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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Choosing a provider to get a car insurance plan from can be confusing. There are over 60 insurance companies in the UAE currently and all of them come with unique redeemable qualities. Two of the best car insurance companies in the UAE are AXA and Noor Takaful. Both these insurance providers offer unique comprehensive car insurance plans with customizable features. We will draw a comparison between AXA car insurance and Noor Takaful car insurance plans to find the best car insurance for you. Let’s start with breaking down car insurance plans from each provider individually and then compare the benefits. 

Features of AXA Car Insurance Plans

Apart from the basic features that all comprehensive car insurance plans come with, AXA car insurance plans feature a few special ones too. Given below are some unique benefits and features you can look forward to when AXA car insurance is concerned:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: AXA comprehensive car insurance offer a long-range of benefits. Even the third-party liability insurance plan has scope to get add-ons covers which is rarely a case. AXA car insurance plans are designed to offer maximum coverage to your cars at the best prices too. 
  • Multiple Options: AXA car insurance offers three different types of car insurance plans, one being the third party liability car insurance and two comprehensive plans. The comprehensive car insurance plans offer different levels of coverage scope to meet a different set of needs. 
  • High Assured Sum: AXA car insurance plans offer an assured sum of up to AED 5 million in comprehensive insurance plans. A third-party insurance plan from AXA comes with an assured sum of AED 3.5 million. 
  • Company Pick-up and Delivery: AXA offers a special pick-up and delivery service when you file a claim. The company will send a towing service to get the car to the garage and then drop the repaired car back home to you. 
  • Back to Invoice Benefit: AXA comprehensive car insurance plans offer back to invoice cover on total loss of the car as a basic benefit for the first 24 months after registration of the car. This means you get to claim the ex-showroom price of the car instead of the current market value of the car.  
  • Agency Repairs: Policyholders get up to 5 years of agency repairs with AXA car insurance plans. Both comprehensive plans from AXA come with agency repair benefits. 

Available AXA Car Insurance Plans in the UAE 

Motor Prestige, Motor Perfect and Motor Third-Party are the three different plans offered by AXA car insurance. Given below is the complete description of them all:

AXA Motor Prestige 

  • The most exclusive car insurance plan offered by AXA car insurance, Motor Prestige comes with an assured sum of AED 5 million. 
  • The third-party liability cover offered with Motor Prestige covers third-party bodily injury, vehicular damages and legal liabilities to the third-party family members. Loss/damages caused to own car is also covered here. 
  • Fire damages, natural calamity damages, riot and strike damages and theft of the car are covered by this AXA car insurance plan. 
  • Personal injury benefit of AED 20,000, emergency medical expenses benefit of AED 6,000 for accidental injuries and loss/theft of personal belongings benefit are also included in the plan. 
  • Oman geographical extension, off-road driving cover and 5 years of agency repairs are available as basic benefits of the Motor Prestige AXA car insurance. 
  • Back to invoice cover for up to 24 months after first car registration and car hire benefit compensation of up to AED 1,500. 
  • Additional basic benefits include AED 350,000 driver personal accident cover, AED 200,000 passenger personal accident cover and 24x7 roadside assistance. 
  • GCC extension can be bought as an add-on with the plan. 
  • Special benefits of Motor Prestige car insurance plan include pick and drop service for claim and claims single point of contact. 

AXA Motor Perfect 

  • AXA Motor Perfect is the second comprehensive AXA car insurance plan. It is a smaller and a little less comprehensive version of the Motor Prestige plan with an assured sum of AED 3.5 million. 
  • The third-party liability cover of the Motor Perfect plan includes vehicular damages caused to the third-party vehicle, treatment for third-party injuries and all legal liabilities towards the family members of the third-party driver. 
  • Own damages incurred by your car are also covered here. 
  • The comprehensive AXA Motor Perfect car insurance plan also covers damages caused by fire, theft of the vehicle, storm and flood damages, as well as riots and strike damages. Oman geographical extension and off-road cover are added as basic benefits of this AXA car insurance plan.
  • Motor Perfect AXA car insurance plan can be combined with optional covers like AED 20,000 personal injury cover, AED 3,500 emergency medical treatment cover and AED 4,000 worth of personal belonging loss cover.
  • 6 months-worth of back to invoice cover for totalled cars. 
  • Policyholders can avail of up to 5 years of agency repairs along with AED 20,000 worth of personal accident cover for drivers and passengers, separately as add-on covers. 
  • 24-hour roadside assistance 7-day-long hire car benefit available as basic benefits.  
  • Special pick-up and drop services for claimed vehicles are available for all policyholders.

AXA Motor Third Party 

  • The basic third-party liability car insurance plan from AXA comes with an assured sum of AED 3.5 million. 
  • The plan covers accidental damages caused to the third-party vehicle as well as the injuries of the driver. 
  • Family members of the third-party driver are also included in the plan as third-party. 
  • AXA third-party liability plan comes with an option to get a no claim bonus discount as well. 
  • The Motor third-party liability car insurance from AXA car insurance also includes 24-hour accident and breakdown recovery. 
  • Oman geographical extension can be bought as an add-on cover as well as the personal accident cover for passengers and driver-owner. 

Available Discounts and Additional Benefits

AXA car insurance plans can be bought at a 20% discount with the online shopping option. The discount is applicable for all standard vehicles. Performance and restricted cars may be eligible for the discount on a referral basis. All comprehensive car insurance plans can be bought with the online purchase discount from AXA car insurance. Third-party plans and renewals are not subject to this discount.

AXA Car Insurance Claim Process

Follow the given below steps to raise a claim for your car damages with AXA car insurance:

  • Obtain the police report of the incident whether it is a road accident, collision or theft. 
  • Combine the police report with your driver’s license, registration papers of the car and go to one of the network garages of AXA insurance. 
  • There you will find a desk dedicated to claiming registration. Submit all the documents over to the claim desk. The assigned representative will register the claim.
  • An inspector is permanently available at the workshops. Your vehicle will be immediately examined after being bought to the garage. 
  • The repairs will begin as soon as the inspection is done and the car will be delivered to you by AXA car insurance itself. 

Noor Takaful Car Insurance Features 

Given below are the unique features and benefits that Noor Takaful car insurance plans come with apart from the basic benefits of comprehensive and third-party insurance plans:

  • Widespread Network of Garages: Noor Takaful car insurance plans come with a significantly large network of garages around the UAE. Each emirate has at least one separate company garage which can be accessed using unique contact numbers. This means easy customer service accessibility for all the policyholders. 
  • All-inclusive Benefits: Comprehensive Noor Takaful car insurance plans come with highly comprehensive car insurance benefits. From all-inclusive third-party liability cover to Oman extension and new car replacement, all-important benefits are added.
  • Quality Add-Ons: Personal accident cover for drivers and passengers, off-road cover and rent a car benefit are just some of the many add-ons that policyholders can opt for with their comprehensive plans. 
  • Easy Claim Process: Noor Takaful car insurance claim process is very easy and streamlined. There is a separate cell that deals with the claims sent to the company and processes them as quickly as possible. 

Available Noor Takaful Car Insurance Plans

Noor Takaful car insurance offers two car insurance plans – comprehensive and third-party car insurance. There are no subdivisions of the comprehensive plans as it is with AXA car insurance plans. Given below are the complete details of Noor Takaful car insurance plans:

Comprehensive Noor Takaful Car Insurance

  • Comprehensive Noor Takaful Car Insurance is the only comprehensive car insurance plan that Noor Takaful offers. The Noor Takaful comprehensive car insurance plan comes with an assured sum of AED 3.5 million. 
  • The third-party liability benefit of the Comprehensive Noor Takaful Car Insurance plan covers vehicular damages caused to the third-party car, treatment for third-party driver injuries and other kinds of legal liabilities towards the third-party driver. 
  • Own damages incurred by your car are covered up to the market value of the vehicle or the repair expenses.  
  • Damages caused by fire, natural calamities like floods and storms and man-made disasters are also covered by the Comprehensive Noor Takaful Car Insurance plan. Noor Takaful car insurance plan comes with covers like emergency medical expenses worth AED 4,000, personal belongings loss benefit worth AED 4,000 and windscreen damage cover up to AED 3,500. 
  • A new car replacement cover for your vehicle can be utilized up to 6 months after the first registration of the car. 
  • Agency repairs for up to 3 years are added as a standard benefit of the plan. The special benefit of a comprehensive Noor Takaful car insurance plan includes valet parking cover.  
  • 24-hour roadside assistance is added as a basic benefit of Noor Takaful comprehensive car insurance plan.  
  • Oman geographical extension and off-road cover can be bought as add-on benefits of this Noor Takaful car insurance plan. In addition to that, rent-a-car benefit for 7 days can be bought as an add-on cover.

Third-Party Noor Takaful Car Insurance 

  • The third-party car insurance plan from Noor Takaful car insurance is very basic and only covers the mandated benefits as dictated by the authorities.
  • The plan comes with an assured sum of AED 2 million for third-party vehicular damage repairs. 
  • Bodily injuries for third-party liabilities are also covered by this plan. The sum is to be awarded as per the need of the hour and the judicial decision. 
  • Add-ons cannot be taken with Noor Takaful third-party liabilities car insurance plan unlike the case with AXA car insurance. 

Noor Takaful Claim Process

Given below are the steps you need to follow when submitting a claim with Noor Takaful car insurance:

  • Get the original copy of the police complaint of the incident. Make sure that the police complaint mentions all the important details of the incident. For example, in case of a road accident, the extent of the damage for your car and the third-party damages as well. 
  • Also, get a record of the agreed-upon cost for third-party liability costs. 
  • Contact Noor Takaful claim settlement cell and inform them about the claim. 
  • Your claim will be registered immediately and examined and you will be notified about the benefits that your plan will cover, the amount you have to pay as deductibles and other important details.
  • As soon as the authorities examine your claim, you will be assigned a garage for repairs. 
  • Go to the garage and take the required documents with you. You will need your driver’s license or the license of the person who was driving, registration details of the car and the original copy of the police report. 
  • The garage will send the claim department an estimate of the repair expenses. Once approved, the garage will start the repairs for your car. If the claim department sees fit, another network garage will send a new repair estimate for your car. The repairs will begin after final approvals. 

AXA and Noor Takaful Cheap Car Insurance Comparison - Overview


AXA Car Insurance 

Noor Takaful Car Insurance

Available Plans 

Two comprehensive plans and one third-party liability plan

One comprehensive plan and one third-party liability plan 

Comprehensive Plans 

Motor Prestige and Motor Perfect

Noor Takaful Comprehensive 

Maximum Assured Sum Offered

AED 5 million 

AED 2 million 

Personal Accident Cover 

Optional, up to AED 350,000


New Car Replacement 


Up to 6 months

Geographical Extension 

Oman cover as a basic benefit

Oman cover as an optional benefit

Personal Injury Cover

Available as a basic benefit


Off-Road Cover 

Available as a basic benefit

Optional benefit

Natural and Man-Made Disaster Cover

Basic benefit

Basic benefit

Optional Cover for Third-Party Plans


Not available

Online Purchase Discounts 

20% off on online purchases


Fire and Theft Cover 

Basic benefit

Basic benefit 

Back to Invoice

Basic benefit for up to 24 months 


The Final Word

Both AXA and Noor Takaful car insurance plans have their unique benefits and fit a different set of requirements. The best car insurance companies for your car with the cheapest car insurance plans depends on what your current needs are. While both these providers offer great plans, your unique needs decide the best car insurance for you. So, make a list of your requirements and find which of the mentioned five plans suit them the best. Take a little bit of advice from our financial experts to get a better understanding of what your needs the most. Noor Takaful and AXA cheap car insurance comparison is incredibly easy with Policybazaar UAE. Choose your plan and buy it in just a few simple steps.

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