insurance plan. 

To get a wholesome protection plan that also covers windscreen damages, you need to buy comprehensive car insurance in the UAE. However, not every insurance company provides windscreen damage cover, so you may need to verify while purchasing one. In instances where you don’t receive windscreen insurance, you can opt for an add-on rider by paying a nominally increased premium. 

Car Insurance Addons
Personal Accident Cover Agency Repair
Engine Protection Cover IDV-Insured Declared Value
No Claim Bouns Passenger Cover

Various Windscreen Damages Covered by Car Insurance in the UAE

Several incidents can cause windshields damages, but you need to know what your insurance provider actually cover. Following are some windscreen damages due to accidents and perils that your insurer covers in the UAE.  

  • Window or Windscreen damage caused by a tree or branches falling on the vehicle. 
  • Any equipment such rods, golf clubs, baseball bat smashing on the windscreen. 
  • Debris, rock, pebble flying onto the windscreen. 
  • Third-party malicious acts. 
  • Animals bumped onto the vehicle and damaged the windows, side screen and windscreen.
  • Windscreen damage due to storms, lightning, thunderbolt and cyclone. 

While comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle against various perils, you need to go through the policy wording and check what kind of windscreen damages are covered under the insurance plan. 

However, for self-inflicted damages to the windscreen, your insurer is not liable to pay any insurance benefits. 

When to Claim Car Insurance for Windscreen Damages?

Depending on the type of car and model, windscreen repair can prove to be costly. However, if you own an economical car, it's better to abstain from filing a car insurance claim. For affordable windows and windscreens, you should bear the replacement expenses on your own for the simple reason that deductible and processing fee would add to expenses. And, if the repair cost is lesser than the deductible, you would have to pay the complete repair cost from your pocket. Additionally, you won't be eligible for no claim bonuses. 

But, if you own a high-end car with an expensive windscreen and window panel, it is always advisable to reach out to your insurance provider for repair and replacements. 

How to File Windscreen Repair Claims in the UAE?

Filing a car insurance claim for windscreens repair is easy and convenient. Like any other accident claim, you can visit your insurer in person or on its official website and report the incident with supporting proof. Here are the steps to file a car insurance claim in the UAE. 

Step 1 – Report the accident to your insurer informing the type and accident location. Detail various damages including the loss of the windscreen. You can file an online claim application subsequently.

Step 2 – In case the windshield got damaged due to vandalism or a third-party malicious act, report the incident to the police and get a copy of the FIR.  You need to submit the FIR copy along with the claim application. 

Step 3 – After consulting the insurance representative, you will receive the list of approved service centres in the UAE. You can visit any of those garages and avail of cashless claims. 

Step 4 – Whether repair or replacement; if the accident that led to windscreen crack or damage is covered under your comprehensive plan, your insurance provider will bear its cost. 

Step 5 – Once your vehicle gets its windscreen fixed, your insurer pays the repair expenses through cashless claims directly to the garage. 

When Can Your Windscreen Replacement Insurance Claim Be Rejected?

Although the comprehensive car insurance plan covers windscreen damages and cracks from a variety of incidents, there are several instances when your insurance company can reject your claim application. Following are some of the events in which you won’t receive insurance benefits. 

  • Windscreen damage while driving under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicating products such as drugs and banned items. 
  • Any damage to the windscreen while the vehicle is involved in criminal activity. 
  • Self-inflicted damages to the car resulted in a broken window and windshield. 

The Bottom Line

The windscreen is important for driver and passenger safety. Modern windshields are strong and resilient but, impacts and accidents can easily destroy them. To secure your vehicle from such losses, insurance providers in the UAE provide car insurance covering windscreen damages. However, you need to choose a suitable policy for receiving windscreen repair insurance. A comprehensive car insurance plan can be a viable option to cover various vulnerabilities including damages to windscreens.

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