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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
The best way to save money on a car insurance policy is by understanding the different features offered by various car insurance plans. For the same, you need to have a clear understanding of your insurance requirements in the first place. You can use tools such as car insurance comparison UAE and compare features offered by different insurance providers. This will help you to make the best choice as you will be able to get good deals.

In order to reduce the premium of your car insurance policy, you can follow the simple guidelines given in this article. These guidelines will help you to zero down on a good insurance plan for your vehicle without spending too much money.

1. Always Compare Insurance Plans

To begin with, you need to understand the importance of having comprehensive coverage for your car. It will help you to avoid out-of-pocket expenses in the future. Once you have decided to buy an insurance plan for your vehicle, you can type car insurance comparison UAE and conduct a Google search. It is a simple way to know the difference between the various car insurance plans.

There are many insurance providers that offer attractive deals to capture the insurance market. In this situation, buyers are benefitted as they get to choose among different options.

Once you compare the features of different plans, you will have a clear understanding of the offered benefits. You can opt for the plan that provides maximum insurance coverage at minimum insurance premium.

2. Use the No Claim Bonus

There are many benefits of not filing any claims for your insurance policy. At the end of the claim-free year, the insurance provider rewards the policyholder upon renewal. In some cases, the NCB helps to reduce the premium rates up to 50 percent. When you renew your vehicle insurance plan at the end of a claim-free policy year, the NCB will drastically decrease the renewal policy premium.

3. Get Third-Party Coverage for Old Vehicles

A third-party insurance plan is cheaper as compared to the comprehensive insurance plan. So, there is no need to pay a hefty premium for the car insurance policy if you have an old vehicle. However, you must note that the coverage offered by the third-party plan is very basic. It won’t provide sufficient coverage for all the damages caused to your vehicle during an accident.

4. Avoid Filing Claims for Small Repairs

You must avoid filing claims for small repairs. Though you have every right to file claims even for minor damages, it will not benefit you in the long run. Note that when you file claims for small damages, you miss out on the No Claim Bonus for the next year. This can spoil your track record that may otherwise make you eligible to get good discounts for future policy renewals.

5. Choose Add-On Covers Wisely

It is common for new insurance buyers to get excited about all the additional coverage options offered by the insurance companies. However, you must remember that the add-ons come at an additional cost. There are many options such as roadside assistance, off-road coverage, dune bashing. These add-ons can be completely unnecessary for you, if you travel only in your city or if you do not use your vehicle for dune bashing.

You should understand that these add-ons will enhance the basic car insurance premium. You can save money by giving these add-ons a miss.

Over to You

These are some of the best ways that can help you buy car insurance plans and save money on insurance premium. When it comes to buying car insurance in the uae, one plan doesn’t fit all. XYZ plan might fulfil the insurance needs of your friend. When it comes to fulfilling your insurance needs, it might not be the best plan for you. It is because different insurance buyers have different insurance expectations. 

Before zeroing down on a plan, make sure you compare various plans online. It will help you to come across the best plan.

Once you have shortlisted the best plan, make sure you go through the fine print of the policy. It will leave no room for any confusion or assumption. In addition to that, you will have a clear idea about the inclusions and exclusions of your opted plan. Having a clear idea of your policy coverage minimizes the risk of claim rejection.

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