Filing Car Insurance Claim? Here’s what to Do and What Not to Do

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
It goes without saying that the extent of insurance coverage depends on how much dirhams you have shelled out on your policy. That’s why you should be extra careful when you consider buying online car insurance in Dubai. Always ensure that you have maintained the factual accuracy from the beginning right from your personal history to driving history. It comes as no surprise that accidents are as unpredictable as life; it’s always the best policy to go for a car insurance policy that will address all your integral needs.

It is mandatory for all drivers to buy car insurance as required by the UAE RTA law. There is no point in denying the importance of motor insurance in cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai where accidents happen at an unprecedented rate. So the priority is to ensure that you get adequate protection using claims when you are involved in a mishap. In this article, we have covered all the points regarding insurance claims as to what to and what not to do.

Things to do

1. Know What Your Policy Covers

If you are unsure about the major points your insurance coverage covers, it might cause inconvenience later on. The moment you get signed up for a new policy, you must never hesitate to ask your agent what your policy includes and what not so that you are prepared at the time of filing a claim. If you want car insurance claims online, this is the easy-breezy way of going about it. The most common damages that are considered towards claim payment are front and rear bumper damage and fenders.

2. Inform the Insurer

You should contact your insurer as soon as you find yourself in the midst of an accident. If the accident is of a serious nature, make sure all the parties involved in the mishap have been duly attended to and you reach to your insurer in time. It might be the case that the accident has gotten the best of you, in that case, you reach out to your connections and ask them to inform the agent about this mishap. If you are delaying the process of filing car insurance claims online or for that matter offline, it might result in denial of the claim in some cases.

3. Take Photographs of the Accident Scene

In case you have met with an accident, it is imperative that you take pictures at the scene of an accident. By following this step, you can make a strong case for your car insurance claims online

After ensuring everyone’s safety, click pictures car accident scene. It will act as evidence at the time of filing your car insurance claim. This step can also become a part of the process that is being used to report an accident, be it through Dubai Police App or any other region-based apps.

4. Collect Contact Information

Most customers prefer securing online car insurance in Dubai than getting it through offline channels. Even though it’s a matter of subjective preference, it speaks a lot about the efficacy of emerging online service providers. Well, when it comes to filing claims, it’s advised that you should gather as much information as possible. After reporting an accident, try retrieving information of the parties involved in the incident. Getting eye-witness to help you with your case is essential to file for car insurance claims online as per your convenience.

5. Know about Essential Documents That Matter The Most

Keep all the relevant documents organised in one place such as insurance policy, medical bills, accident report, estimated cost of repairs and damages

Things Not to Do

1. Don’t Panic

It goes without saying that sudden accidents can leave anyone baffled and tormented. It might be the case that you may consider yourself responsible for the tragic event, and though after examination and taking different perspectives into account, reality might seem otherwise. Always, bear in mind that if you panic, it might work against you.

2. Getting Lured By Immediate Compensation

The insurance company will try to compensate your losses for somewhat less than the actual cost. It’s advised that you should not be in a hurry when accepting compensation pay out, in fact, get legal advice and collate as much information as possible about your car insurance policy to make sure that you do not miss the right amount of compensation.

3. Signing Document's Without Reading

If you come across any document that requires your signature, please make it a point that you have properly gone through it first. Keeping the estimated compensation into account you can easily exercise your right to claim. In addition, If there is not much clarity about making car insurance claims online, please address your concern to the respected insurance officials. Always, make sure that you do not sign anything just for the sake of it, take legal aid if required.

4. Filing a Claim When it’s Too Late

There is a fixed time limit set by the insurer for filing car insurance claims, so make sure that you know the duration of the claim. You can also ask the agent how long it will take to apply and get the claim in time. However, car insurance claims time limits depend on the insurance service provider and the UAE laws. 

5. Settling For The Cheapest Option

When things are hunky-dory, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have signed up for the cheapest online car insurance in dubai, but a cheap insurance plan won’t do in the wake of an accident because the risk is high and so much is at stake. On the contrary, if you have a policy that comes with a higher premium, it goes without saying that you will get better coverage and care against unforeseen events.

In a Nutshell

Time is precious. So, when it comes to filing car insurance claims online from your desired company, do it without further ado. Some car insurers have policies that require an insurer to make claims within a certain time frame, for coverage. By delaying it any further, you are leaving these external damages unaddressed which can cause more significant issues. With that being said, insurance companies prefer covering those claims that come with considerable evidence rather than those claims that go unreported at first.

Finally, your insurance company is there to assist you when the situation calls for it. They can help protect your precious cars as long as you want. By maintaining transparency and shrewdness in your approach, you can get the most out of your claim.

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