Dubai Police Cars

When it comes to police vehicles, the Dubai Police has some of the fastest and latest models in their fleet. Along with that, they have some classic models, that increases the department's glamour even more. So, read on to better understand the fleet ofΒ Dubai Police carsΒ in commission today and the ones to be added in the coming days.

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An overview of the fleet of Dubai Police cars 

The Dubai Police cars fleet can be easily recognised on the streets, because of the glaring lights as well as their white and dark-green ensemble. Moreover, the ensemble of vehicles used by the Dubai Police also contains the official emblem of the Dubai Police force, the email address along with the website URL.

Apart from that, the models on the road are some of the most exquisite ones from leading car manufacturers worldwide.

The list of Dubai Police Cars 

Given below is a list of Dubai Police cars that will surely catch your attention, and if you are an automobile enthusiast, then it will keep you drooling.

Maserati GranTurismo 

The Maserati GranTurismo is worth 500,000 USD. It is a real jewel in the Dubai Police cars fleet. The car can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. The Maserati GranTurismo has a powerful engine that has a capacity of 4.7 litres. 

Bugatti Veyron

Here is the crown jewel of the Dubai Police cars. The Bugatti Veyron is one of the fastest supercars in the world. It is powered by a huge 8.0-liter engine. The engine generates a power of 1000 bhp. Of course, Bugatti is the fastest supercar in the Dubai Police fleet, also. It can accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. Bugatti is extremely popular amongst natives and tourists. It falls in the 1,000,000 USD price bracket, but it is worth the money because it is efficient and fast.

Audi R8

Audi is a globally popular brand, and that is because of its excellent offerings like the Audi R8. The Dubai Police fleet had included the R8 in November of 2016. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds which makes it damn fast. Thanks to a 4.2-liter engine and 261 bhp power, it is one of the fastest in the stable of Dubai Police cars. 

Ford Mustang Roush 

Ford is the pride of the US auto industry. It is also one of the best global automobile brands that all experts and car lovers recognise. The Roush's engine has a capacity of 5.0 L. It can speed from 0- 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds only.

Ferrari FF 2 

Now, who doesn't know a Ferrari? The automobile is known for its extreme acceleration, and it can reach 100 km/h from 0 km/h in a matter of 3.7 seconds only. The car makers have installed a 6.3 L engine that has a power of 651 bhp. 

Bentley Continental GT

When we are discussing expensive cars, how can we forget a Bentley? The Dubai Police cars convoy also has a 6.0 L Bentley Continental GT. It is a classic automobile that is a part of the Dubai Police force. The car is liked for its elegance and top speed of 318 km/h. It can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds.

Chevrolet Camaro 

Chevrolet Camaro can speed from 0- 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds only. The Camaro has a powerful 6.2 L engine that generates 275 bhp of power. It is also one of the classic American speedsters. So it comes as no surprise that it is a part of the fleet of Dubai Police cars.

Aston Martin One-7

It is one of the ultimate supercars and is a marvel of British engineering. The Aston Martin One-7 goes from 0 km/h to 100 km/h in merely a matter of 3.7 seconds. It has a powerful 7.3-liter engine which has a power of 750 bhp. It was acquired by the Dubai police and made a part of the force in 2013.  

Mercedes G-Wagon

The G-Wagon has the best design and functionality in the fleet of Dubai Police cars. The Mercedes G-wagon has a 5.5-liter engine with 700 bhp power. The top speed is around 240 km/h, and it goes from 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds only. 

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 is another fast car in the Dubai Police force. It has a top speed of 349 km/h and can do a 0-100 km/h in around 2.9 seconds. It generates a power of 691 bhp in its 6.5 L engine.

McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C has a top speed of 333 km/h because of its strong 3.8 L engine. It can do a 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and has a power of 591 bhp.

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New additions to the line-up of Dubai Police cars

Apart from those mentioned above, the latest addition to this fleet of cars is the Urus from the house of Lamborghini. Equipped with a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, this SUV can give any sports car a run for its money.

Furthermore, as a part of its sustainability initiative, the Dubai Police department has made a plan to integrate electric cars into its fleet as well. Dubai Police Force is also the first police department to integrate Tesla vehicles into its stable of cars. The department has also included several Nissan Zoe electric cars as a part of this initiative.

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Besides the cars, the Dubai Police also have different other modes of transportation for their day-to-day work.

Rides used by the Dubai police force apart from cars

The Dubai Police also uses horses, bikes, and helicopters apart from Dubai Police cars. 


Horses are used in some of the community areas like Al Qusais, Mirdiff, Satwa, Al Raffa, Jumeirah, Al Bada'a, Al Twar, and Naif for night patrols. The Dubai Police Horse Department has been functional since 1976 and is used during police parades.

Electric Bikes

Apart from cars and horses the police force also uses electronic motorbikes, which are eco-friendly for patrolling at events, and shopping centers. They are also used in heavy-traffic areas and have been in the force since 2014. 


The Dubai Police force also has some helicopters and small planes in its fleet for air patrols.

To sum up, the fleet of Dubai Police cars is something to marvel at. Moreover, all the supercars and expensive cars in the Dubai Police force have been insured to safeguard the Government's interest in case of any accidents. Now, as a citizen of Dubai, you should also have a valid insurance plan for your vehicle. Otherwise, it will be deemed illegal to drive on public roads.

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