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A car break-down, flat tyre, or any other such trouble can occur at any time even if you maintain it properly and can cause you extreme inconvenience. The situation could be exacerbated if you are at a place where the availability of car repair services is low, say when you are in the middle of a hilly road trip. Moreover, if the damage is massive, the expenses can be hefty.

In such situations, having a car insurance policy in place can save you from this trouble. Most insurance companies in the UAE offer car insurance for various types of vehicle damage and include flat tyre assistance as well. Your car insurance provider can easily help you avail of towing facilities here, which could be immensely beneficial in cases like these.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Discussed below are the major aspects related to roadside assistance and flat tyre assistance with car insurance in the UAE.

What is Roadside Assistance Dubai Flat Tyre Car Insurance?

Generally, insurance providers in the UAE provide flat tyre coverage as an add-on plan under the roadside assistance plan. Other coverages included in this specific category include battery replacement, towing services, emergency car fuelling, alternative transportation, accommodation facilities, and many more.

Individuals purchasing car insurance can avail themselves of the flat tyre insurance coverage under the roadside assistance policy. In case you face any unexpected situations of a bursting tyre and fail to find any relevant assistance in the vicinity, you can call on the number specified by your insurance provider for this purpose. The concerned personnel will then reach your site quickly and provide the required assistance.

Points to Consider When Purchasing a Roadside Assistance Policy

Given below are two points that mainly affect your roadside assistance Dubai flat tyre car insurance:

  • Number of Services Provided by the Insurance Company: Every insurance company includes a specific number of services in each plan depending on the provider as well as the coverage you have opted for. This aspect has to be kept in mind when purchasing a car insurance plan to be clear regarding the scope of assistance you can avail of in an emergency.
  • Age of the Vehicle: It is one of the primary factors to assess when availing of a roadside assistance Dubai flat tyre insurance policy. Most car insurance companies don’t provide roadside assistance facilities if your car is old. Moreover, the annual charges for flat tyre roadside assistance also increase for aged cars.

Documents Required to Avail of a Flat Tyre Roadside Assistance Insurance Policy

When purchasing a car insurance policy in the UAE, you are required to submit copies of the documents as specified in the following list. However, as flat tyre roadside assistance is categorised under car insurance coverage, you do not need to present any separate documents for it.

  • Passport (main page)
  • Visa page
  • Car registration card


The roadside assistance Dubai flat tyre car insurance policy is one of the most preferred add-on plans offered by various insurance companies in the UAE. If your vehicle gets affected due to a flat tyre, you will be able to get immediate towing service and other required assistance and get your tyre changed within a few hours.

To avail of this feature, you can get in touch with one of your auto insurance representatives and enquire about the vehicle repair service centers nearby and the contact details of the same. While you will mostly get the aid for your vehicle without any charges, a few companies might charge a nominal amount for the same.

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