UAE Visa Crackdown - Blacklisting and Absconding Charges for Staying Past Visa Deadline 

UAE offers a unique and diverse range of experiences for visitors. It has become a popular tourist destination due to its iconic architecture, bustling beaches, luxurious shopping destinations, and more. However, before embarking on the journey, it is essential to have a UAE visit visa. Depending on your requirements, several types of UAE visit visas are available, including tourist visa, transit visa, patients & their companion entry permits, short-term visas, and more. 

A UAE visit visa allows you to stay in the country for a stipulated time frame mentioned in the visa. Once your visa expires, you have to either leave the country or re-enter with a new visit visa. However, if you overstay your visa, you can face severe consequences that can negatively impact your future travel plans.

Overstaying a visa can spell trouble for visitors and agencies as well. As per the latest reports, travel agencies have to bear overstay fines, and repeated violations can lead to blocked application portals. As per a travel agent, the financial burden of paying for overstaying fines as well as the outpass for the visitor to leave the country can be substantial. To mitigate this, some agencies opt to file absconding cases against those who have overstayed their visa - this is believed to be of help in reducing instances of visa violations. 

Given below are some of the facts related to overstaying on a visit visa in the UAE – 

  • You cannot extend the validity of your visa from within the UAE. A safer alternative is to exit the UAE and re-enter the region with a new UAE visit visa.
  • Staying for more than 5 days past the validity date on your visa can lead to an absconding ban on you, resulting in blacklisting from not only the UAE but other GCC nations as well.
  • Apart from the penalties, you may be blocked from the official visa application portals.
  • As per experts, the minimum absconding penalty is Dh 2,000 - the penalty amount can increase daily. 
  • To drop the absconding charges, you have to settle the penalty amount. 
  • If you fail to pay the fines on time, you can be deported from the airport. Moreover, police can arrest you if you are caught under absconding charges.

To sum up, overstaying your visa is a serious matter that should be avoided. Not only does it carry the risk of an absconding ban, but it can also result in penalties and potential police charges. These consequences can have long-term implications, including being blacklisted from entering the UAE and other GCC countries. To avoid such issues, you must ensure that your visa remains valid and make arrangements for renewal or departure in a timely manner.