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If things making Dubai the marvel it is are compiled in a list, supercars would be somewhere near the top.  Loved by visitors and adored by the residents and citizens who own them, supercars are nothing less than tourist attractions in the UAE. However, owning and maintaining a supercar like Lamborghini is not as easy as it appears, with several factors like finances, travel requirements, etc., requiring consideration at the time of purchase more

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*Above mentioned prices are for Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 6.5L, 2023 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 6.5L, 2023 model.

A solution to most of the troubles associated with such cars comes from Lamborghini insurance plans. Designed to cover all your requirements from repairs to maintenance, car insurance plans are essential for all vehicles in the UAE. To know more about these plants, let’s cover everything that you need to know about Lamborghini car insurance in the UAE.

Features of Lamborghini Insurance

  • Comprehensive Benefits: Most Lamborghini car insurance policies are highly comprehensive, with all kinds of benefits that you may need some time being included.  So whether it’s something as basic as roadside assistance or something exclusive such as off-road driving cover, you can get every possible benefit with your Lamborghini car insurance plan. 
  • Easy Claim Process: Filing a claim against your Lamborghini insurance is an incredibly smooth process, which barely takes a few minutes and provides the claim approvals immediately after the submission. The only aspect that takes significant time is the inspection of damages, although it is mostly expedited for the customer’s and garage’s convenience. 
  • Fire and Theft Protection: Lamborghini insurance covers come with a fire and theft protection cover, meaning that your precious luxury car stays covered in events like self-ignition damages, explosions, and other kinds of damages caused by a fire. Similarly, the theft cover ensures that you will get compensated for the current market price/value of the car in the unfortunate event of its theft. 
  • Cost-Effective Protection: While Lamborghini itself is a rather expensive car, its insurance plans are cost-effective. By paying only about 1% of the car price, you can easily find a good enough insurance cover. And while the cost of insurance plans may change due to several factors, the average cost will still range somewhere around 0.6% to 2% of the cost of the car. 
  • Personal Accident Cover: Personal accident cover is a specialised cover that you can take with your Lamborghini insurance plan. It offers an added level of support to cover injuries, disabilities, and death caused by an accident. One of the notable aspects of this cover is that it can be arranged for both drivers and the passengers travelling in the car. Several car insurance plans include driver and passenger personal accident cover as a basic benefit, while others may require you to take it as an add-on. 
  • Customisable Benefits: Given the comprehensive nature of Lamborghini car insurance plans, policyholders are generally free to customise the plans as per their individual needs. To ensure that all the requirements that you can think of are covered, you can easily opt for add-ons/riders with the plan. 
  • Online Renewals: Renewing your car insurance for Lamborghini is as easy as scrolling through your phone, as most providers and aggregators offer easy renewals of car insurance plans on their online platforms nowadays. After logging in to the provider or aggregator website to start your renewal process, you can then choose your plan, add-ons, and complete the purchase. Within a few hours, you will get the updated policy documents via email. 
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Lamborghini Insurance Cost In The UAE

While the actual car may prove expensive, the supercar insurance plans are rather cost-effective in comparison. For all practical purposes, the Lamborghini insurance costs are set somewhere around 0.9% to 1.5% of the price of the vehicle. However, there are factors that can influence the cost like the model and the age of the car, or the age, experience, and the driving record of the driver. 

To illustrate the price-setting, Lamborghini Aventador is priced at AED 1.5 million. However, only AED 14,400 is required for insuring it, bringing the insurance price to only 0.96% of the car’s value. 

Types Of Lamborghini Insurance

  • Third-Party Liability Insurance: A third-party car insurance plan covers all liabilities that result from damages incurred by a third party in an accident caused by you. This includes vehicular damages and injuries incurred by drivers and/or passengers. Please take note that third-party car insurance plans do not cover damages incurred by your vehicle. 
  • Comprehensive Lamborghini Insurance: A comprehensive car insurance plan combines  own damage cover and third-party car insurance cover to bring the best of both worlds there. While it covers all accidental damages incurred by your car as well as damages caused by natural and  man-made disasters, fire, theft, etc., all the third-party liabilities are also covered. Unlike their third-party counterparts, comprehensive Lamborghini insurance plans can be customised with add-ons. 

Inclusions Of Lamborghini Insurance

  • All types of third-party liabilities include injuries sustained by the driver and the passengers and vehicular damages. Some plans may even cover legal fees. 
  • Damages caused to own vehicle and injuries sustained by the driver.
  • Man-made or natural disasters causing damages to the vehicle.
  • Total loss of the car due to theft or extensive damages.
  • 24x7 roadside assistance services.
  • Fire and explosion-related damages. 
  • Personal accident coverage for drivers and passengers.

Exclusions of Lamborghini Insurance

  • Own or third-party damages caused when the driver/policyholder is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Causing damages to own vehicle and/or third-party vehicle while driving without a valid license.
  • Consequential damages due to late or skipped repairs/maintenance sessions.
  • Generic wear and tear of the car due to the use.
  • Normal wear and tear incurred by the car over time.
  • Damages caused by voluntary negligence of the driver.
  • Damages incurred by the vehicle due to nuclear activities and radioactivity.
  • Damages caused when using a personal vehicle for commercial purposes
  • Damages caused during war or war-like situations.

Add-Ons Available For Lamborghini Insurance

  • Engine breakdown cover
  • No claim bonus retention cover
  • Off-road driving 
  • Courtesy replacement car 
  • Windshield protection cover
  • Passenger personal accident cover (if not available as a basic benefit)
  • No-depreciation cover
  • Personal accident cover for the driver if not available as a basic cover
  • Geographical extension cover
  • Car accessory cover for both electrical and non-electrical accessories 
  • Key loss cover
  • Cash allowance for transportation

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Eligibility Criteria For Lamborghini Insurance

Given below is the complete eligibility criterion for buying Lamborghini insurance in the UAE:

  • You must be either a resident or citizen of the UAE to buy a car insurance plan.
  • Proper identification proof must be available with the applicant. Passport, Emirates ID, and resident visa are required for UAE residents, while citizens must have their valid Emirates ID. 
  • You must hold a valid UAE driving license. Notably, license holders with international driving permits or licenses from other countries are not eligible for buying car insurance in the UAE.
  • The minimum age limit applicable here is 25 years, with the  maximum being 65 years. 

Documents Required For Lamborghini Insurance

  • Driver’s or owner’s Emirates ID 
  • Photocopy, scanned copies of passport, and resident visa along with the original one
  • UAE driving license of the policyholder
  • Registration documents of the car aka Mulkiya
  • Further details about the car including make, age and model number
  • LPO from the bank for financed cars
  • Chassis number of the car
  • GCC specifications confirmation letter from the manufacturer

How To File Lamborghini Insurance Claims?

Filing Lamborghini car insurance claims is quite easy, although the steps involved may differ a little as per the type of car insurance claim you need to file for your Lamborghini. There are mainly two main types of claims that you can make when it comes to Lamborghini car insurance plans – theft-related and accidental damages claims. 

Following are are the complete steps for these types:

Steps to File Lamborghini Accidental Claims

  • Immediately contact the police and emergency medical service helpline number. While taking care of the injured person, file an official police complaint of the incident.
  • Call your insurance provider to inform them about the accident. 
  • Take a detailed account of the accident by including photos from the accident site, names and license plate numbers of the people involved, witness accounts, etc. This will help strengthen your claim. 
  • Call the roadside assistance services of your provider if your car is not in the condition to be driven to the nearest network garage. 
  • Obtain a claim form from your provider and start forming your case. Fill up the form and attach the required documents with it. 
  • You will need the police report, witness account, your record of the accident, photos (if any), registration documents of the car, and policy documents (if asked by the provider).
  • After collecting everything, either make an online submission or submit the documents offline at the network garage that the provider has allotted you. 
  • Upon submission, your claim will be analysed and an inspection will be conducted to calculate the repair expenses for damage caused. 
  • After this, the payment details like the deductible applicable, the sub-limits of the plan, assured sum, etc., will be finalised. Once the inspector and the policyholder agree on the amount that the insurance company will cover and the amount to be covered in deductibles, approval will be initiated. 
  • The garage will receive approval from the provider, after which it will begin the repairs. 
  • Once your car is ready, you can either pick it up from the garage or have it dropped home if required. 

Steps To File Lamborghini Theft Claims 

  • Theft claims are different from generic accidental claims regarding car insurance, with the timeline of processing also being different. 
  • If your car or car accessories have been stolen, contact the police right away and submit an official complaint. Don’t wait and try to find the stolen items or car on your own, as you will instead miss the complaint window and claim to insurance compensation as well.
  • However, if you want to participate in the search for the car, submit a police report first then look for the car with the police department. 
  • Once you are done with submitting a proper police report, call the insurance provider and inform them about the theft. If car accessories or personal items from the car have been stolen, submit a list of the items as well as the proof of ownership. Only listed items that are your property are considered for compensation.
  • The claim process will not begin until the police label your stolen car/car accessories/personal items untraceable. An official document will be provided for the same.
  • You will be required to submit this document to the insurance provider, after which the claim settlement process will begin. 
  • The insurance provider will calculate the value of accessories and/or car to be compensated. They will then prepare a final amount as per the assured sum of the car insurance plan. 
  • Once this has been settled, you will receive the compensation amount.
  • Important: If the car or the accessories are found after they have been compensated for by the insurance provider, the recovered things become the property of the insurance provider. 

How To Renew Lamborghini Insurance?

Renewing your Lamborghini insurance plan is quite a straightforward process. You only need to cover a few simple steps to get done with your car insurance renewal. Car insurance plans for Lamborghini can be renewed online as well as offline depending on your means of purchasing. Given below are two sets of steps for both these modes of car insurance renewal.

Steps For Online Lamborghini Insurance Renewals:

  • Go to the aggregator or provider website and head to the car insurance page. Log in using your credentials here. 
  • Head to the ‘renew your insurance plan’ platform and open the renewal form. 
  • Fill out the form and choose the plan you want to renew. If you wish to continue with the same plan, proceed without making any changes. 
  • Choose the insured declared value for your car. Add or remove riders if you like. 
  • Upload the required documents and pay the premium to finalise the renewal of your plan. 
  • You will receive the updated documents of the plan via email. You can also download them from the provider website after logging into your account. 

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Steps For Offline Lamborghini Insurance Renewals:

  • To renew your car insurance plan offline, you need to visit the branch office of your provider or ask your agent to visit you. 
  • Keep your renewal documents in a physical form ready. 
  • If you are visiting a branch office, connect to a representative present there. They will guide you through the renewal process. On the other hand, if you have an agent, ask them about the renewal process.
  • After completing all these steps, your updated insurance documents will arrive via courier to you, although your agent may bring them you to as well. 

Things To Consider When Buying Lamborghini Insurance

Buying the right insurance plan for your Lamborghini is not difficult. However, a few things should always be kept in mind while choosing car insurance plans. With such an abundance of options regarding plans and providers, it can quickly get overwhelming. 

Being thorough with the details when choosing a plan is a great starting point in your search. Given below is a quick cheat sheet to ensure that you get the suitable plan and are aware of its features:

  • Compare Your Options: As mentioned above, there is no shortage of options in car insurance plans for Lamborghini and other luxury vehicles. You will come often across options laden with various benefits and covers. The right way to proceed with these options is to engage in comparison. Pick a few top contenders from this list, and put them side by side. Compare the benefits and the price before finalising your decision. 
  • Know the Provider: Comparing plans is not the only thing required here. With endless insurance providers available, researching the provider is an essential factor as well. Check out every important thing about the provider – rapport among existing customers, claim settlement ratio, customer service team, etc. Take broader feedback to find out if the provider is well-praised and trusted among the customers from the same segment. Proceed with the final choice only after you are satisfied on all the fronts. 
  • List Your Requirements: Car insurance plans for luxury cars are quite comprehensive given the high value and market price of the car. The same goes for  Lamborghini insurance plans. However, just because a plan comes with a lot of benefits doesn’t mean that you will need them. It is best to make a prior list of your individual requirements before you finalise a plan. Try to remove the benefits that you do not need from the plan, as you can always take an add-on later when you need it. For instance, if you never take your car off-road, there is no use of the off-road driving cover for you. Remove such benefits from your Lamborghini insurance plan. 
  • Purchase Online: Buying your plan online is another thing you might want to consider. Since everything and everyone is going digital now, insurance providers also encourage their buyers to prioritise online buying over offline one. This encouragement also manifests in the form of discounts that offline buyers fail to provide. On top of it, buying plans online also gives you the window to compare without any restrictions. 
  • Understand Policy Wordings: Whatever type of insurance you wish to buy, knowing the policy wording of your insurance plan is vital. While you can easily find what a plan covers on the website, the things not covered by the insurance plan can only be found in the detailed policy wording of the plan. So make sure that you have thoroughly read and understood them before proceeding. 
  • Read the Reviews: Finally, you should try and go through the reviews left by previous and existing customers of the providers. You can easily find out about several positives and negatives related to the services and products of a provider by customer reviews. However, do not completely rely on the reviews either, with your  own research being important as well. 
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Q. How much does Lambo insurance cost in the UAE?

Ans. Most luxury car insurance plans cost 0.9% to 2% of the value of the car. Thus, you can expect your Lamborghini insurance cost to range from AED 12,000 to AED 20,000.

Q. Where can I buy Lamborghini insurance?

Ans: You can easily get your Lamborghini insurance plan from online platforms, althoughoffline means function just as well. You can buy these plans from or the provider websites if online platforms are your choice. If the other option appears more attractive,you can go to a branch office of your provider to buy them offline.

Q. How can I submit a claim request for Lamborghini insurance?

Ans: Claims can be submitted via both offline and online methods. 

Q. Can I have multiple car insurance plans for Lamborghini insurance?

Ans: No, you can only have one car insurance plan at a time for your Lamborghini. 

Q. What is the maximum age limit for buying Lamborghini insurance plans?

Ans: You can buy Lamborghini car insurance up to the age of 65. 


Q. What is the validity period of my Lamborghini insurance plan?

Ans: Car insurance plans are valid for a total of 13 months, with 1 month out of this period being the grace period. 

Q. Do I need a police report to file a claim against my Lamborghini car insurance?

Ans: Yes, you will need a police report to file any kind of accidental and theft claims against Lamborghini car insurance plans.

Q. What is the difference between market value and market price? How does it affect my Lamborghini insurance?

Ans: Market value is simply defined as the worth of the vehicle in the market. Notably, it is different from the market price. While price depreciates with time, the while value does not. Market value is decided by the worth that an article holds in the eyes of the sellers and the buyer, and this concept applies to luxury vehicles only. Lamborghini, Bentley, and some other vintage cars fall into this category. Some providers offer plans that are based on the value of the vehicles.

Q. Can I name a family member in my Lamborghini insurance?

Ans: Yes, you can name friends and family as named drivers in your car insurance plan for Lamborghini. 

Q. Can I get a no-claim bonus with my Lamborghini insurance plan?

Ans: Yes, you can get a no-claim bonus with any comprehensive Lamborghini insurance. However, NCB is not allowed with third-party car insurance plans. 

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