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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Getting behind the wheel and cruising on the busiest highways and streets is an experience that is not just thrills and spills but also involves considerable risk. Road trips are full of enriching experience and memories that can last a lifetime. There is something about this experience that could crank a traveller’s enthusiasm up a notch. However, one should not rule out the importance of car insurance that can help safeguard the insured against uncertain circumstances during a long trip to uncharted roads. Despite the fact that an adequate car insurance policy is a must-have, people often want to get the cheapest car insurance in UAE without taking its efficacy into account.

Road accidents are increasing at an unprecedented rate, and immediate help might not always be in proximity. Considering that a lot of preparation comes into play when scheduling and planning beforehand, having car insurance will always come in handy. Car insurance is an agreement or contract between the insured person and the insurance company that provides coverage to the policyholders against unforeseen occurrences, on the payment of an annual premium. The premium payable is decided at the time of opting for the insurance plan and is required to be paid off at the time of renewal to continue with the policy. With that being said, we wish to emphasize that it is not always a good idea to determine the value of a product based on its price as is the case with a majority of customers who keep searching for cheap car insurance in UAE- it might not always be enough!  

Types of Car Insurance

Ideally, car insurance companies across the region offer two types of policies as given below:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This insurance should not matter to you if you are on the lookout for the cheapest car insurance in the UAE, but then again, you should be aware of the risk factors. The comprehensive plan is a holistic protection plan that offers protection to an insured’s car against unforeseen occurrences, not to mention that it also provides coverage to the third party if you are at fault. This plan makes more sense if it is used in conjunction with additional add-on insurance covers that maximize the level of protection.

Third-Party Insurance

Now, this type of policy plan may seem relevant to you if buying cheap car insurance in the uae is at the back of your mind. Under this plan, you do not get coverage for yourself as it only covers the damages caused to the third party. This type of insurance plan comes with the most basic form of coverage and is required for all UAE drivers as per the UAE RTA law. If you own a used or an old car and do not want to shell out dirhams on the comprehensive cover, this cover can be a suitable option for you.

Before you plan your next car road trip, you need to get your priorities straight. Be more careful with the type of plan you choose. Settling for the cheapest car insurance in the UAE can serve as a makeshift option but it won’t benefit in the long run. Considering the fact that cars are one of the most valuable assets and getting inadequate coverage would definitely limit the security and safety of your car. Moreover, you will end up paying more at a later stage.

We’ve listed these points below to give you a run-down on some aspects of the cheap car insurance:

While browsing around for the best and cheapest car insurance in the UAE, you compare quotes from different service providers which is actually the right way of going about it. At the same time, you need to be specific about what you are getting and whatnot. Some policies may give an initial appearance of being cheap but when you file a claim, you may find that the level of coverage is not what you expected.

In a hypothetical situation where your new car, backed by a just-for-the-sake-of-it insurance policy, meets with an unfortunate accident and you can do nothing but feel stranded in a lonely corner of a road. Now ask yourself- wouldn’t it be great if I get on the spot assistance be it getting an alternative vehicle, fuel assistance, or accommodation? In times of need, you may find value-added features extremely important and worth having- roadside assistance, depreciation cover, Emergency medical expenses, Natural calamities cover, Personal belongings cover to name a few. Even though these add-on covers will be added to your premium but there is nothing better than having these options by your side.

By asking for higher deductible you can lower your premium costs. The deductible is a way to share the risk between the insurer and the insured person. Essentially, it is the amount that a policyholder pays at the time of making a claim. A deductible can either charged as a specific amount or as a certain percentage of the amount of insurance on the policy. But should you really ask for a deductible that high? In the event of a motor vehicle accident, there is no way that the insurance policy will be able to offer extensive benefits. For example, you would have to pay a huge chunk of money from your own pocket to offset the higher cost of repairs in the case of the high deductible. Before you consider going for the cheapest car insurance in the UAE, it is important to take all the pros and cons into account.

The question is if an insurance plan is compromised either on quality, the scope of coverage or price, will it still be considered a value-for-money product? Taking into account that a low-cost plan can not offer the most sought-after customer service related to car maintenance, is it still worth opting for? You must ensure that your car gets the care and treatment it deserves, and that is definitely not going to happen with cheap car insurance.

Before embarking on a new adventure, you should develop a checklist that can help ease the travelling process:

  • Car Insurance: There are various unforeseen risks associated with long journey that can expose you to unwanted dangers. Some of the major reasons that can make or break a traveling experience are unknown roads, limited information about fuel and repair services, weather uncertainties, and more. When the situation calls for it, car insurance can help you breathe a sigh of relief. Choose a comprehensive policy to get absolute coverage. Please ensure that your plan also comes with a personal accident cover. Emergency assistance provision, on-site repair, and towing services are some of the important services that will help you ease the stress during the toughest of times.
  • Car Servicing: Before you are out and about, take a look behind and cross-check to see whether your car has undergone a servicing session or not. Irrespective of the make, model, and power of your car, if your car is not receiving proper maintenance and cleaning, it might cause mechanical failure in the car. By spotting and fixing the car issues beforehand, you can get prepared for a long journey. With that being said, insurance companies also provide cashless claims facility that can help you access various useful services at the time of a breakdown.
  • Basic First-Aid Kits and Emergency Numbers: Don’t forget to carry a basic medical kit as it is the least you can do to prepare yourselves for any medical emergencies. You should keep emergency numbers in your cell to prepare in advance and reach out for help if the circumstances require it. Keep the contact list of your insurance company, family members, friends, and relatives ready on your phone

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re relishing the breath-taking views while cruising on Fujairah road or taking a laidback road trip to Al Ain, an unplanned journey may pose a risk and restrain you from getting the most out of your adventure. So, don’t let any unforeseen situation disrupt your experience. Secure yourself and your beautiful car with the most suitable car insurance plan and enjoy every moment of your journey.

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