5 Must-Have Car Accessories in Dubai

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
When we purchase a car, whether it’s old or a new one, we all install accessories in it. Some of the very common accessories that the majority of the people prefer investing in include floor mats, car seat covers, sun shades, dash cams, etc & are generally purchase as per their driving requirements. However, few people, go to the next level, they end up accessorizing their beloved car solely to showcase their personality. After all, cars are not just a means of transportation for some people but in fact, they are the 2nd home as many people spend almost 3 to 4 hours on a regular basis. Henceforth, we have come up with 5 accessories that you should have in your car to make it more convenient and comfortable on the move. Here we go.

1. Mobile Charger

Well, we all can’t deny the fact that smartphones have become a very important part of our life and we can’t simply live without them even while driving a vehicle. This is because, using Google maps for navigation to Bluetooth streaming for songs, our smartphones are making our lives way more easier even while driving a car. Since we use our phone for several purposes, it is obvious that the phone’s battery will get drain. That is where, a mobile charger comes into the picture. It is indeed the most important car accessory you must have in your car because you can’t depend on the power bank, especially for the long journeys. Be sure you get one of a well-reputed make and with a minimum output of 2 amp (amperes) since it ensures your phone will charge in a very short span of time.

2. Portable Tyre Inflator

Another must-have car accessories is a portable tyre inflator that is rarely used but when required, it can be your savior since it rescues you from the unwelcome situation in the back of beyond.

A tubeless tyre that is punctured can easily be repaired and after that, a portable tyre inflator can assist the tyre by powering it via the power outlet of a vehicle. A good quality of portable tyre inflator can re-fill a flat tyre completely in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. The best thing is that you don’t have to stand in long queues at the filling station and you can fill/check air into the car tyres yourself at the comfort of your home.

3. Collapsible Car Garbage Bin

Number three on our list of must-have car accessories is a collapsible trash bin that helps to keep your car clean and hygiene. Measuring 5.6x21x17.6 cm, it is just an ideal size for your car. It is easy to install in the car along with bottom adhesive Velcro to stay upright.

4. Car Freshener/Perfume

A vehicle that smells good, gives more good vibes automatically. Hence, it is important to purchase the best quality car perfume or freshener and take care of the bad smell and some unwanted odour from your car’s interiors. These car fresheners are easily available in the market at the best price. So, you can invest in them to make your car smell-free.

5. Mobile Holder

As we have discussed earlier, smartphones have become an important part of our life as we’re becoming more and more dependent on our phones for several purposes including using navigation while on the move and listening to our favorite tunes. Although we won’t suggest you to use or even look at your phone while driving a car if you still want to look at your phone every now & then you must have a mobile holder in your car. There are different types of mobile holders are available in the market place. These include the one that has a suction function which can be installed on the windscreen, magnetic ones which you can install into the air-con vents, and the ones that have an anti-slip mat so that they can easily fix on the car’s dashboard. So, you can buy any of them as per your suitability to use your phone safely and conveniently while on the move.

Final Words

By installing the aforementioned car accessories in your car, you can simply focus on the most important thing i.e. safe driving. But no matter how many accessories you install in your car for safe driving, it is very important to opt for the right car insurance in the UAE. Not only it is legally required as per the RTA law but also it protects your vehicle from all the damages and losses. So, if you have not still purchased it, then practice car insurance dubai compare. This will enable you to find the right car insurance policy for your vehicle.

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