How to Find the Best Deals on Car Insurance in Dubai?

  | Published: 03 April 2019 | Last Updated On: 14 January 2021

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When it comes to grabbing the best deals on car insurance in UAE, there are certain guidelines that you should follow to ensure that you never have to shell out too much for your insurance. As a matter of fact, you can save a considerable amount (up to 50 %) by switching your insurance service provider in Dubai. It goes without saying that the market is ever-changing and is proliferating with unique methods to save money such as comparing prices and services before narrowing down on the final option. Once you are aware of what to look for in the services of car insurance providers and what to avoid, it’s clear that you can find deals aplenty for your needs.

Important Insurance Terms

Before you make your way to secure cheap car insurance in UAE, make sure that you are familiar with the glossary of insurance terms you will come across on your policy documents. This way, you will not find it difficult to comprehend and understand the terms of an agreement and you can have clarity on what to choose and what not when choosing an insurance plan. Listed below are some terms that we think are important for every policyholder:

  1. Amendment: this term implies that every change you make to your insurance policy will be taken into account. To avoid bearing the high cost, it is good to collect as much information as possible about the policy until you understand and accede to the terms of the mutual contract.
  2. Certificate of Insurance: as the name suggests, it includes everything that you have been covered for in your policy. Please make it a point to keep this certificate in a safe, accessible place for further use.
  3. Exclusions: It is imperative that you ask your insurer about the type of exclusions present in the contract. For example, if you need to drive beyond the border outside the UAE, you can ask your insurance company what should you do in this regard.
  4. The Duty of Disclosure: Suppose you have brought your car insurance in UAE and due to some reasons you forgot to inform your insurer about any changes in vehicle or home address, it is completely within their discretion to reject your claims whenever you file a claim. Ensure that you notify your insurers of even a small change to avoid any such inconvenience going forward.

It comes as no surprise that you can easily negotiate with your insurer in a better way and talk them down to your preferred cost if you are well-acquainted with the ins and outs of your policy pages. Take your driving preference for example if you do not prefer driving outside Dubai often, it won’t make any sense if you opt for additional coverage in Sharjah or Fujairah. These add-on protection plans will only add to your cost of insurance, so don’t consider going for these covers if your utmost priority is to find the cheap car insurance in UAE.

What type of Insurance do you Need?

It is needless to say that the market is beaming with numerous types of insurance, giving you options galore for your vehicle’s car insurance. So, it is imperative that you look into all the different aspects of car insurance in UAE and then decide what type of plan suits your needs better by asking yourself the right questions: Are you a responsible driver? Do you seek coverage not just for yourself, but also for the entire family? Is it worth buying a third party liability cover? Third-party liability cover guarantees that all the expenses pertaining to the damage to the third party will be taken care of by the insurer while excluding your case. Furthermore, if you have a safe driving history with no past instances involving car accidents, you can upfront ask for a discount on your policy at the time of opting for a no claims certificate.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

The comparison is the key to churning out the most viable solution when making an active search in finding the cheap car insurance in UAE. You should consider looking through multiple quotes from different service providers and then make a decision. The reason is each company comes with different features, prices, and offers that cater to every possible need. As a precautionary measure, you can go through all quotes and inquire about points you don’t understand. More often than not, some quotes are higher than others and it depends on whether you want to ask the customer representative in this regard or not. It might be the case that one company could send your car to a fairly expensive garage in case of an untoward incident. Another prominent reason that would cause an additional increase in total cost would be wrongfully evaluating the value of the vehicle. People often have a propensity for overestimating the value of their car, which can affect the quote.

Policy Details

This penultimate point implies that before entering into any contract, you should ensure that you have an in-depth understanding of everything on the policy. It goes without saying that most insurance companies in the region do not reimburse their clients if they overlook important conditions of the policy such as the footnotes on the contract. There are some cases where you won’t be eligible for payment from the company: driving without carrying a license, reckless driving and in an inebriated state, and expired insurance to name a few. It is advised that you ask for a meeting with a representative from the insurance company to clarify any doubts at any time.

Read through the Reviews

Finally, you must go through the reviews if you have made up your mind about buying cheap car insurance in UAE. You should find out if the insurer’s services are in (or out of) line with the needs of its customers. You can also run your eyes over the fundamental points such as everything you need to know about the claims process, and the average time taken by an insurer to pay a claim after an accident. If the insurance carrier has earned a bad reputation due to negative reviews from the existing/ ex-customers, you should definitely consider a different service provider.

Over to You

Thanks to the online revolution, buying car insurance in the UAE has become as easy as pie. You can get the most out of the internet as you can compare policies with utmost ease without any human intervention that may influence your buying decision. With online service providers, you can find the best car insurance in UAE without making an appointment with an agent or speaking to a broker if you don’t want to. After all, safeguarding yourself and your loved ones against unforeseen occurrences is something you don’t take lightly for sure.