Merits and Demerits of Electric Cars

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The automobile industry has evolved dramatically within the past few decades. A major breakthrough in this evolution of vehicles came in the form of electric cars. Unlike conventional electric cars are quite different in terms of performance, economics, aesthetics, and utility. The electric car market is expanding substantially and it is important to consider the fact that the technology is still in its infancy as will have to undergo stages of alterations and developments to reach a stable mark.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Very often people are confused and stuck in the dilemma of whether they should switch to an electric drive instead of conventional petrol/diesel engine cars. There are numerous myths about electric cars that you might hear from so-called ‘auto-experts’ but you cannot trust all of them blindly.  

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When it comes to safety both the type of vehicles are quite distinct but one thing that remains common is the requirement of valid car insurance. In order to stay on the right side of the law, it is mandatory to have valid car insurance in the uae. When purchasing make sure you compare car insurance online to get the right deal at the right price.  

In this blog, we will take a close look at the various pros and cons of electric cars. Furthermore, we will share some simple tips and tricks that will help you to make the right choice between the different segments of cars in the UAE.  

Merits of Electric Cars

Here’s a rundown on the merits of electric cars-


Keeping aside the aesthetics, performance, driving dynamics, efficiency, and cost electric cars are eco-friendly when compared to conventional cars. Increased usage of fossil fuels in the past five to ten decades has led to global warming which is major issue environmentalists and activists across the globe are worried about. The exhaust emissions from electric vehicles are zero as there is no combustion of fossil fuels. Considering the fact that electric cars do not contribute to air-pollution they have an edge over the conventional vehicles available in the market. 

Fuel usage

Another major factor that counts as a merit of electric cars is the availability of fuel. These vehicles use electricity to generate power which is a renewable source of energy that means it can be harnessed again and again. Contrary to this, conventional vehicles use fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, and natural gas to generate which are non-renewable sources of energy. Innovations in the field of renewable energy have to led to the development of models that use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity which is later used to charge electric cars. 


Electric cars use an electric engine that does not require any sort of oil unlike the conventional that make use of oils for lubrication. As the engines do not use oil there is no requirement of periodic changing of oil for satisfactory performance of the vehicle. Moreover, conventional cars need extensive repair and maintenance due to the anatomy of their engines. The braking system of electric cars is less complex and therefore needs lesser replacements in comparison to conventional cars. 

Vibrations and Noise

Unlike conventional fossil fuel-powered cars, electric cars tend to function very quietly and smoothly. The engines function on battery power and there are no sound or exhaust emissions. In some countries, electric cars are to be equipped with sound systems so that pedestrians and other people on the road can be alert when a vehicle is approaching. 

Tax Credits

In some countries owners of electric cars are entitled to receive tax credits as an effort to protect the environment. Now, you might not be eligible to get a huge amount of tax credit but you can feel content and satisfied as this change of vehicle will not only save you some money but will also save our mother earth. 

Highway Lanes

There are numerous highways and ring roads that consists of special lanes that are designed to bypass heavy traffic during the rush hours. People driving the electric vehicle even with single occupancy are allowed to make use of these lanes which is added on the advantage of electric cars.  

Demerits of electric cars

The demerits of electric cars are as follows-


As mentioned earlier the technology of electric vehicles is still in its infancy and it will take another couple of years before it reaches maturity. Electric vehicles have a shorter-driving range in comparison to fossil fuel-powered vehicles. The maximum distance that these vehicles can cover as of now is somewhere between 100 to 160 kilometers. On the other hand, conventional gas-powered vehicles have a driving range of 500 to 600 kilometers depending upon the fuel capacity of the particular car. 

Recharging Period

The refueling time of conventional cars is as less as five minutes and you’re good to go, but in the case of electric cars, one needs a minimum of sixteen to twenty hours. Newer generations of electric vehicles offer to charge time as less as four hours. 


Typically, electric cars are costlier than conventional gas-powered vehicles which is a major demerit. If you are looking for an electric car with basic features you will have to pay approximately 30% more than a normal car with similar features. Furthermore, if you raise the standard and go for a luxury electric you will have to a lot more than what you’ll have to pay for a gas-powered luxury car with the same features. 

Limited Choices

When it comes to diversity electric cars don’t even stand a chance against conventional gas-powered vehicles. There are thousands of manufacturers that produce millions of cars every year, but there is only a fistful of electric car manufacturers that makes it difficult for buyers to have a wide spectrum of choices.

In a Nutshell

We hope with this blog you’ve got a clearer understanding of the pros and cons of electric vehicles. Pro tip: always compare car insurance online to get the right deal at the right price. Furthermore, if you are looking forward to switching on to electric drive perform an analytical comparison before you make the final decision. 

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