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Noor Takaful is an Insurance company of the Noor Investment Group. The company follows Sharia's law in its Takaful (Insurance) products. The company has two entities - Noor Takaful General PJSC and Noor Takaful Family PJSC. The company is known for offering a wide range of commercial and personal insurance products. Noor Takaful has a sister company Noor Bank.

The board of Sharia, which is led by the Islamic scholars, governs the services and products of the company. These scholars have expertise and experience in legal, banking related and financial matters.

Why Buy Noor Takaful Insurance Plans?

The contemporary approach of Noor Takaful in Islamic Insurance sector has made it one of the leading Takaful companies of the Middle East. This Takaful provider has bagged various awards and has gained prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certifications as well. Furthermore, the company is backed by some of financially strong 'A' grade retakaful partners.

Noor Takaful Products Portfolio

The Takaful Products offered by Noor Takaful are:


Plans Under Takaful

Personal Takaful

Family Takaful

Home Takaful

Medical Takaful

Car Takaful

Travel Takaful

Boat Takaful

Business Takaful

Corporate Takaful

Engineering Takaful

Property Takaful

Marine Takaful

General Accident Takaful

Liability Takaful

Family Takaful

Fleet Takaful

Medical Takaful

SME Takaful

SME Medical Takaful

SME General Takaful

SME Fleet Takaful

SME Family Takaful


Personal Takaful:

Family Takaful:

Under this plan, Noor Takaful offers multiple options that fit in the needs of the individual and his/her family to provide them financial stability. The plans that are covered in this policy are:

Hajj Takaful:

A Family Takaful plan of its kind to ensure that the Hajj obligations are facilitated. Some of the features of this plan are:

  • The plan offer funds for Hajj expenses.
  • Option to nominate the Beneficiary of the Policyholder, which can be used as Hajj Badal (substitute Hajj).

Home Takaful:

The home is where one's heart is and to protect it and its contents against various unforeseen situations are one's responsibility. Be it an owned home or rented, Noor Takaful has insurance covers for both. With Home Takaful insurance policy of Noor Takaful Insurance, an insured not only gets protection for the structure of the home but for its contents as well against any loss or damage. The common features of this insurance policy are:

  • Worldwide cover for personal belongings.
  • Liability of tenants.
  • Rent loss or alternative accommodation.
  • Personal liabilities of the

Medical Takaful:

From basic insurance to enhanced, Noor Takaful Insurance has a solution for the medical needs of both an individual and family. Some of the prominent features of this Medical Takaful policy are:

  • Second medical advice
  • Accidental death coverage
  • The company is accredited as an insurer participating in DHA
  • Benefits of maid replacement

Car Takaful:

The Noor Takaful Car Insurance not only covers loss or damage of vehicle but also assures an insured for fast and efficient claim process. Any type of inconvenience is kept as minimum as possible in this insurance policy. Some of the features of this policy are:

  • 24x7 roadside assistance
  • No claim bonus
  • Provides agency repair
  • Provides cover for both driver and passengers

Travel Takaful:

To provide insurance cover against any unexpected events while traveling, Noor Takaful Insurance introduces this travel insurance policy. Therefore, in order to make the vacation of an insured a truly memorable, this insurance policy provides various different features. Some prominent features of this insurance policy are:

  • Provides worldwide coverage
  • Covers 24x7 emergency medical treatment
  • Provides insurance cover for winter sports
  • Covers travel delay
  • Covers baggage delay during travel

Boat Takaful:

The Boat Takaful of Noor Takaful Insurance is to provide cover for Boat, its machinery, passengers, and trailer against damage and loss. The features that an insured gets under this insurance policy are:

  • Provide cover against third party property damage
  • Provides cover against third party bodily injury
  • Provides cover against personal effects loss or damage
  • Provides cover against damage to the trailers while it is in transit

Business Takaful:

Corporate Takaful:

Engineering Takaful:

With significant growth in the industrial construction sector, the requirement of Engineering Takaful has consecutively increased. Under this insurance of Noor Takaful, an insured is covered with damage and loss of projects that are under construction. Additionally, the liabilities of the third parties are also covered. The areas that Engineering Takaful of Noor Takaful Insurance covers is:

  • Contractor's all-risk
  • Erection all-risk
  • Plant all-risk
  • Plant and machinery of contractor
  • Breakdown of the machinery
  • Damage to electronic equipment
  • Stock deterioration
  • Machinery Breakdown (Business Interruption)

Property Takaful:

Losses of the commercial, industrial, and residential properties not only cost loss to an individual or industry, but it leaves adverse effects on the nation's economy also. Although no one can recover the damage, getting financial support during such times safeguards an insured. Some of the plans covered under this policy of Noor Takaful are:

  • Fire and Lightning Takaful Plan: Provides cover against loss and damage to the assets of an insured occurred due to fire and lightning.
  • Fire and Special Perils Takaful Plan: It provides coverage against a lot of natural perils like earthquake, explosions, flood, storm, etc.
  • Property All-Risks
  • Business Interruption

Marine Takaful:

An insurance plan that provides coverage for both import and export cargo by air, sea, or inland transit. The plans covered under this category are:

  • Marine cargo
  • Marine Hull
  • Inland Transit

General Accident Takaful:

Under this insurance policy, the cover is given against some common risks that exist in every human society. The plans under Noor Takaful’s this policy cover an insured corporate against loss of money, burglary, loss of jewelry, etc. The insurance plans that Noor Takaful Insurance provide under this policy:

  • Money Takaful
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Jewelry’s Block
  • Plate Glass
  • Burglary Effects
  • Banker’s Blanket Bond
  • Event Cancellation and Abandonment
  • Group Personal Accident

Liability Takaful:

Whether it is an industrialist, service provider, trader, or corporates involve in commercial pursuits, it is the responsibility of everyone to maintain the security of the common public and property of others. Despite that, there occur events when the property of someone else damages or person gets injured. For such situations, Noor Takaful offers excellent covers against various third-party liabilities. Some plans even provide cover for the employees. The plans that are provided under this Takaful are:

  • Professional Indemnity or Malpractice
  • Public Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Workmen’s Compensation
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability

Family Takaful:

Under the corporate plans of Family Takaful, there are various schemes involved for the benefit of employees of an organization. To retain the talented workforce, Noor Takaful has involved various comprehensive plans:

  • Group Family Employee Benefit Scheme
  • Group Family Mortgage Home Finance Shield
  • Group Personal Accident Care
  • Group Credit Plus
  • Credit Shield
  • Group Depositors Plus
  • Group Critical Care
  • Comprehensive Group Employee Benefit Plan

Tailor-Made Corporate Medical:

The medical plans for corporates offered by Noor Takaful offer excellent healthcare cover at an affordable price. A corporate buying Medical Takaful from Noor Takaful Insurance can take tailor-made cover to suit its requirement. The medical insurance policies of this insurance provider know the requirement of a good medical plan. The medical plans covered under this policy are:

  • Medicare: A comprehensive group medical policy for meeting the needs and requirements of corporates.
  • MediWorks: It is a medical policy for construction workers.

Fleet Takaful:

This insurance policy is for corporates owing fleet of commercial and personal vehicles. For such organizations, Noor Takaful offers premium level protection at affordable prices. Below mentioned are some of the reasons for taking fleet insurance from Noor Takaful insurance Company:

  • The affordable price of premium that depends on the size of the fleet.
  • An insured organization can opt for tailor-made plans for according to the type of vehicle being used.
  • Flexible insurance covers with the option to an
  • Simple vehicle addition/removal to the fleet process during Takaful period.
  • Quick and easy settlement process.

SME Takaful:

SME Medical:

The medical covers for Small and Medium Enterprises are not valid for the VISA holders of Abu Dhabi. However, all those who are residing in UAE and are full-time employees of the employer and their dependents are can take this insurance policy. Furthermore, an employee holding a valid residence VISA in UAE except for the places where HAAD/AUH law applies can get covers of this policy. The plans and their covers offered by SME medical Takaful of Noor Takaful is given below:




Compulsory for all the eligible employees.


Compulsory for all the eligible dependents.

 SME General Takaful:

Under the General Takaful for SME in UAE offered by Noor Takaful provides an option to customize this policy. The sections and the relevant monetary limit provided by this policy are:


Maximum Limit (AED)



Employer’s Liability


Workmen’s Compensation

10,000,000 (Annual Wages)

Public Liability


Fidelity Guarantee


Money Takaful

200,000 (Single Carry & Safe)

SME Fleet:

This insurance policy is for small and medium-sized enterprises owning a fleet of commercial or personal vehicles. Noor Takaful offers protection of premium-level at very affordable prices. Some of the reasons to consider Noor Takaful Insurance under this category are:

  • Affordable premiums depending upon the size of the fleet.
  • Speedy claim settlement process.
  • Option to opt for tailor-made insurance policies according to the type of vehicle one owns.
  • Simple removal and addition of vehicles to the fleet policy during Takaful period.
  • Offers really flexible covers with an option for extension.

SME Family Takaful:

Insurance that the employers of small and medium-sized organizations offer to its employees is SME Family Takaful. Under this policy, Noor Takaful offers flexible plans that an employer can alter according to his/her workforce.

  • Group family employee benefit scheme
  • Group family mortgage home finance shield
  • Group personal accidental care
  • Group credit plus
  • Credit shield
  • Group depositor plus
  • Group critical care
  • Comprehensive group employee benefit plan

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