Tesla Car Price in UAE: Check New Tesla Prices & Models 2024

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Tesla Inc. is a company based in Palo Alto, California. Tesla manufactures a wide range of automobiles that allow  modern drivers to make eco-friendly choices when it comes to buying a vehicle. Tesla cars are the benchmark of eco-friendly technology that encourages sustainable development. Clients who believe in the values of sustainable living for a better tomorrow will find Tesla cars to be a perfect fit for the future. One of their leading products is  electric cars that have been outfitted with cutting-edge technologies to provide an enhanced driving experience for  pro-environment global citizens. Here’s a quick run-through on all the models that might interest you.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Tesla Model S

Tesla had introduced and officially launched the Model S in the year 2012. This was no ordinary car as it paved way for the electric car concept to be introduced not only in the USA but also in UAE. As the company received success and gained popularity in the USA, Tesla launched their cars in other countries as well. With the car’s popularity and sales touching 250,000 units in the latter half of 2018, the brand made an impact on other countries too.

The Model S was refreshed and re-launched in 2021. The car is an electric sedan and also the flagship of the brand all around the world. A leading name in the category, the Model S has been the prime example of a top gear electric sedan vehicle. Tesla Model S has also won many awards for its state-of-the-art features all around the world including the UAE. Due to its pricing, some people consider the car  a “luxury sedan”

Features of Tesla Model S:

  • Type: Sedan
  • Top Speed: 322 Km/Hr
  • Acceleration: 0-100 Km/Hr in 3.2 seconds with Dual motor (Long Range)
  • 0-100 Km/Hr in 2.1 seconds with tri-motor all wheel drive (Plaid)
  • Power: 1020 hp
  • Range: 652 Km with Dual Motor
    • 628 Km with Tri-Motor, all-wheel drive
  • Multi-Device Bluetooth
  • Wireless and USB-C Charging
  • Up to 10 teraflops of processing power
  • Best Audio System
  • Extra Storage Space
  • Optimized Aerodynamics
  • Refined Styling
  • Auto Pilot
  • Auto Lane Change
  • Auto Park
  • Wheels: 19” or 21”
  • Cargo: 793 Litres
  • Powertrain: Tri-Motor
  • 160 m forward-facing radar
  • Ultrasonic Sensors

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Tesla Model 3

Model 3 is a 4 door electric sedan by Tesla making it an all-electric car from the company. The car is offered in Standard-Range and Long-Range options with 100% full charging capabilities. Model 3 is also one of the first few vehicles offered by Tesla that is fully electric and has a full self-autonomous driving system installed as a stock factory feature. Tesla offers self-driving hardware cars and automated software fitted inside. All Tesla cars come with retrofitted autonomous tech for their users as well as updates that are regularly incorporated for enhanced performance. True to Tesla’s traditional method, the car was first launched in the USA and delivered in 2017. The average cost of the Tesla Model 3 price ranges between  AED 166,900 to AED 224,900. Model 3 came with the promise of more exhilarating performance such as 0-100 Kmpl in just 3.3 seconds, dual-motor All-Wheel-Drive System and all-electric system with a range of 575+ km on a single charge. This only goes to show how the company has pioneered the marketplace with its tech leadership.

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Features of Tesla Model 3:

  • Type: Sedan
  • Acceleration: 0-100 Km/Hr in 5.6 seconds (Standard Range Plus Rear-Wheel Drive)
      • 0-100 Km/Hr in 3.3 seconds (Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Performance)
      • 0-100 Km/Hr in 4.4 seconds (Long Range All-Wheel Drive)
  • Top Speed: 225 Km/Hr (Standard Range Plus Rear-Wheel Drive)
      • 261 Km/Hr (Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Performance)
      • 233 Km/Hr (Long Range All-Wheel Drive)
  • Range: 448 Km (Standard Range Plus Rear-Wheel Drive)
    • 580 Km (Long Range All-Wheel Drive)
    • 567 Km (Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Performance)
  • Less than 50 km odometer in transit
  • 5-0-kWh battery
  • Full AC Charge Time 10%->90%: 6 hours
  • Recharge up to 275 km in 15 minutes
  • Powertrain: Single-Motor rear-wheel drive
  • Power: 211 kW (283 HP)
  • Torque: 450 Nm
  • AWD Dual Motor
  • Lower Rollover Risk
  • Impact Protection
  • Rigid Structure
  • Autopilot Advanced Safety
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • 160 m forward-facing radar
  • Auto Park
  • Auto Lane Change
  • Carbon Fibre Spoiler
  • Performance Pedals
  • Performance Brakes
  • Front and Rear Heated Seats
  • Solid Black Paint
  • 18” Aero Wheels
  • All Black Partial Premium Interior
  • Front Headed Seats
  • Autopilot
  • 15” centre Touchscreen
  • Cargo Capacity: 542 Litres

 Tesla Model X

Model X comes 3rd in the series and is also the only fully electric luxury crossover offered by Tesla. The vehicle has a unique design to boast off with falcon-wing doors that are the industry’s first. This, coupled with the fact that the SUV has scored 5 Star Crash Rating.  In less than 2 years of launch, Model X ranked 7th best all-electric vehicle in the world. It also took over the title of the Car Of The Year Awards previously held by  Model 3 and Model S. The powertrain used on Model X is more powerful and runs 0-100 Kmpl in just 2.2 Sec making it only one of the few cars to do this in the whole of the UAE. The car is also powered by 1,020 hp behind the wheels. It is one of the most advanced and powerful SUVs offered in the country.

Features of Tesla Model X:

  • Type: SUV
  • Speed: 250 Km/Hr
  • Acceleration: 0-100 Km/Hr in 2.6 seconds with tri-motor All-Wheel Drive platform (Plaid)
      • 0-100 Km/Hr in 3.9 seconds with Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive platform (Long Range)
  • Peak power: 1020 hp
  • Range: 547 km with tri motor All-Wheel Drive platform
    • 560 Km with Dual Motor All-While Drive platform
  • Powertrain: Dual Motor
  • Supercharging Max: 250 kW
  • 17” Cinematic Display
  • Spacious Cabin
  • Tri-zone temperature controls
  • Expandable seating capacity to 7
  • Wireless Gaming
  • Multi-device Bluetooth
  • Wireless and USB-C Charging
  • 22 speakers with 960-watt audio system
  • Extra Storage Capacity
  • Aerodynamic Wheels
  • Lower Rolling Resistance Tyres
  • Front Impact Protection
  • Lower Rollover Risk
  • Side-Impact Protection
  • Auto Pilot
  • Auto Lane Changing
  • Auto Parking
  • Powertrain: Tri-Motor

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Tesla Model Y

Model Y is the latest car launched by  Tesla and is set to open bookings as announced by Tesla. Not much has been discussed about the car but the Drive Train will be the same as Model 3 and will be sharing the All-Wheel Drive System along with a range of 500+ km on a single charge. The rest of the features are said to be standard, including emergency braking, collision warning, blind-spot monitoring and much more. Model Y is also said to be standard with Self-Driving capability all while being the cheapest Tesla to have the premium feature. This will allow people from all around the world to own a Tesla.

Not much has been discussed about Tesla Cyber Truck, but there is no official confirmation if and when it will be launched in the UAE if it does the market is ready for an off-roader ready car with a benefit of an all-electric system of a truck being introduced.

Features of Tesla Model Y:

  1. Type: SUV
  2. Top Speed: 250 Km/Hr
  3. Acceleration: 0-100 Km/Hr in 3.7 seconds
  4. 2 Independent motors digitally control torque to the front and the rear wheels
  5. Superior traction control to drive in rain, mud, and off-road
  6. Range: 480 Km
  7. 160 m Forward-facing radar
  8. 12 Ultrasonic Sensors
  9. 15” Inch touch screen
  10. Wheels: 21” inch
  11. Max Cargo Volume: 1.9 m3
  12. Seating: Up to 7
  13. Drive: Dual Motor All-drive wheel
  14. Auto Pilot
  15. Navigation program
  16. Auto Lane Changing
  17. Auto Parking
  18. Lower Rolling Resistance Tyres
  19. Front Impact Protection
  20. Rigid Structure
  21. Low Center of Gravity
  22. Side-Impact Protection

Tesla Cars Models and Prices in the UAE

Car Model


Tesla Model S (Long Range)

AED 389,990

Tesla Model S (Plaid)

AED 539,990

Tesla Model 3 (Standard Range Plus)

AED 166,900

Tesla Model 3 (Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive)

AED 194,900

Tesla Model 3 (Performance)

AED 224,900

Tesla Model X (Long Range)

AED 419,990

Tesla Model X (Plaid)

AED 499,990

Tesla Model Y (Long Range AWD)

AED 180,000-200,000 (Est.)

Tesla Model Y (Performance)

AED 220,000-240,000 (Est.)

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Tesla Cars Charging

There are three ways to charge a Tesla

  • Standard Wall Charging Option: This format of charging cable and socket is proprietary provided by Tesla as a complimentary service with every Tesla car. This is the standard 3 Pin Connector Charger offered by any motor electric company to charge their vehicles. This sadly also takes a lot of time to charge as it’s the traditional form of charging when it comes to Tesla to fully charge the car.
  • Destination Charger: Tesla offers chargers to its customers for the cost of AED 1,990. Tesla has also set up various charging ports around destinations such as shopping malls and other complexes where clients can stop and recharge their vehicles.
  • Supercharger: The fastest way of charging your Tesla is via the Supercharger that can fully charge the car in just mere 72 mins making it an ideal choice to go for as in this fast-paced world everyone requires competent systems to back their schedules.

Cost of Charging and Maintaining a Tesla

Standard Wall Charger is affordable and easy. However, it still contributes to your electricity. On the contrary, Destination Chargers are free to use as these are usually set up by the office and shopping malls infrastructure, making it free to use for the larger public. Superchargers set up by Tesla work on points per miles system. Each year you get 400 KWh of free charge credit which accounts for almost 1,550 + Km. Any usage of the Supercharger would be charged at a general rate.   

How Much Does a Tesla Cost in the UAE

Tesla Model S

Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive (Long Range System) – 369.990 AED

Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive (Plaid) – 539,990 AED

Tesla Model 3

Rear-Wheel Drive (Standard Range Plus) – 166,900 AED

Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive –

Long Range – 194,900 AED

Performance – 224, 990 AED

Tesla Model X

Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive –

Long Range – 399,990 AED

Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive –

Plaid – 499,990 AED

Tesla Model Y

Prices are yet to be announced for the UAE market

Tesla Cyber Truck

The product is yet to be announced for the UAE market

  • Please note that the prices of these will be increased as per the add-ons and features upgrades on Tesla’s website.

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Insuring a Tesla

As per the RTA laws in the UAE it  is illegal  to purchase a car without having it insured.  Driving a car without insurance can attract financial penalties or time in jail. Therefore, it is better to buy car insurance for your Tesla or renew it before expiry. To find the car insurance that compliments your Tesla the best, you can check and compare car insurance policies at policybazaar.ae. Visit policybazaar.ae and fill the e-form to find the best car insurance prices in the UAE on your Tesla car. The cost of car insurance will vary according to the model, cost of the car, age of the car, and driver’s profile. For example, the cost of the Tesla Model X will be around 10,000 AED to 12,000 AED.  Some insurance providers also have special insurance covers for Tesla cars for added benefits.

Final Verdict

Tesla is a great, futuristic electric vehicle for the roads. Offering environmentally friendly cars, the electric vehicles of Tesla aim to reduce the carbon footprint emitted by petrol and diesel vehicles. With the world now switching to renewable resources, it is time to switch to more sustainable means of transport and Tesla is the most obvious facilitator for this choice. In case you are planning to purchase a premium Tesla model but rethinking due to the car prices, you can explore car loan options at policybazaar.ae and transgress the financial hurdle.

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