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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Traffic and lack of parking space are some of the most common issues faced by people residing in big cities. High population density coupled with migrants from different cities moving to big cities in search of better job opportunities are some of the reasons that have led to this problem.

Unavailability of parking space not only leads to wastage of time but hits hard on pockets with an hourly cost. If you’ve been residing in Dubai you must have found yourself stuck at some point looking for a parking space.

The parking problem in Dubai has been so intense that people skip plans just because it would be a struggle to look for a suitable parking place. If you’ve been fed up with the same problem, this guide will help you to discover some of the free car parking in Dubai and enjoy effortless parking.

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Shopping Malls and Multiplexes

When it comes to shopping malls and multiplexes, Dubai is an absolute paradise. The number of options you can find is mind-boggling. Unfortunately, the number of free car parking spots you can find is not that wide. However, most of the shopping malls have massive garages and parking spots that provide free parking at least for the first three-four hours.

The Mall of Emirates is a popular place for people looking to vibe during their free-time and weekends. The best part about this place is that visitors get free parking on weekends and up to four hours on other days of the week. Even if you cross the free parking time of four hours all you have to pay is AED 20 for the first additional hour.

Probably the most popular and visited mall in the city the Dubai mall offers free car parking to all visitors throughout the week. The parking place is massive with more than 13,000 spots.

Amusement Parks and Tourist Attractions

The majority of tourist attractions, leisure parks, and entertainment parks offer free car parking to visitors. Some of the most popular destinations are Global village, Dubai park, City Walk, Downtown Dubai. Some of these places provide valet parking which improves the overall experience as visitors don’t have to look for parking spots.

If you are a nature lover and want to enjoy yourself with your loved ones, you can choose places like Safa park, Burj Park, Dubai Aquarium with free parking on weekdays. There might be a nominal parking fee on weekends.

Metro Stations and Commercial Spots

Dubai has emerged as a business hub that is host to some of the biggest market players. The majority of commercial areas in Dubai have paid parking zones that charge AED four to five per hour. The best way to save on the parking charges is to look for vacant plots and spaces that do not charge anything for parking your vehicle.

The Dubai world trade center hosts several exhibitions and events that attract a huge number of visitors which often leads to congestion making it difficult to park cars. You can get free car parking at the Dubai design district as it offers a free parking zone for visitors.

The metro network in Dubai is efficient and time saving which makes it one of the most convenient modes of transport in the UAE. Several metro stations in Dubai provide the option of ‘park and ride’ where one can park their car at the metro station and travel to different parts of the city in metro. This approach saves time and the hassle of finding the right parking spot. Some of the most popular metro stations that offer the facility of park and ride facility in Dubai are Rashidiya station, Nakheel harbour, Etisalat station.

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Other ways to Find Free Car Parking

If you are looking for all the free car parking zones within Dubai it is important that you keep in mind that these free zones are managed and controlled by the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA). You can find free parking zones 24x7 on Fridays and public holidays.

Another way that will help you to find free car parking in Dubai is to look for smart parking spots that are spread throughout the city. Using this system you can look for free vacant parking spots and get instant information for parking your car in a hassle way.

In a Nutshell

If you have been fined for parking in a no-parking zone try and pay for it immediately instead of delaying it. You can pay for parking tickets online and offline both based on your convenience. However, the best way to is to play smartly and look for free car parking zones. This way you will save on time, money along with the assurance that your prized possession is safe. Don’t forget to purchase car insurance online in UAE to stay on the right side of the law.

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