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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

A rather important document and now mandatory as well, car insurance is something that every vehicle owner needs to have on their personnel every time they take their vehicle for a spin. From keeping you safe from traffic rule violation fines to cover you in case of an accident, a car insurance policy does us a lot of good than we initially realise. Basically, you will need your car insurance policy in every situation that you may face related to your car. So, it can be a drag if you happen to lose your car insurance policy no. somehow.

Car Insurance Policy Number – What is It?

In order to understand the importance of the number of your car insurance policy, you first need to understand the concept that lies beneath it first. The car insurance policy no. is a unique identification number that is given to every car insurance policyholder so that the policy they have in their name can be identified easily. It is generally what insurance companies and every other place/authority concerned with car insurance used to refer to a certain insurance plan. This simply means that it’s the insurance policy number that represents your car insurance policy on every platform. So, losing it completely simply means that you will not be able to access your insurance information in case you do not have a hard copy either.

How to Recover Your Car Insurance Policy Number?

Although you should always keep your car insurance policy no. safe and easily accessible at any time, it is possible to lose track of it due to several reasons. While losing your car insurance policy no. may sound like a catastrophe to deal with, it can be easily recovered using a few simple ideas in a matter of minutes. Following are the 5 ways in which you can recover your car insurance policy number:

1. Take Help from Your Insurer’s Website or Mobile App

This is the ideal and the easiest way to retrieve your policy number if you have bought your car insurance online through the vendor website or via Insurance Brokers like Policy Bazaar UAE. You must remember how you often have to recover your social media and email accounts when you forget the password to access them. Recovering your lost car insurance policy no. is somewhat the same too. All you have to do is go to the log-in portal and select the option that takes you to the account retrieval page. You will be asked to enter a few personal details that are related to the insurance account for example your phone number, car registration number, name, email address, etc. These details will be used to verify you as the owner along with a second-level verification using your email id or phone and you will be able to access the account. Once you have access, you can easily retrieve the car insurance policy number from the online database of your policy with the insurer.

2. Talk to Your Insurance Agent

The above-mentioned way will work when you have bought your car insurance policy online instead of offline with the help of a broker. If you have a broker or insurance agent, call them immediately to get assistance for the recovery of your car insurance policy no. All insurance agents keep a copy of the insurance policies that they have done for the clients with them. With just a few personal details, it will easy to find the one that belongs to your account. If you are well acquainted with the agent, they may even find your copy without the need for any personal info.

3. Contact Customer Services

If you bought your car insurance online and are facing a problem in retrieving the car insurance policy then you can simply connect to the customer service portal of the insurance company. Most car insurance companies have a live customer service team that can be contacted via a chatroom or using telephonic means. The customer service agent will ask for a few details like your name, phone number, etc. for verification before they access your insurance account and recover the car insurance policy no. for you.

4. Get Assistance from the Nearest Branch Office

Visiting the nearest branch of your insurance provider, if feasible, is also an easy way to get your car insurance policy no. back without much hassle. Just like any other way, you will have to present some verification proof at the branch office such as your car registration number, phone number, etc. As soon as the concerned personnel has verified you, they will provide you with the details that you need including your car insurance policy no.

5. Connect with the Insurance Authority of the UAE

The insurance Authority of the UAE, the official body that controls and regulates insurance services, can also help you in retrieving information related to your car insurance including your car insurance policy number since they keep a database of all the car insurance providers in the country and regulates their services. Again. You will have to provide a few details so that your account can be found and accessed in the database. After that, it is as easy as any other aforementioned methods to get your car insurance policy no. back.

The Final Word

By now you must be well-versed to tackle the loss of your car insurance policy no. ideally without facing any problems. However, since prevention is better than cure, try and not lose the insurance number altogether since it is a rather important thing to have on your personnel at all times, especially when you are driving. If you happen to meet an accident or are stopped by a traffic regulation officer, you will need your insurance with your prompt for it is a mandatory thing to have car insurance in UAE. You may be able to retrieve it later but it can cause a significant amount of trouble for the time being. In case of a problem though, you can always make use of the above-mentioned info to get your policy number back

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