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The automotive industry in the UAE is still growing faster despite breaking all sales records which simply indicates the power and potential this market holds. While many car brands are successfully carrying out their businesses in the UAE, few of them have been unsuccessful for not meeting the customer’s rising demands. The overflow of technology leads the customers to look for increased safety in their cars and greater sophistication. However, all these standards are met by some car brands, the rest carry out their business on a low scale.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

After extensive research, we are able to find out the top 5 car brands who have achieved great success as well as significant growth over the past few years. Below is a list of top 5 most popular car brands that have obviously won the heart of many Emiratis by meeting their expectations:


Deprived of any doubt, Toyota is one of the most popular car brands not only in the United Arab Emirates but also in other countries as well. In fact, Toyota is the world’s biggest automaker. They have won the heart of its customers by making reliable, eco-friendly & economical cars with advanced safety features. From off-road rage to fuel efficiency, Toyota trades you car that truly worth the money. People who have already owned the cars of Toyota would know that they provide over 400,000 miles of companionship, if they’re maintained properly.

Fortunately, Toyota Corolla is the most favorite car in the UAE, along with the Toyota Land Cruiser. Not only these cars are efficient road partners but also they offer the best re-sales values to its customers. Corolla has unmatched efficiency, aided by 16-inch alloy rims, trunk liner, 1.6 liters (also available in 2.0 liter) 4-cylinder engine, rear parking sensors, leather steering wheel, better upholstery, split-folding seats, modern keyless entry with starter button, and several other advanced features.

Similarly, Toyota Land Cruiser is equally popular across the UAE. While Toyota Corolla is admired by families, the Toyota Land Cruiser caters to professionals. It caters high speed with the most amazing safety system.

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Mercedes-Benz is one of the most famous automobile manufacturers across the UAE. Headquartered in Germany, this brand is known for luxury cars, buses, coaches, & trucks.  Mercedes E-class, S-class & C-class are among the top-selling vehicles across Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah. The reason is their beautiful designs & dignifying presence on the roads. While other automobiles manufacturers play safe, Mercedes-Benz goes all the way whatever it has to do in order to bring out something unique, risking infant innovations into its every model. It is undoubtedly a reliable brand known for its advanced technology & durability. It’s adorable designs & technological features continue to ensure its place in the list of top five most popular car brands in the UAE.


Nissan is another one of the most popular car brands in the UAE. The brand occupies the best spot by offering the most privileged SUVs & sedans rushing through Arabian roads & sands. The basic strategy of Nissan is to provide the most reliable & efficient cars that the majority of the people can easily afford.

Nissan is mainly popular in the country for its design, amazing interior customization options, and yes, of course, a good resale value that enables the company to retain a large number of returning customers. While Nissan Maxima comes with top-class features, the Sunny & Altima can be purchased at a reasonable price with no compromise on quality at all. Well, the majority of the transport companies in the UAE prefer purchasing Nissan Taxis due to their longevity, smoothness, and fuel consumption feature.

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Moving to the sports & high-class luxury, BMW has continued to ensure its place in the list of the top five most popular car brands in the UAE. The brand is famous for meeting sports & speed standards as well as modern technologies. The attractive models like M3 & X series are eye-apples of their owners. And BMW X5 was among the toppers in registering the highest numbers of sales in the Gulf. It has been the absolute market leader in the ‘Sports Activity Vehicle Segment’. In addition to this, BMW X5 is the most-selling series as it is powered by an Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-6, 3.0 L that offers its exceptionally amazing high driving speeds. Most of the customers are amazed by its driving dynamics and also an emphasis on handling.

While BMW X5 is famous for its sportier looks and tremendous performance, ‘BMW 6 series Gran Coupe’ & BMW M3 has also admired many customers in the UAE.


Hyundai is also one of the favorite brands of people in the UAE. It is a South Korean automotive manufacturer that offers the range of cars to its customers such as Tuscon, Santa Fe, & Elantra. Rendering nineteen models covering forty-five unique versions, the choice for buyers in the United Arab Emirates is plenty.

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Final Verdict!

There you have the list of most popular car brands in the UAE. These 5 car brands have emerged as our top favorites based on the quality & service they offer. So, if you are also looking to buy any car you can opt for any of these car brands as per your need and budget. But make sure you purchase auto insurance for your vehicle as it is mandatory by UAE RTA law. Without it, you can’t even legally drive your vehicle on the roads of the country. Don’t forget to compare car insurance UAE online as it will help you choose the right insurance policy for your vehicle.

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