Buying a Tesla in the UAE - Here’s is Everything You Need to Know!

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Published: 02 August 2019Last Updated On: 13 January 2021
Having the latest yet most advanced car technology in the world is only befitting.

Cars that run on electricity through regular charging, just like the smartphone does, Tesla has taken the car technology to another level. And if you are thinking of buying a Tesla in the UAE then there is good news for you. Tesla has already launched its high-ended cars in the country so you can also buy one.

But why would you want to buy a Tesla? Tesla’s electric cars deliver unmatched and unparallel performance in all types of weather conditions.

So before you buy it, read this guide to learn everything about having a Tesla in the UAE.


Tesla has launched its flagship models i.e. Model S and Model X in the UAE.

The ‘Tesla Model S’ is an electric luxury sedan that is designed with ‘high-strength architecture’ and a ‘floor-mounted battery pack’. This model offers comfortable seating for up to 5 adults & an expansive seventeen-inch touch screen. The ‘Standard Glass Roof’ provides a spacious interior experience for passengers. Model S was exclusively designed for speed & endurance with extraordinary aerodynamics, uncompromised aesthetics, and ludicrous performance.

And the ‘Tesla Model X’ is a crossover SUV that provides its buyers with good value for their money. Built from the ground up as an electric car, the battery, chassis, body, restraints make this car a safest and advanced SUV ever. Model X offers comfortable seating for up to 7 adults as well as the capacity to tow a maximum of 5,000 pounds. You can get this car anywhere wherever you want to take it as this car comes with quite easy & convenient car charging options.

Henceforth, both the Tesla models are unique and loaded with extraordinary features that make them one of the best electric cars in the UAE.


There are 3 main ways to charge a Tesla.

  • Standard Wall Charger: This is a type of charger which comes with any Tesla model, and enables you to plug your car into any of the standard three-pin sockets and help you to recharge the car. Well, this is the slowest ways of charging a Tesla and it can take almost twenty-two hours to fully charge the car.
  • Destination Charger: These types of chargers are available at various destinations such as shopping malls or hotels. Destination chargers will help you recharge your Tesla much faster than standard wall charger, almost around 100 km of distance with one hour of charge.
  • Supercharger: This is one of the fastest ways to recharge your Tesla. A supercharger has the capacity to charge this car in less than 72 minutes. Since the time of the launch, Tesla has successfully set up supercharging stations at the border of the most of the cities and they are designed in a manner that on a long journey your car is enough charged to get from one supercharger to another. You can find supercharge at various locations such as ‘Dubai’s Last Exit’ which is near Jebel Ali and ‘Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City’.

One common question which might come into your mind that what is the cost of charging a Tesla?

Well, charging a Tesla at home using Standard Wall Charger will add up to your normal electricity bills. Utilizing destinations chargers for recharging a Tesla at various shopping malls or hotels are completely free. And if you want to recharge your Tesla using supercharger, each year, Tesla owners get 400 KWh of complimentary Supercharger credit which is enough to drive almost 1600 km – above this limit, you will be charged a nominal fee.


The price of Tesla Model S in the UAE starts at 326,050 AED while the price of Tesla Model X in the UAE starts at 352,100 AED. Please note that the price will increase as you further upgrade the features and modify your car.

Although the initial cost of Tesla might seem comparable to that of high-end Audis and BMWs, the running cost would definitely be lower, making the cost of Tesla substantially lesser.


Another most important thing that you must consider when buying a Tesla in the UAE is its insurance premium. You know, why?

It is legally required to have car insurance in UAE for every car owner as per the RTA law. In order to get an affordable insurance premium, you must practice car insurance compare online. This will enable you to compare different online car insurance Dubai based on their features, insurance coverage, benefits, and insurance premium. 

Well, car insurance for the Tesla Model S is expected to lie in a range of 8000 AED to 12000 AED if you are looking for a comprehensive car insurance policy. For the Tesla Model X, a comprehensive car insurance policy would probably cost you between 10,000 AED to 12,000 AED. However, the figure could significantly vary based on several factors such as the driver’s age, no claim record, nationality. In addition to this, the issue of spare part would also be matter.


Since there are much less moving parts in the models of Tesla in comparison to a standard fuel engine, the cost of maintenance is expected to be much lower than those cars. Morover, the battery of Tesla is expected to be reliable for almost ten years.

Final Verdict

There you have all the essential information about Tesla. Just go through this handy guide before you get your hands on one. Make sure, you don’t forget to practice car insurance compare online to get the right insurance policy for your dream car. An apt car insurance policy will safeguard your vehicle in the event of unforeseen situation.