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Tokio Marine, one of the leading insurance companies in the UAE, was founded way back in 1879 in Japan. The company has an extensive presence across the world currently, including 45 countries and regions with 155 subsidiaries. Its presence in the UAE dates back to 1976 when it first started operations here.

The company provides top-notch insurance services across various domains such as car, travel, home, SMEs, and corporate insurance.

Tokio Marine car insurance comes in handy during a car accident. With the plan’s coverage, the policyholder does not have to pay for car repairs, medical treatments (if incurred injuries), and legal fees (if applicable). To use the insurance privilege, however, individuals must file their claims accurately without any errors.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Claim Process of Tokio Marine Car Insurance in UAE

Here are the steps involved in the claim process of the Tokio car insurance -

  • Step1: Go to your nearest police station and obtain a police report.
  • Step2: Contact your insurance provider to avail of the towing service and initiate the claim process.
  • Step3: Visit the official website of Tokio Marine and navigate to the car insurance claim form.
  • Step4: Fill out the form and attach the required documents correctly.
  • Step5: Submit the form and wait till you get a response from the provider.
  • Step6: Upon taking your car to one of the approved repairers of your insurer, the respective officials will look into the damages.
  • Step7: An invoice for the same will be drafted and sent to your provider.
  • Step8: Once your insurance provider verifies the invoice, the car repair work will start.
  • Step9: You will receive a message on your mobile number stating the expected date of delivery.
  • Step10: Collect your car from the repair station and finish the final documentation process.

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List of Documents Required During Tokio Marine Claim Settlement

To successfully file your Tokio Marine car insurance claim, you must submit the documents listed below -

  • A valid copy of the police report
  • A valid copy of the vehicle registration (both sides)
  • A valid copy of the driving licence of the person present at the time of the accident (both sides)
  • A valid copy of the Emirates ID card of the person present at the time of the accident (both sides) 

How to File a Tokio Marine Car Insurance Claim?

You can file your Tokio Marine car insurance claim through the official website of the company. For a detailed process, refer to the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of Tokio Marine and click on the & Car drop-down menu on the homepage.
  • Choose the & Making a Claim option.
  • Select the & Report a Claim option and tap on Motor.
  • Click ‘Intimate Claim’ and follow the on-screen prompted instructions.
How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

Common Tokio Marine Car Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

Car insurance offers financial protection to drivers in case of accidents, theft, or other unforeseen events. However, not all insurance claims are accepted, and there are various reasons for car insurance claim rejection in the UAE.

Its important to look into the reasons to avoid claim denials in the future:

  • Policy Exclusions - Insurance policies typically have a list of specific circumstances or events that are not covered. These exclusions can vary between insurance companies and policies but commonly include reckless driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, racing, and using the vehicle for illegal activities. If the claim is related to an excluded activity, it will be denied.
  • Failure to Report Promptly - Insurance companies in the UAE often require policyholders to report accidents or incidents promptly. Failing to report a claim in a timely manner can lead to rejection. Insurance providers allow specific time periods for reporting claims, so it's crucial for policyholders to be aware of these requirements and follow them.
  • Lack of Documentation - Proper documentation is essential when filing a car insurance claim. Insurance providers need some documents such as accident reports, repair invoices, photographs of the damage, and medical reports (in case of injuries). If you fail to provide the necessary documentation, it can result in a claim rejection.

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  • Incorrect or Incomplete Information - Providing incorrect or incomplete information when filing a claim can lead to claim rejection. Policyholders should be accurate and honest when providing details about the accident or incident. Providing false information can be considered insurance fraud and result in a claim being denied.
  • Policy Lapses or Non-Payment - One of the common reasons for claim rejection is the policyholder's failure to pay premiums or allow the policy to lapse. If the insurance coverage is not active at the time of the incident, the claim will be denied. For this reason, it’s essential to keep the insurance policy current and pay premiums on time.
  • Pre-Existing Damage - If the insurance provider finds out that the damage claimed existed before the accident, they can reject the claim. Thus, it is crucial to assess the vehicle's condition before the incident through photographs or an inspection report.
  • Unapproved Repairs - Insurers often have a list of authorised repair shops or garages where repairs can be made. Having repairs done at an unauthorised or unapproved facility can lead to claim rejection. Always check with the insurer regarding approved repair centres.
  • Policy Expiration - If an accident or incident occurs after the policy expiration date, the claim request will not be accepted.
  • Misrepresentation or Fraud - If an insurance provider discovers that a policyholder has provided false information or engaged in fraudulent activities to obtain coverage or make a claim, the claim will be rejected, and legal action may be taken.

Tokio Marine Car Insurance Contact Details

In case you have any questions or issues regarding the Tokio Marine car insurance claim process, you can connect with the insurer by dialing 600503030.

You can also get in touch with Tokio Marine officials through their WhatsApp service.

Q1. How to contact Tokio Marine via call to resolve concerns regarding the car insurance claim procedure?

Ans: You can dial 600503030 to get in touch with the officials of Tokio Marine.

Q2. Is WhatsApp service available at Tokio Marine?

Ans: Yes, customers of Tokio Marine can avail of the WhatsApp service.

Q3. What documents do I need to submit to claim car insurance at Tokio Marine?

Ans: To claim your car insurance, you need to submit the following documents - 

  • A valid copy of the police report
  • A valid copy of the driving licence of the person present at the time of the accident (both sides)
  • A valid copy of the Emirates ID card of the person present at the time of the accident (both sides)
  • A valid copy of the vehicle registration (both sides)
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