How To Get Accurate Car Insurance Quotes?

  | Published: 04 April 2019 | Last Updated On: 14 January 2021

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Everybody wants to get the best bang for the buck deals when it comes to consumer buying behavior. It is imperative that people choose a more rational approach while shopping than buying things on a whim. The same can be said of insurance. Insurance is a must-have financial product offered by different types of insurance companies that are catering to UAE populace. And when its all about buying the best car insurance in Dubai, it depends on a variety of factors such as understanding the market and competitors, the type of car, its valuation and the way premium is calculated.

It makes no sense to settle for the first quote that anyone comes across while searching for car insurance quotes online. Though the emergence of availing financial services through an online platform is becoming increasingly popular, there is no point in considering only the first few options. An active searcher should not rest until he/she finds the most suitable insurance quote that includes maximum insurance protection and considerable insurance premium. With the optional charges that keep piling up if you do not plan well in advance; it is advised that one should get the best car insurance by dint of hard work and proper research.

Identify Your Needs and Actions

Today’s consumers’ market is abundant with diverse options which can bring about cluttered confusion as well as simplicity in sorting out your needs; all that is needed is the clarity of mind while shopping anything be it for fashion/lifestyle products or insurance products. If you are looking for a new pair of sneakers, a pair of branded jeans on discount is not likely to make sense, but if you are unsure of what it is that you actually want, you may indulge in a non-sensical shopping spree. When it comes to finding the best car insurance in Dubai, you need to ascertain what kind of cover you are searching for. In the market, there are a plethora of service providers that offer various covers and you can choose any of these depending on your needs. Moreover, you need to consider whether you want to buy a cover for one car or more. It is often the case that you will find a considerable price difference in the quotes of different insurers which is why, preparations beforehand always come in handy.

In this article, we have covered the essential points that can help you get better insurance quotes:

Your Financial Capacity

Finding the best car insurance in Dubai is dependent on one crucial factor that is your budget. Your search for an ideal insurance plan begins with your ideal budget in mind. Depending on your budgetary requirements, you can narrow down your choices to the finest option available. Whatever amount it is that you plan to shell out on buying car insurance, keep in mind that the scope of coverage will vary accordingly. If your budget is a bit on the higher side, you will find quotations for a comprehensive insurance policy as compared to the low-priced insurance plans.

Your Past Driving Record

When it comes to getting car insurance quotes online, you can take the help of some of the best financial service providers of the online sphere. Be it online or offline, whatever it is that constitutes your priority, you should understand that your driving history will directly influence the insurance premium rates and the extent of coverage you are entitled to. Insurers are very particular about a person’s driving history as it helps them estimate the level of risk associated with that person in terms of getting involved in an accident. Keep a wary eye on your driving record as any traffic violations, precious accidents, and fines before you search for the best car insurance in Dubai because an insurer will definitely take your past driving achievements into consideration.

In case you have been accused of violating traffic laws in the past and you have been upfront with your insurer about it, it won’t be a big surprise if they have charged you a lower rate on car insurance premium. Since the insurer will be carefully inspecting your records, it is best to reveal everything to your insurer before it’s too late. In case you have a payment to make considering your past violations, it’s high time that you have paid for it. As soon as you have paid for the same, it will start reflecting on your records.

Change in Lifestyle

Lifestyle patterns and data-based assumptions play an important part in shaping the perception of the insurance companies and in measuring the risk. For example, Insurance companies can consider a person’s age and marital status to determine the level of risks associated with that person which is why the insurer considers parents as more trustworthy drivers than those without kids. This perception can have a considerable impact on car insurance quotes. Similarly, if you are relocating to an area prone to vandalism and thefts, the insurance company will take these area-related risks into consideration which may translate into a higher insurance quote. It goes without saying that your insurer may also take your nature of occupation into consideration. So take notice of these changes in lifestyle and evaluate the impact these can have on your car insurance quotations.

Type of Car you Own

It comes as no surprise that car insurance is more expensive for high-end cars than others. If your prized possession is a 750-horsepower-packed convertible car, be ready to shell out more for your insurance. When it comes to finding the best car insurance in Dubai, insurance companies follow a statistical model of risk which determines which car is most likely to involve in an accident.

Do a Proper Research

As an active searcher, it is imperative that you do thorough research before asking for car insurance quotes online. Most online service providers come with car insurance calculators that can help you determine the rate of insurance for your car with utmost ease. Similarly, you can reach out to insurance agents, car dealers, and any other important source from where you can get valid information. As a thumb rule, never rely completely on the first insurance quote you get and make it a point to consider at least three to four options before finalizing a policy. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt to negotiate a bit on the pricing part. Once you have made your mind up to buy a certain policy, speak to the company’s representative and negotiate the quote. There’s nothing like getting additional discounts, benefits and privileges you are likely to receive when you settle for that plan.

Credit Score

The credit score is yet another way for the insurer to ascertain whether the applicant is high-risk or not. Noteworthy here is that this score does not consider a person’s behaviour or action, it acts as a predictive assessment tool for determining the possibility of fraud or wrongdoing.

Credit rating is something which not all insurers take into consideration but some do and this may reflect later on your car insurance quote. It is advised that you keep yourselves abreast of the approach of your insurer towards credit score and also consider your own credit rating to get the right insurance quote.

Previous Claims (If Any)

Most insurers are quite intrigued about the fact that whether you have made claims in the past or not? By asking this question, they evaluate the level of risk you bring for the company. if you have filed for claims in the past, just inform your insurer about the claims in the past. Revealing such information to the insurer can help you establish your credibility in the minds of the insurer. So, what if the chances are high of getting a high rate of premium as compared to no claims taken, after all, your upfront disclosure will have a considerable effect on the increase.

The Frequency Of The Usage

Some insurance companies come with offers for those drivers who spent less time behind the wheels. Simply put, the total number of miles per year is also taken into account. The insurer thinks that if you do not drive more often, the probability of your meeting with an accident is considerably lower than usual. On the contrary, persons who have used their odometers to the hilt are more likely to involve in an accident, simply because they spend more time on roads as compared to their counterparts.

If you are relocating somewhere else, consider the duration of a stretch from your place to your workplace. Or simply consider how far the shops and restaurants from your base are. If you have recently moved to a place where lengthy highway commute is involved, be sure that your insurer will take notice of it.

If you do not use your vehicle for long distance journeys, you may want to consider opting for the usage-based insurance program. The program is quite a convenient method to track your driving record with respect to the miles covered and the number of times brakes and acceleration have been applied to the vehicle. It’s easy to participate in the program wherein vehicle owners will be asked to plug a monitoring device into their car for the tracking and data collection purposes.

Buying Car Insurance Online

Besides these aforementioned pointers shared in the article,  you should also consider asking for car insurance quotes online. As opposed to the services provided by the intermediaries like agents and brokers; you can refer to the online insurance service providers. These online insurance aggregators can help you provide the best solutions, accurately and without any difficulty. In this digital era, your ability to make shrewd decisions can help you find the best product online. For starters, you need to take special care and attention when searching for insurance policies online.

Over to you

Customers should also read the fine print of their policy in addition to the terms and conditions in order to ensure that they are not missing out on all important points as to whether or not these are covered under the policy. By considering all the important aspects such as tenure, the rate of premium, and other particulars into account, you get a step closer to finding the right quotes and the best car insurance in Dubai.