Union Term Insurance

Union Term Insurance

Of all things, one thing is Sure, there is no certainty in life. However, being prepared for facing these uncertainties is something one can be prepared for. Union Insurance Company helps in securing the family of their customers with financial stability even when they are not around.

The Sure Term Life Insurance Cover is customized in order to provide the policyholder with mental peace as well as financial protection for their dependents. The company offers exclusive rates and support, especially considering the expanding requirements of the expat community in the UAE.

Key Features and Benefits of Union Term Insurance

The term plan offered by Union Insurance Company comes with a wide range of key benefits and features, some of which are mentioned below.

Coverage in All Cases

The best part about this plan is that it offers coverage against death, no matter what has caused it. So, whether the policyholder dies of an accident or because of some health condition, the insurance can be claimed in either case. There is only one exception, the deaths taken place in locations that are considered as “high-risk” are not included.

Instant Coverage

The Union begins the term insurance cover within a few minutes of completing the sign-up process. It does not involve waiting and has easy procedures.

Global and Portable Cover

The company designs this plan to be entirely portable. This plan truly offers global coverage to the policyholder.

Hassle-Free and Simple Payment

Union Term Life Insurance helps to secure the future of the policyholder’s family through simple and hassle-free payments through credit cards.

Flexible Tenure

The applicant has the option of choosing the policy tenure as per their convenience. They must select a plan tenure that is the most suitable for them. Union offers this Sure term insurance starting from one year to ten years’ coverage.

Primary & Supplementary Plans

The Sure Term Insurance Coverage acts as both primary as well as secondary life insurance covers.

Why to Apply Online for Union Term Insurance?

Union Insurance Company aims at offering its customers with high-value and innovative insurance products, which provide them with better solutions for risk management. It is amongst the most trusted insurance companies in the UAE and the Middle East area.

The term insurance cover offered by the company is reliable and cost-effective. It helps in securing the financial future of the policyholder’s family easily with the best rates as well as support.

The online application process for the policy is easy as it can get. The company has a user-friendly website and a hassle-free application process with simple documentation.

Claim Process of Union Term Insurance

The beneficiary of the policyholder can make the insurance claim very easily in three steps. This simple claim process is mentioned below.

Contact Customer Care

The first step in the claim process is contacting the customer care of the Union Insurance Company at 800 UIC4U. A customer care executive will get in touch with the beneficiary and assist them throughout the process.


The next step in the claim process is submitting the required documents including the duly filled claim form.

Reviewing & Claim Processing

The final step in the process is reviewing the submitted documents and the claim form. Once the company has verified all the documents, it will process the claim.

Contact Details of Union Term Insurance

The term insurance specialists in the company will assist the policyholder or the applicant in solving their issues and queries effectively. They can be reached through email on info@unioninsurance.ae or through a call on 800 UIC4U. The customer care agents at the company are always available to help the applicant or policyholder.

Union Term Insurance - FAQs

Q1. What payment methods can I use for making the payment?

You can make your payments in the following 4 formats.

  • Direct debit
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Post-dated cheques

Q2. What do I do if I lose my policy documents?

If you end up losing your policy documents, you can call on the customer care of the company on 800 UIC4U (84248) or write an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The executives at the company will be there for your assistance. Make sure you send the mail from the email address registered with the company during the application process.

Q3. What is the procedure for updating the contact details?

You can update your contact details in the same manner you reported about your lost documents. You can either call on the customer care number of the company or write an email to them on the above-mentioned number/email address.

Q4. What are the minimum and maximum plan tenure offered on this Union Term Life Insurance?

You can select the policy tenure as per your convenience. Union offers minimum coverage duration of one year and a maximum duration of ten years on this Sure term insurance.

Q5. Is there any special requirement to avail a coverage up to 500,000 US Dollars?

Yes, you should have active employment as well as good health condition in order to avail coverage of up to 500,000 US Dollars.

Q6. How much time does it take for the insurance plan to initiate after sign-up?

It takes only a few minutes for the coverage to start after the sign-up process is complete. You do not need to face any complicated processes or waiting time.

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