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While the roads of Dubai and the UAE are safe due to stringent traffic laws, the possibility of road accidents always remains. Moreover, being involved in a car accident may prove stressful for the driver and passengers, especially if the damages are significant. Getting anxious in such situations is normal. However, if one leaves the situation as it is and absconds, serious legal consequences would be faced by the individual(s).

The proper course of action in such situations involves the filing of an automobile accident report to Dubai Police. And while the procedure is fairly easy, being acquainted with the processes to report an accident in Dubai beforehand is always helpful.

The article below elaborates on the steps for reporting both minor and major road accidents in Dubai. You will also find out how to handle a situation where parked vehicles are involved in an accident. Learn how to file an accident complaint, how to obtain a Dubai Police accident report, things to do next, and more information below.

Key Takeaways

  • Every road accident big or small must be reported to the police.
  • Reporting traffic accidents to Dubai Police is fairly easy. You can use online channels for reporting minor accidents. However, for major accidents, you need to call the Dubai Police helpline number 999 and report the accident. Based on the investigation, Dubai police identifies the driver at fault and issues pink, green or white slip.
  • In case you have misplaced your accident report, you can request a copy using Dubai Traffic Accident Reference Number.
  • An accident report is prerequisite to filing car insurance claims in Dubai.

How to Report an Accident to Dubai Police?

After getting into an accident, the first thing you should do after calming down is to contact the police. Whether the accident is small or a major one,  you cannot get your insurance claims settled without informing the authorities. Moreover, failing to report accdient to Dubai Police authorities can also lead to legal troubles.

Certain protocols are to be followed if you want to report the accident in accordance with the local processes. You can follow the steps mentioned below when involved in an accident on the roads of Dubai.

1. Assess the Situation  

Road accidents can lead to panic, with even simple tasks like moving the car to the side of the road appearing difficult. After an accident, even if you are overwhelmed with nervousness, try to assess the situation.

In case of minor accidents, park your vehicle on the roadside to avoid any disruption to the traffic. On the other hand, if it is a major accident, move out of the car and stop at a safer distance. Irrespective of the magnitude of the accident, it is recommended to turn your hazard lights on and verify if all the passengers are safe. After that, you should check for all major and minor damages to the vehicle.

2. Report the Accident to Dubai Police

Whether the accident is major or minor, it is mandatory to report it to the Dubai police. In case the accident is serious and involves severe injuries or casualties, contact the Dubai police helpline on 999 and also request  an ambulance. Once you have reported your incident, the police authority will also send traffic police to the accident site.

In case of minor accidents that don’t involve bodily injuries and casualties and have trivial damages to the car (or are cosmetic in nature), you can report your accident via the Dubai Police mobile application. Accidents that involve 2-5 cars can be reported via the mobile application.

Reporting a Road Accident to the Dubai Police through Dubai Police Accident Report App 

 Various digital platforms make Dubai police car accident report online very quick and convenient. You may visit the official portal of Dubai Police or download the mobile app.

  • Download the Dubai Police Mobile App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Dubai police accident report app is easy to instal and use. 
  • On the app's home screen, tap the ‘Report Traffic Accident’ service.
  • Select the number of cars that were involved in the collision.
  • Scan the number on the vehicle’s licence plate.
  • Enter the relevant information like the vehicle plate number, licence number, and so on.
  • Use the app to take a picture of the damaged area of your vehicle.
  • Choose whether this information is for the motorist who caused the collision or the driver who was injured.
  • Fill in your contact information, which includes your phone number and email address.

If the case is such that the involved drivers cannot agree on who is to blame, they must notify the Dubai Police Department at 999. The police will then take over and determine the responsible party and the necessary measures to be taken.

For drivers or passengers looking for a way to report a traffic accident in Dubai in-person, they can do so at ENOC gas stations. Moreover, motorists can also report an accident in Dubai at ENOC petrol stations on Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Al Khail Road, Sheikh Zayed Road, etc. This information is useful when reporting small incidents in Dubai where no one was injured and the vehicles remained in proper working condition.

3. Collect the Accident Report from Dubai Police by Reference Number

Collecting the Dubai Police accident report is the next step in reporting an accident in Dubai. This is critical as it is unlawful to repair a vehicle without first reporting a traffic accident and obtaining a police record in Dubai. Furthermore, until the Dubai accident report is filed, insurance companies will not cover the cost of repairs.

If the Dubai Police are called to the accident scene, they will establish who is at fault and hand out one out of two forms to the drivers involved: a pink form for the liable driver and a green form for the impacted driver. In case no party is at fault, the Dubai Police will hand over a white form.

4. Carry Essential Documents

It is always advisable to carry your identity and other essential documents whenever you are on the road or travelling by public transport. In case of accidents, you will be required to prove your identity to the police authority. This aspect should be considered seriously, as failing to provide the necessary documents can cause legal troubles.

The following is the list of documents that you should carry while driving on the roads of Dubai.

  • A valid driving license
  • A valid Emirates ID card 
  • Vehicle registration card
  • Medical insurance certificate/card

In case you are not a resident of the UAE or a tourist on a UAE visa, you must carry your international driving license along with a valid passport and entry visa.

insurer your car

How to Report Major Accidents to Dubai Police?

In cases of serious accidents, special attention and precautions have to be taken. If the vehicles involved in the accident have been severely damaged or the passengers have been hurt badly, you can contact the Dubai Police emergency services 999 and report the accident and request an ambulance if required.

After arriving following your call, the police will take over the situation and investigate the issue. You should absolutely stay calm and let the police handle the case. Getting into an argument with a fellow driver or a policeman can aggravate your case. The police will ask for your documents and identity proof. Once the investigation is over, you will be handed over a pink, green, or white slip depending on your fault or innocence.

Here are the colour codes and their representation.

  • Pink Slip - Given to the driver who caused the accident
  • Green Slip - Given to the driver who is proved innocent
  • White Slip - Provided if both the drivers or the parties are innocent, or if the case is unclear

How to Report Accidents Through ENOC Petrol Station? 

Due to the large volume of cases, reporting accidents to Dubai Police can take significant time. However, you can always reach out to ENOC Petrol Station to file your case. The police authority has trained employees at ENOC Petrol Station to tackle road accident cases and inform them as per the process. Moreover, these trained professionals can guide you through the particulars of the mobile app to enhance future awareness.

You can easily find these stations along Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khalil Road. As the program has proven successful, the Dubai Government is reportedly planning to further extend the services to new petrol stations.

How to Download Accident Report from Dubai Police’s Official Website?

Simply follow the steps listed below to download an accident report from Dubai police,

  • Visit, which is the official website of the Dubai Police 
  • Go to the ‘Simple Accident Report’ section and fill in the application
  • Capture relevant pictures related to the damage to the vehicle
  • Attach all the pictures and submit your request
  • A transaction number will be sent to you through SMS or email

If you are using a digital platform, you can -

  • Install and open the mobile application of the Dubai Police
  • Login to your portal and move to the ‘Services’ section
  • Click on the ‘Follow-up’ option and type in the transaction/ reference number
  • At last, submit the request

Knowing how to download accident report from Dubai police website or mobile app comes in handy when accidents and other mishaps take place. Once you submit the request to receive the accident report, an email will be sent to you from the Dubai police. After that, you can simply complete the Dubai police accident report download process. Moreover, if you are looking for how to print a Dubai police accident report, you may find the relevant options on the same page as well.

Dubai Accident Report and Car Insurance Claim

After receiving the accident report, you can contact your car insurance provider for a car insurance claim in Dubai. For serious cases, your insurer will arrange to tow the vehicle after the police have cleared the spot. And even if your insurance provider does not offer tow service, they will probably offer you the contact of towing services. You can also drive the vehicle to the nearest service centre if the vehicle is in a drivable condition.


Q1. Should I report minor accidents to Dubai Police?

Ans. Yes, each and every accident needs to be reported to the Dubai Police. You can receive your vehicle insurance benefits only after getting the police report. However, filing an accident report has been made easy with the Dubai Police Mobile app, and you can file a report without calling the police in case of minor accidents.

Q2. What if someone damages my parked car?

Ans. If your parked car is damaged, you need to report the incident to Dubai Police and receive a damage report. You can use the report to seek the insurance claims if required, while the police will attempt to find the culprit through surveillance systems and CCTV cameras. A nominal fee of AED 50 applies if you want to obtain a damage report.

Q.3.  What is the process of Dubai Police Traffic report check?

Ans. To check and verify any accident report, you need to visit the official website of Dubai Police and navigate to the services section. Among various options, you can find Dubai Police traffic report check. Enter the reference number and, the details of your traffic accidents will be displayed on your screen.

Q4. What if you receive two slips for an accident?

Ans. In some cases, you may receive two coloured slips. For instance, if you crash into a car from the front and then get hit by another car from the rear, you are likely to receive two coloured slips, i.e., pink and white slips.

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