Everything You Need to Know About Classic Car Registration

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

The charm of classic cars has always been an undying one. Even though they are expensive to buy and maintain, there is no dearth of suitors if one becomes available. Now, whether you are getting one for your collection or have plans to drive it to work, you need to register it first.

Hence, you should know everything about classic car registration that can help you to get your favourite vehicle.

Classic car registration in UAE 

The procedure of classic car registration in UAE is similar across the whole Emirate but not in Abu Dhabi. So, read on to learn more.

Essential documents for the registration of classic cars in the UAE

The following documents are required for the registration of classic cars

  • Vehicle insurance documents
  • Emirates ID or Passport 
  • Original and valid driving licence registered in the UAE
  • Other documents such as previous registration papers if registration has been done beforehand
  • Customs certificate of the vehicle
  • Vehicle manufacturers’ original invoices and other documents of purchase

Registration details of classic cars in Dubai 

A car should be 30 years of age to be classified as a vintage car. Also, the guidelines for safety are set by the ATC or the Automobile Touring Club UAE and the RTA or the Roads and Transport Authority, and they must be followed under all circumstances. 

RTA/Driving License

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Sharjah Transfer Car Registration
Driving License UAE Driving License in Dubai

Category assignment 

The testing of a vintage car is being done in two ways –

  1. By checking visually
  2. Checking for safety

After checking on these two parameters, the vintage cars have been assigned specific categories, which are given below: 

  • Category A – Category A classic cars have permission to be driven around 10,000 km annually. This is applicable on all roads in the UAE. Cars dating from 1950 and afterwards are bracketed under this classification. 
  • Category B – These cars were built before 1950, and owners are permitted to drive them up to 5,000 km in a year throughout the country. 
  • Category C – Some roads in Dubai have a nominal speed limit of 60 kmph, so these cars are not allowed on these roads. 
  • Category D – These cars can’t be driven around during the evening primarily because the gear of these cars, like headlights, aren’t capable of lighting areas with a lesser amount of lighting. But these cars can be driven during the daytime. 
  • Category E – These cars can be driven on service or internal roads.
  • Category F – Cars under these categories are used for the purpose of display in an exhibition or museum.

Dubai and Sharjah classic car registration fees

Now registering a classic car in these parts of the Emirate will set you back by AED 850. This will include an AED 430 car registration fee and an AED 420 inspection cost. Moreover, these cars will get a brown number plate once the registration is complete.

The registration process of classic cars in Abu Dhabi

As mentioned previously, the registration process of classic cars is different in Abu Dhabi; here is a detailed description of the process –

We have also told you that the registration procedure is different for classic cars in Abu Dhabi. So how is it different? Let’s have a look at the entire procedure.

In Abu Dhabi, vintage cars are classified under two categories only –

  • In category one for classic car registration, the owner can drive the vehicle on all Abu Dhabi roads under the one-year registration period. The registration cost of classic cars in this car category is AED 400. The renewal fees are around AED 350. 
  • Under category two, those classic cars are considered that will not be driven and shall be displayed in car exhibitions only. They will get car insurance only after stringent technical testing. This is compulsory for such classic cars. The classic car registration fees for the vehicles under this category are approximately AED 1100. This is applicable for three years. The cost of renewal of these cars is AED 1050. 

Furthermore, the cars falling under category two need transportation through trucks and are prohibited from plying on roads. 

RTA registration centre for classic cars

Under the RTA, the following vintage car registration centres are operational in the Emirate. Here is the list –

  • Wasel Al Jaddaf
  • Barsha Tasjeel
  • Tamam Al Kindi
  • Al Mutakamilah Vehicles Testing
  • Wasel Nad Al Hammar
  • AG Cars Vehicle Testing- Al Mamzar
  • Al Warsan Tasjeel
  • Hatta Tasjeel
  • Al Yalayis Vehicle Testing

To sum up, the process of classic car registration may seem complicated in the beginning, but once you understand the guidelines, it is not that difficult a process. Moreover, if you possess something so precious, in hindsight, the effort is worth putting in.

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