4 Best Health Insurance Companies in the UAE

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A lot of people must have suffered from some kind of illness at some point in their life or in their adulthood when their parents weren’t around for taking care of them. While going through such tough times, they would have had to go to the doctor for their medical tests, buy medicines, and do all the other things needed for recovering from that disease.

Any individual who has been under such a situation would be aware of how costly healthcare has become nowadays. Even the minor flu can cause you a hundred dirhams. In case one gets affected by a little more serious disease like thyroid or malaria, a lot of your hard-earned funds get spent on getting endless tests for the diagnosis. Apart from this, there are multiple doctor and pharmacy visits for making sure that the patient recovers completely from the illness.

Keeping the rising costs of healthcare in mind- including critical illness and many other problems related to health, it has become essential to go for an appropriate health insurance policy these days, not only for securing your savings but also for enjoying quality healthcare at those times when you need it the most.

Thankfully, health insurance UAE is a growing industry and there are many health plans available for meeting various medical needs at different costs of premium. However, the multiple options of medical policies have introduced another problem- which medical insurance plan or insurance provider should you select? Therefore, if you are searching for the best medical insurance policy for yourself as well as your family members, then this article will help you.

In this article, we have created a list of the best health plans from the best insurance companies in the UAE, which can be considered without giving much thought. 

Best Insurance Companies offering Health Insurance UAE

Here is a rundown on the insurance companies offering the best health insurance plans in the UAE.

1. Salama Insurance Company

Salama offers a health insurance plan that is designed for serving small as well as large groups. This insurance provider takes special care and offers unique healthcare policies, which are customized for the requirement of the group. Moreover, all the health insurance plans offered by Salama come with additional benefits, which allow you to make the most of your health plan. There are two types of Salama health insurance plans.

Small-Group Plans

Salama offers health coverage to small and medium-sized companies so that they can easily provide benefits of healthcare to the employees.

Group Health Insurance Plans

The group plans offer the greatest possible healthcare benefits to a group of people. Health insurance under this category provides a wide range of services with operational excellence and good quality to the policyholders. 

2. Union Insurance Company

This insurance company is famous for providing a comprehensive range of retail and commercial insurance products to its customers in the UAE and the Middle East area. Union offers health insurance UAE, including an array of policies for protecting the health of an individual or a group. The customer care team of this insurance provider is available to the customers round the clock for assistance. The following are the types of Union health insurance UAE.

For Individuals


This is a unique health plan for those dependents who have a Dubai visa. It is amongst the pre-underwritten health insurance schemes, which do not need any declaration further from their medical history members. SANAD includes competitive rates and helps an individual in dealing with the need for minimum health insurance UAE according to the DHA or Dubai Health Authority. All you need to do is submit the documents required and the insurance plan will get activated with the help of your Emirates ID.

EBP or Essential Benefits Plan

Union insurance company offers an EBP policy for employees or housemaids having the Dubai visa and are earning a total salary worth AED 4,000 or lower monthly. This plan allows the individuals earning a low salary to get the basic facilities and services for health care in Dubai with the economic value of AED 525 (VAT not included). 

For Corporate

Corporate Plans

In large companies, benefits are always more appreciated than the salaries and health insurance plan is amongst those advantages, which every employee appreciates. Hence, Union Insurance Company uses innovative approaches for providing comprehensive and customized health insurance cover to the employees at low prices. The technical team at Union provides an entire gap analysis to develop a medical insurance plan that will include additional benefits as well as essentials for providing wider coverage to the employees.

Small and Medium Companies

If you own a small or medium-sized company with less number of employees, the health problem with even a single employee affects the functioning of the company directly. For avoiding these situations, the Union offers this type of health plan. It is beneficial for organizations with the number of employees as low as 50.

EBP or Essential Benefits Plan

Union insurance company offers an EBP policy for employees or housemaids having the Dubai visa and are earning a total salary worth AED 4,000 or lower monthly. This plan allows employers to offer the basic facilities and services for health care for the employees with the economic value of AED 572. 

3. Noor Takaful

It is amongst the top companies in the Takaful sector within the Middle East region. With their expertise in health insurance, Noor Takaful offers comprehensive and customized health care policies. It offers basic to enhanced medical insurance solutions, which provide cover for the health care requirements of the policyholders and their families as well as domestic workers. 

4. Orient Insurance Company

Orient health insurance UAE includes the largest and a qualified insurance team throughout the entire region and it provides a wide range of health policies for covering an individual from many critical illnesses. The medical insurance plans offered by this insurance company provide global coverage along with flexible options for the payment of the premium. The following are the types of Orient health insurance UAE.

Orient Care Plus

This plan offered by Orient provides liquidity for meeting the financial needs at the time of a medical crisis. It covers around 37 critical illnesses by instantly paying out the amount after the critical illness is diagnosed. This insurance company offers the Orient Care Plus plan for five and ten years only. The minimum sum assured is AED 100,000 and the maximum sum assured is AED 1,000,000.

WomanCare Plan

Orient offers this plan for providing medical insurance cover to a woman. Basically, it is a female cancer policy, which includes the objective of covering women from seven kinds of critical illnesses that are specific to women. You can obtain this plan with minimum documentation and an easy application. The minimum sum assured is AED 50,000 and the maximum sum assured is AED 250,000.

Family and Individual Health Insurance UAE

Health insurance is an essential need for each individual because all of us deserve better and optimum health benefits at the time when you need it the most. Considering this, Orient Insurance Company offers family and individual health care, which meets the financial and medical needs and expectations for everyone.

Essential Benefits Plans or EBP

Orient offers an EBP policy for employees, dependents, or housemaids, generally having the Dubai visa and is earning a total salary worth AED 4,000 or lower monthly. This plan allows individuals to enjoy the basic facilities and services for health care at an economic value. It also includes Northern Emirates visa holders and investors. Under this category, the plans are divided depending upon the individual. It includes plans such as EMed, DMed, IMed, NEMed, and family care plan. 

To Sum Up!

These are some of the leading companies that offer the best health insurance UAE. For opting for a suitable plan, you need to go through your own medical needs and compare different plans to check, which one is the most ideal for you in terms of benefits, features, premiums, coverage, etc. We hope that this list will help you in choosing an apt health insurance plan for yourself and your family.

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