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UAE is one of the fastest-growing and most financially stable countries in the world. With a wide range of financial avenues introducing each day, it is not surprising that UAE especially Dubai has a very profuse investment banking industry.

In this article, we will look at the best investment banks in UAE. But before we get into those big names, let’s learn what exactly investment banks are all about?

What is an Investment Bank?

Investment banks are not similar to conventional banks that provide financial assistance such as deposits and loans to its customers. It is an organization that offers investment banking services. It finds or arranges the capital for other companies that are registered with it. If any company wants funds or sell stocks or bonds, the investment banks in UAE find some potential investors for them to invest in a company. After that, it will handle everything right from the paperwork to the team of lawyers.

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Investment banking organizations function on the seller’s side or the buyer’s side. Functioning on the buyer’s side, they check how much profit a stock can generate for the buyer or how much worth it is. On the side of the seller, investment banks in Dubai and across the UAE work on increasing the capital on a stock.

Top Investment Banks in UAE

Following are the top investment banks in Dubai and across the UAE:

1. HSBC Financial Services

Apart from offering conventional banking services, HSBC offers investment banking services as well. It offers various investment options in UAE with a motto of expanding the wealth of its potential investors. Working on the investor side, they do research and give analytics on the investment organization and assured that the investors do not experience any kind of risk.

2. Emirates Investment Banks

Emirates Investment bank is a private bank that offers customized solutions to its potential customers. They work with the originations in attaining their business objectives successfully.

Moreover, the bank worked in various sectors such as oil & gas, food & beverages, education, healthcare, retail, etc. They have over 40 years of experience in the field of investment banking. In fact, they have set a track record of advising more $4 billion worth transactions in the year 2008.

3. Noor Capital

Noor Capital is an entity that is approved by the central bank of the UAE in order to operate investment & advisory services in the financial sectors. It is registered with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic development & has been offering specialized financial services to its clients.

Noor Capital has an amazing investment team that has years of experience in the same. They offer the best investment options to its investors. The investor may get great opportunities to invest in the products owned by the Noor Capital or third-party organizations that give great benefits to the investments.

4. Allied Investment Partners

Allied Investment Partners is basically an Abu Dhabi based company that offers investment services across the globe. They work with the sole aim to offer the best investment solutions to its potential investors. They assist the investors to attain their financial goals by offering alternative investments as well.

5. SHUAA Capital

Incorporated in 1979, SHUAA Capital is the UAE based old investment & wealth Management Company. They work with the aim of offering capital for the companies and give one of a kind investment options for its potential investors. They offer financial services to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well.

Well, SHUAA Capital has received Best Equity House in the Middle East as well as UAE award in 2008. Not only this, but it was also awarded by Dubai Financial Market.

6. Morgan Stanley Co International

Morgan Stanley offers investment solutions that provide the best result in the long run. They have a very strong client base that includes the renowned government as well as private originations. Their active and energized management will assist the investors to avail the maximum benefits and profits on their investments.

7. Rasmala

Incorporated in the year 1999, Rasmala is well-known for its amazing investment banking services. Initially, the banking services were restricted to the Gulf countries but their amazing services made them popular globally.

As of now, Rasmala is situated in Dubai, Cairo, and London. They offer a broad range of investment solutions to its potential clients that generate them a decent profit. They work in various sectors such as pension funds, family groups, corporate organizations, financial institutions, etc.

8. EnTrustPermal Investment Management Services Limited

EnTrustPermal is one of the best investment banks in Dubai that offer investment options that are tailor-made for its clients. They offer several investment solutions such as direct investments, co-investments, and much more. The headquarters of EnTrustPermal Investment Management Services Limited is in London with several branches across the globe and one is in Dubai as well.

9. Palma Capital Limited

Incorporated in 2009, Palma Capital is registered with the Dubai International Center. It enables companies in business development and also helps them to find investors & arranging investment deals.

10. Wealthface

Wealthface is one of the best investment banks in UAE that provide the best investment banking services to all kinds of investors. It offers high-quality investment services and products which are tailored to each type of investor and provided at an affordable cost.

In a Nutshell

Well, there are so many investment banks across the UAE that offer investment banking services. But, these aforementioned are some of the best investment banks in UAE that are well-known for their excellent services.

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