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Volkswagen cars, with their exquisite appearance and performance, are highly popular in the UAE. With its numerous car models delivering an excellent driving experience to individuals, Volkswagen has become an eminent car brand in the country. 

With UAE laws mandating car insurance, you will be required to purchase car insurance for your Volkswagen Lupo. This is, however, also helpful if you wish to have adequate financial cover in case your car is damaged or stolen. 

This article will give you all the major details about Volkswagen Lupo, its specifications, and the key aspects of Volkswagen Lupo insurance.

Volkswagen Lupo – An Overview

Volkswagen Lupo, a small hatchback, is a highly efficient and reliable car with a remarkable exterior design and luxurious interior. It has several features to ensure convenience and an enhanced driving experience for users. 

Discussed below are the key features of Volkswagen Lupo.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Volkswagen Arteon Elegance 2.0L, 2023 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Volkswagen Arteon Elegance 2.0L, 2023 model.

Features of Volkswagen Lupo

Volkswagen has launched three versions of the Lupo car:

  • 1999: Volkswagen Lupo 3L TDI (45kw/61 PS)
  • 2000: Volkswagen Lupo FSI (fuel stratified injection) with 77 KW/105PS (available only in Germany and Austria)
  • Volkswagen Lupo GTI with 92 KW/125 PS reached a top speed of 205km/h

Given below are the specifications of the Volkswagen Lupo models available in the UAE, i.e., Lupo 3L TDI and GTI.

Volkswagen Lupo 3L

Volkswagen Lupo 3 was substantially altered from the standard Lupo to make it more fuel-efficient. Its engine has a 2-litre three-cylinder diesel engine with a turbocharger and direct injection. Some of its other features include a start/stop system, an automated clutch and gearbox to increase fuel efficiency, and the utilisation of aluminium and magnesium for wheels, engine blocks, seats, rear hatches, bonnets, and doors to make them as light as possible.

Volkswagen Lupo GTI

GTIs have fully body-coloured bumpers, twin central exhausts, and twin main exhausts. The 2002 model was modified to include a six-speed gearbox to improve throttle response, making it a competitor to the Volkswagen Polo GTI. 

A few other features present in this version included black interiors, alloy wheels, and bi-xenon headlamps. This car has a DOHC 16-valve four-cylinder engine that powered it to a top speed of 127 mph.

Given below are the general features of Volkswagen Lupo cars in the UAE:

Steering wheel




Cylinder capacity

Two-litre three-cylinder diesel









Number of doors 


Front door




House colour

Same as car

Number of bolts


Rim type

Disc wheel

Speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge



Petrol and Diesel

Tank Volume


Make-up mirror

Driver side and passenger side

Colour available

Black, blue, green, grey, red, yellow, and white

Engine capacity


Specifications of Volkswagen Lupo

Listed below are the general specifications of Volkswagen Lupo in the UAE:

Exterior Design

  • Full-size wheel trims
  • Body coloured bumpers
  • Side rubbing strips
  • Front indicators - white 
  • Rear lenses - dark
  • Galvanised body
  • Door mirrors (black) 
  • Roof strips (black) 
  • Green-tinted glass

Interior Design

  • Three-spoke steering wheel
  • Upholstery
  • Front door side pockets
  • Coin tray
  • Cup holder
  • Ashtray in the centre console
  • Luggage area carpet
  • Driver’s seat height adjustment

Safety Features

  • Rigid chassis
  • Body furnished with crumple zones
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Airbags for drivers and front seat passengers
  • Three-point seat belts
  • Rear and front head restraints
  • Height adjustable
  • Rear three-point seat belts
  • High-level third brake light
  • Isofix preparation for two rear child seats

Top Insurance Plans for Volkswagen Lupo

One can mainly find the following types of car insurance for Volkswagen Lupo in the UAE: 

  1. Comprehensive Car Insurance

This is a type of car insurance for private car owners seeking complete protection for their vehicle as well as third-party liabilities against all types of accidents, theft, natural calamities, and so forth. Some comprehensive car insurance plans can also provide personal accident cover for the driver and passengers in case the vehicle owner gets injured or passes away in an accident.

Each insurance provider in the UAE has its own set of inclusions, add-on covers, and exclusions depending on the type of policy. Some prominent inclusions, add-on covers, and exclusions of comprehensive car insurance are listed below.

Inclusions of Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

With a comprehensive car insurance plan, you can expect cover against damage or loss in the following situations:

  1. Theft - If the car of a comprehensive car insurance policyholder is stolen, the insurance provider can provide the required compensation in such cases. 
  2. Fire - If your car catches fire due to an accident, the damages and losses would be covered by your policy.
  3. Accident - A comprehensive car insurance policy can cover any damages or losses to the insured's vehicle due to road accidents.
  4. Vandalism - You can expect cover for losses due to vandalism with a comprehensive car insurance plan.
  5. Natural Calamity - Natural calamities like cyclones, landslides, and earthquakes can damage one’s car partially or completely. The comprehensive car insurance policy, in such cases, will cover the damages or losses incurred due to such natural disasters.
  6. Third-Party Liabilities - In case a third-party is injured or faces losses due to an accident with the policyholder, a comprehensive insurance plan can also provide cover against the resulting third-party liabilities.

Exclusions of Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans

Given below are the situations where the resultant damage would not be covered by a comprehensive car insurance plan:

  1. Damages intentionally caused by car owners 
  2. Damages caused by improper maintenance or upkeep of vehicles 
  3. Accidents caused by drivers who have an invalid driving licence
  4. Damages caused when the vehicle is being used for illegal activities
  5. Damages caused to the vehicle due to nuclear accidents or war
  6. Damages resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Add-on covers of comprehensive car insurance policy

Add-on riders provide options to extend coverage for vehicles, accessories, and passengers. The scope of protection provided by comprehensive car insurance can be enhanced with the addition of customised add-ons at an additional premium price. 

Some of the most common add-on covers offered by insurance companies in the UAE are-

  • Roadside assistance cover
  • Agency repair cover
  • Oman extension cover
  • Key replacement cover
  • Off-roading cover

Third-Party Liability Car Insurance

Third-party car insurance provides complete coverage for damages caused by the policyholder’s vehicle to a third party. All cars in the UAE are required to have at least third-party insurance. Third-party liability insurance will cover both damages caused to the third party's vehicles and their medical bills if they have suffered injuries. This type of insurance plan covers your injury and your car for damage.

Prominent Inclusions of Third-Party Car Insurance

Listed below are the major inclusions of third-party car insurance in the UAE:

  1. Medical bills of injuries sustained by the third-party
  2. Legal claims made by the third-party
  3. Damages and losses incurred by third-party

Major Exclusions of Third-Party Car Insurance

Given below are the most notable exclusions of third-party car insurance in the UAE:

  1. Damages caused to the policyholder’s vehicle
  2. Injuries sustained by passengers or paid drivers of the insured's vehicle
  3. Theft or loss of the car of the policyholder


How to Renew Car Insurance for Volkswagen Lupo?

As per UAE laws, vehicle owners receive a one-month grace period to renew their car insurance policy. In the UAE, the car insurance policy is valid for twelve months. These facts are of utmost importance - after your car insurance policy expires and the grace period ends, you may have to pay fines and face other penalties.  

You can renew your policy with the current insurance provider or opt for another provider if you are unsatisfied with the current one. 

Renewing with the Current Insurance Provider

You can visit the official website of your insurance provider and login to your account or find the option for renewal. Once you find the relevant information, you can review your policy documents and add or remove the add-ons. After this, you can make the payment for the renewal to complete the process. 

Documents Required for Renewal from the Same Insurance Provider

Listed below are the major documents required for Volkswagen Lupo car insurance renewal from most providers in the UAE: 

Renewing Policy with Different Insurance Provider

If you are unsatisfied with your current insurance plan, you can opt for another company to renew the car insurance policy. You can browse the official website of your preferred insurance provider and select a plan with required inclusions, exclusions, and add-ons. 

Documents Required for Renewal from Different Insurance Company

  • Passport copy
  • UAE Visa coy
  • UAE driving license
  • No-claims discount certificate
  • Car registration details or mulkiya details

How to Claim Insurance for Volkswagen Lupo?

Submitting a claim is far more than filling out the claim form. Before filing a car insurance claim, you will need to gather information regarding the incident, the involved parties, and the injuries and damages caused. 

Given below are the steps that can be followed to file a Volkswagen Lupo car insurance claim:

  1. Inform the police about the incident, file a report for it, and obtain a copy of this report for claim submission
  2. Contact your insurance provider and tell them about the accident
  3. Capture the images of your damaged car as well as the accident scene – this can act as evidence and help the insurance company fast-track the claims
  4. Request towing services if your vehicle is not in a condition to be driven and have it towed to a network garage
  5. Fill out the claim form after obtaining it from the website of your insurance provider
  6. Your claim as well as your vehicle will be assessed by an inspector of the insurance company
  7. If your claim is approved, you will only need to pay the deductibles to have the repair work of your car started – the rest will be provided directly by the insurance provider 

When Should You File a Car Insurance Claim for Volkswagen Lupo?

You can consider filing a Volkswagen Lupo car insurance claim in the following situations:

  1. If a bodily injury or death results from an accident (whether third-party or own)
  2. If your car is damaged due to an accident or stolen 

Documents Required for Car Insurance Claims in UAE

 Here is a list of documents generally required by most insurance providers while verifying the applicant’s claim request:

  1. Valid driving licence
  2. Registration card of the car (mulkiya)
  3. Passport and resident Visa
  4. Policy number

How to Buy Car Insurance for Volkswagen Lupo?

If you wish to avoid the hassle of excessive paperwork or multiple visits to an insurance office, you can simply continue on and avail of car insurance for your Volkswagen Lupo comfortably. In just a few steps, you will be able to access the best plans for the same and pick one out of them as per your requirements. What’s noteworthy here is that all of this can be done online so that you don’t even have to take a step outside to apply. 

With, you get access to the following:

  1. Accurate price quotes
  2. Access to financial experts
  3. Round-the-clock customer service
  4. Easy comparison 
  5. Best plans at the best prices with excellent offers and discounts

Applying via is a highly convenient process, as you can visit our website and head to the ‘car insurance’ section. After filling out the brief form present there, you can check out the top and the most suitable car insurance plans for your car. You can then simply compare the plans and apply for one right away from our website. 

Given below are the frequently asked questions related to Volkswagen Lupo car insurance.


Q1. Who makes the Lupo car?

Ans:The Lupo was launched by Volkswagen car in 1998. 

Q2. Does Volkswagen lupo have Isofix?

Ans: All versions of Volkswagen Lupo have twin airbags, ISOFIX child seat fixings, and seatbelt pre-tensioners. 

Q3. How to check online car insurance quotes on

Ans: You can check car insurance quotes online on To do this, you can 

  1. Visit and go to the ‘car insurance’ section
  2. Provide details related to your vehicle (brand, car model, car registration year, and more)
  3. Enter a few personal details like your name, contact details, salary, nationality, and so on

As soon as you submit this form, you will see the most relevant comprehensive and third-party plans on your screen.

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