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Due to society’s litigious nature and the increasing costs of vehicles, car insurance prices are on a rise. However, the bad news being here that these prices are not going to drop anytime soon. The good news, on the other hand, is that there are some things that you can do in order to obtain cheap car insurance in UAE and reduce the burden on your budget.

Multiple Drivers and/or Cars save Costs

If you ask for a quote from an insurance company for your car insurance for a single vehicle, you might get a quote that is higher per car as to when you inquire about covering several vehicles or drivers with the same insurance provider. The insurance companies will offer cheap car insurance in UAE at a bulk rate as they want the business. Under certain scenarios, they will be willing to give you a good deal if it means you getting more business for them.

It is good to get in touch with your insurance agent to find out whether you qualify for the same. In some cases, some of the insurance providers might also offer you a discount on the policy if you hold any other insurance policy with them, for instance, home insurance. They will offer you a discount on bundling the two together.

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Mindful Driving Reduces Costs

In simple terms, you should be a good driver. This should definitely go without mentioning, but in today’s era, with the rise in car distractions, it is important to mention it wherever possible. The more attentive and careful you are, the more are the violations and accidents that you can avoid – in other words, the instances that add up to your premium rates. Some of the insurance companies may offer discounts for being a safe driver, depending on your driving record.

Opt For Courses

Sometimes the insurance providers might be willing to offer discounts for those individuals that complete an approved driving course such as a defensive driving course. By taking the various courses set up by the authorities, the drivers may get a chance to reduce the number of black points on their driving licenses. Before signing up for this class, check with your insurance agent or the insurance provider if this discount is applicable to you. This is because it is important that your time and expenses put in taking this course should equal to some savings on your insurance policies. 

Shop Around for Car Insurance Comparison UAE

If you are at a stage where you have to opt for a renewal of your cheap car insurance in UAE soon and the premium charges on your existing policy have risen, consider shopping around for a good car insurance comparison UAE. Also, every year or about two it is good to request quotes from other car insurance companies just to see if there is anything lower out there for you.

Also remember, always opting for cheap car insurance in UAE does not mean that you are opting for a good policy, and always going with the company offering a lower rate is not the best decision. The reason behind this is that you should also take into consideration the creditworthiness of the provider. If the company cannot pay your insurance claim in the time of need, your policy will be absolutely worth nothing.

In order to research a particular insurance company, you can go online on websites that state the financial strength of the companies. The financial strength of your provider is important, but so are the terms and inclusions of your policy – so make sure you are aware of what is covered and what is not.

Use Mass Transit

When you are signing up for cheap car insurance in UAE, the insurance provider will generally provide you with a questionnaire to fill. Among the various questions, you will be asked the number of miles that you drive on the insured car annually.

If you make use of your car every day to commute to work that takes about 3 hours every day, you are likely to pay a higher price for your insurance policy as compared to someone who drives just roughly a mile per day. If it is possible for you, make use of the mass transit to have fewer miles, bearing in mind the fact that you will actually be required to decrease your mileage effectively before you get cheap car insurance in UAE. Enquire about the different thresholds set by the companies so that your efforts are worth it.

Cost for Larger Cars is more

It can sound exciting to buy an SUV but it can be quite expensive to insure one as to insuring a small car that has a lower cost. Some insurers have discounts for hybrid cars or alternative fuel vehicles also. You can also save on your premiums while also contributing to the betterment of the economy. Find out the prices of insuring different vehicles before you actually purchase one.

Improve Your Credit Rating

The record of a drive is quite a big factor in determining the costs for a car insurance policy. It makes sense that someone who has faced a lot of accidents can end up being more expensive for an insurance provider. However, some of the insurance companies to the policy seekers’ surprise may consider credit ratings for deciding the insurance premiums.

Speak To Your Agent

It is important to know that there might be additional cost savings possible in addition to those mentioned in this thread. This is why it is sensible to ask your agent if there are any special deals and discounts on the market offered by the different providers. You never know what discount might fit your requirements.

Research for Additional Offers

The insurance providers in the market offer you a variety of deals such as paying the entire annual or semi-annual premium in one go, agreements of receiving the documentation online, among others that you should keep a lookout for. Compare both, the deals and the prices offered by the various car insurance policies and do not be swayed away just by a long list of offers.

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Don’t Buy Coverage That You Don’t Need

You may not require all the add-ons in a policy. Read your policy line by line and ask your provider to remove anything you might never need.

The Bottom Line

The insurance cost is likely to be on a rise in the future, but there are things you can do to land cheap car insurance in UAE. These tips will help you sail in the right direction.

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