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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Car purchase comes with a handful of additional purchases as well. On top of this list of additional things is a car insurance plan which is so important that without one, you can’t even drive your car on the roads of Dubai legally. Car insurance plans can get expensive and this can be a reason why a lot of people refrain from buying a complete comprehensive policy and settle just with a standard third-party liability insurance policy. Today in this article, we are going to talk about some of the cheapest car insurance plans that are available in Dubai and offer great coverage.

Benefits of Car Insurance in UAE

Although, the prime objective of this article is to help you out in finding cheap car insurance in Dubai we would never suggest you buy cheap car insurance just because it is mandatory to own one. We want every one of you to understand how important car insurance is for a car owner, his family, and others on the road too. Below we have mentioned some important ways in which a car insurance policy is helpful:

Provides Liability Coverage

There is always a chance of getting involved in an accident while you are on the road behind the wheels. Even if you are driving responsibly, then also you are not totally safe from other drivers on the road. When an accident takes place, it always involves some damage and it gets worse when the damage is done by you to someone else’s vehicle, property or even physical injury. A third party car insurance which is mandatory for every vehicle is used in these kinds of situations, wherein you are liable to pay for the damage of another party.

Coverage for Medical Expenses

Continuing from the last point only, the damage is not only caused to the third party but it can happen to you as well. In some cases, you might suffer physical injuries that require medical treatment or even immediate hospitalization. Well, you will be pleased to know that a comprehensive insurance plan provides you cover for your medical treatment also.

Protection Against Theft and Natural Disaster

Getting your stuff stolen is one of the worst experiences in life. The reason is that no matter how hard you try; you cannot make your vehicle 100% theft-proof. Another situation from which you cannot save your vehicle is natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, fire etc. a car insurance plan provides protection against both theft and natural disasters. There are certain terms and conditions involved but at least you are getting protection against something from which you cannot save your vehicle any other way.  

Coverage for Car Repair

Every vehicle needs maintenance which is not cheap. The maintenance cost of your car is directly determined by the value of your car. More expensive your car is, more will be its maintenance cost. Not only this, car repair for even a minor accident can burn a big hole in your pocket. Along with the personal damage cover, your car insurance policy also includes car repair coverage and nowadays, you can get the claim for your car repair in a few hours only.  

Compare your car Insurane

Below we have mentioned some of the popular cheap car insurance companies in Dubai along with coverage and add-on riders offered by them. 

New India Motor Comprehensive Insurance

New India is India’s first completely owned insurance company. It provides some cost-effective plans in India and in Dubai as well. New India Motor comprehensive insurance is one of the cheapest car insurance plan which provides good coverage with attractive add-ons. Check out more about it below:

Coverage under this plan is provided for own car damage, spare parts, and accessories too due to:

  • Accidental coverage
  • Theft coverage
  • Fire, explosion, and self-ignition coverage
  • Hostile act by the third party

Extensions provided under this plan include:

  • Off-Road Coverage
  • Natural Disaster coverage
  • Personal accident cover for both Driver and Passengers
  • Roadside assistance

New India insurance company also provides fleet coverage plans for businesses and basic third party liability insurance plans.

Adamjee Car Insurance

Adamjee car insurance company is one of the leading insurance companies of Pakistan that provides pocket-friendly car insurance plans in Dubai as well. Check out below the coverage provided under Adamjee Car Insurance plans.

  • Bundled third party insurance
  • Accidental vehicle damage
  • 24*7 Customer assistance
  • Theft and burglary coverage
  • Fire damage coverage

Some of the additional services that are provided with Adamjee Car Insurance are the instant issuance of the policy and easy and convenient renewal.

Dubai National Car Insurance

Dubai National car insurance is also one of the top companies that provides great comprehensive plans at competitive premiums. Following are the coverage provided under the plans from Dubai national Car Insurance:

  • Agency repair coverage
  • Windscreen coverage
  • Theft and burglary protection
  • Roadside assistance in both accidental and breakdown situations
  • Personal damage cover for both vehicle damage and bodily injuries
  • Medical expenses for emergency cases
  • Natural disaster coverage for flood, fire, and storms

Final Words:

After all this discussion, one thing that you must have understood is that car issuance is not an option but it is a safety measure just like seat belts. Now we hope that you will check out the plans that we mentioned above and even if these plans don't suit you, you can take the help of an insurance web aggregator to select the most suitable car insurance for you.

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