Navigating through Heavy UAE Rains: Filing Claim for Damages Incurred Due to Waterlogged Parking Spots

The continuous rain in the UAE has affected not only the everyday life of residents but the condition of their vehicles as well. The constant outpouring has led to waterlogging in several low-lying regions, resulting in several vehicles getting submerged and engines being damaged. 

This has resulted in about a 20 to 25% increase in engine-associated claims during this period. However, it must be noted that most insurance providers in the UAE do not settle such claims. 

Garages Flooded with Damaged Cars

Due to this unpleasant weather, garages throughout the UAE have been flooded with vehicles that broke down while driving through the flooded area or some that failed to start in the waterlogged parking area. Vehicle owners have been visiting the garages with vehicles that not only have damaged engines but also dysfunctional brakes and other malfunctions such as short circuits in the electricals. 

Another key neglect that the major garages in the UAE have reported is that of damaged wipers. Vehicle owners often end up neglecting their damaged vehicles, given the dry weather conditions in the UAE. However, it is essential not only for wiping off the rainwater but also to remove dust in the summer. Thus, it is important to get it replaced at least once or twice a year. 

Can You File the Claim or Not? - The Big Question

While residents can file a claim in case their vehicle is completely or partially submerged in the water, there is no guarantee that such a claim will be settled. Thus, to be on the safe side, it becomes essential to be careful when driving in waterlogged areas of the UAE. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Before filing a claim, it is essential to read the terms and conditions carefully and understand what all damages will be covered if there is a flood or any other natural calamity. Furthermore, it is advised to park the vehicle on the roadside - preferably at an elevated spot - rather than driving through the flooded area and damaging the engine. 

Another crucial thing to remember is that when purchasing a car insurance plan, do not skimp! Moreover, you should choose a comprehensive car insurance plan that offers benefits like towing service, roadside assistance, and off-road recovery. These services can come to the rescue if the vehicle gets stuck in a waterlogged area. 

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