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As accidents can happen anytime, it is crucial to be prepared and know the proper procedures to follow in the event of an accident. In the bustling city of Dubai, the Dubai Police have implemented comprehensive rules and regulations to streamline all processes, including accident report Dubai.
Whether it is a minor fender bender or a major collision, it is essential to promptly report the incident and adhere to a specific procedure. To assist you in navigating this process smoothly, we have gathered all the relevant details concerning the Dubai Police accident report – ways to file the report, how to contact the Dubai Police, and more.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

By familiarising yourself with these guidelines, you can ensure a swift resolution and access the appropriate support in the aftermath of an accident.

Step By Step Guide for Filing Accident Report Dubai

When you are involved in a road accident in Dubai, it is essential to follow the proper steps to report the incident accurately and efficiently. By adhering to these procedures, you can ensure compliance with the law and facilitate the resolution process. 

Given below are the detailed steps to report an accident in Dubai-

  • Step1- Stay calm and assess the damage: After the accident, remain composed and evaluate the extent of the damage. If there is minimal damage and no injuries, safely move the vehicles to the shoulder of the road to avoid obstructing traffic. However, if the damage is significant or there are injuries, it is advisable to leave the vehicles in their current positions until the relevant authorities arrive.
  • Step2- Contact the Dubai Police: Regardless of the accident's severity, it is crucial to report it to the Dubai Police. In case of severe damage or injuries, call the emergency number 999 and request an ambulance if needed. The Dubai Police will dispatch traffic police officers to the accident site. For minor accidents where there are no injuries or damages, motorists can report the incident using the Dubai Police mobile app. This app can be used for accidents involving 2 to 5 cars.
  • Step3- Obtain the Accident Report: After contacting the Dubai Police, the next step is to collect the Dubai Police accident report. This document is vital, as it is illegal to carry out repairs without reporting the accident and obtaining the official police report. Additionally, insurance companies will not cover repair costs without the Dubai accident report. If the Dubai Police arrive at the scene, they will determine the liable and affected drivers, providing them with either a pink form or a green form, respectively. In cases where none of the parties are at fault, a white form will be provided.
  • Step4- Notify the Insurance Company: Once you have obtained the Dubai Police accident report, promptly inform your car insurance company about the situation. Provide them with the police report details, after which they will guide you on the subsequent steps to follow. Depending on the extent of the damage, your insurance company may arrange for a recovery truck to tow your vehicle. In case your insurance provider does not offer recovery services, they can certainly provide you with information about alternative recovery trucks.

How to File a Police Report Online in Dubai?

To file a police report online Dubai, follow the step-by-step guide below - 

  • Step1- Download the Dubai Police app: Start by downloading the official Dubai Police app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on your device's operating system.
  • Step2- Access the Report Traffic Accident service: Once the app is installed, open it and locate and select the "Report Traffic Accident" service on the homepage.
  • Step3- Specify the number of vehicles involved: Mention the number of vehicles that were involved in the accident by selecting the appropriate option within the app.
  • Step4- Scan the vehicle plate number: Use the app's scanning feature to capture the plate number of the vehicles involved in the accident accurately.
  • Step5- Fill in vehicle details: Enter the required details such as the vehicle plate number and licence number to provide essential identification details.
  • Step6- Capture images of the damage: Use the app to take pictures of the damaged areas of your vehicle. This visual evidence will help support your report.
  • Step7- Identify the responsible driver or affected driver: Clearly indicate whether the provided details pertain to the driver responsible for the accident or the affected driver.
  • Step8- Provide contact information: Enter your contact details (including your mobile number and email address) to ensure effective communication during the reporting process.

By following these straightforward steps on the Dubai Police app, you can efficiently file a police report online in Dubai and provide all the necessary details and documentation to facilitate the process and ensure accurate record-keeping for the authorities.

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Dubai Police Accident Report Colour Codes

To address the language barrier faced by expats when receiving the Dubai Police accident report, the authorities have implemented a helpful system of color-coded slips. These colour codes aim to simplify the understanding of the report's contents, making it easier for individuals, regardless of their language proficiency, to interpret the information accurately. 

Here's a breakdown of the Dubai Police accident report colour codes - 

  1. Pink Slip: When a driver is deemed at fault for the accident, the Dubai Police issue a pink slip. This slip serves as a clear indication that the driver mentioned in the report is responsible for causing the collision or traffic incident.
  2. Green Slip: Conversely, the issuance of a green slip signifies that the driver mentioned in the report is considered the victim in the accident. This helps distinguish between the party responsible for the collision and the one who suffered the consequences.
  3. White Slip: In certain situations, determining fault or identifying the accused party may be inconclusive. In such cases, the Dubai Police issue a white slip, indicating that both parties involved in the accident are considered innocent and that the responsible party cannot be clearly identified.
  4. Both Pink and Green Slip: In Dubai, when your car is hit from the front and then gets hit from the rear by another car, you might receive two different slips. The front hit could lead to a pink slip (indicating your fault) while the rear hit might result in a green slip, indicating that you were the victim.

Note: While it’s important to understand the process of reporting accidents to the Dubai Police, make sure that you understand the traffic rules and drive carefully. Serious accidents and injuries can lead to black points, vehicle confiscation, and fines as decided by the court. Taking precautions and driving responsibly can help prevent such problems.

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How to Report Major Accidents to Dubai Police?

In cases of serious accidents, special attention and precautions have to be taken. If the vehicles involved in the accident have been severely damaged or the passengers have been hurt badly, you can contact the Dubai Police emergency services 999 and report the accident and request an ambulance if required.

After arriving following your call, the police will take over the situation and investigate the issue. You should absolutely stay calm and let the police handle the case. Getting into an argument with a fellow driver or a policeman can aggravate your case. The police will ask for your documents and identity proof. Once the investigation is over, you will be handed over a pink, green, or white slip depending on your fault or innocence.

How to Report Accidents Through ENOC Petrol Station? 

Due to the large volume of cases, reporting accidents to Dubai Police can take significant time. However, you can always reach out to ENOC Petrol Station to file your case. The police authority has trained employees at ENOC Petrol Station to tackle road accident cases and inform them as per the process. Moreover, these trained professionals can guide you through the particulars of the mobile app to enhance future awareness.

You can easily find these stations along Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khalil Road. As the program has proven successful, the Dubai Government is reportedly planning to further extend the services to new petrol stations.

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How to Download Accident Report from Dubai Police's Official Website?

Simply follow the steps listed below to download an accident report from Dubai police,

  • Visit, which is the official website of the Dubai Police
  • Go to the Simple Accident Report section and fill in the application
  • Capture relevant pictures related to the damage to the vehicle
  • Attach all the pictures and submit your request
  • A transaction number will be sent to you through SMS or email

If you are using a digital platform, you can -

  • Install and open the mobile application of the Dubai Police
  • Login to your portal and move to the Services section
  • Click on the Follow-up option and type in the transaction/ reference number
  • At last, submit the request

Knowing how to download accident report from Dubai police website or mobile app comes in handy when accidents and other mishaps take place. Once you submit the request to receive the accident report, an email will be sent to you from the Dubai police. After that, you can simply complete the Dubai police accident report download process. Moreover, if you are looking for how to print a Dubai police accident report, you may find the relevant options on the same page as well.

Dubai Accident Report and Car Insurance Claim

After receiving the accident report, you can contact your car insurance provider for a car insurance claim in Dubai. For serious cases, your insurer will arrange to tow the vehicle after the police have cleared the spot. And even if your insurance provider does not offer tow service, they will probably offer you the contact of towing services. You can also drive the vehicle to the nearest service centre if the vehicle is in a drivable condition.

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Is it mandatory to file a Dubai police accident report if no one was involved in an accident?

Yes, all minor and major accidents need to be reported to Dubai Police. Without a valid Dubai police accident report, the repairs of your vehicle cannot be done.

How to report an accident in Dubai?

To report accidents in Dubai, you can initiate the process by contacting the Dubai police, obtaining the police accident report Dubai, and notifying your insurance company.

What should I do if my parked car is damaged?

In this situation, you will be required to report the incident to the Dubai Police and get a damage report. The police might use the camera surveillance system to identify the person responsible for the incident.

How to file Dubai police accident report online?

You can easily file a Dubai police report online via Dubai Police application.

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