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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
In order to able to drive your own car in the UAE, it is compulsory to have car insurance. These days, you can easily buy online car insurance from the comfort of your house.

For this, there are two basic options you can choose from initially- simple third party car insurance, which does not cover anything other than the third party involved and comprehensive car insurance cover, which is comparatively expensive but offers way more coverage and benefits.

So, what should you prefer?

If you purchase a new vehicle, or even a pricey used one, the comprehensive insurance plan can be the best option. However, depending upon the premium amount that you are paying and the provider with whom you have taken the insurance, the coverage, and benefits in the policy may differ.

So, what benefits should you look for in a comprehensive vehicle insurance cover?

Come, let’s take a look.

Replacement Car

Before 2017, this was an optional benefit, but the new insurance laws in the UAE make it compulsory for the insurance providers to offer replacement car cover. In case this cover is not available while repairing the vehicle, the insurance provider will have to offer 300 dirhams or more (can be negotiated) each day for up to ten days.

Off-Road Cover

If you love driving your car in the desert, Dubai can be the best location for this. In case you are interested in exploring such driving, it is better to avail an off-road cover on your policy.

Roadside Assistance

This coverage is amongst the most useful and handy one, so ensure that it is included in your policy. However, you need to dig in further to see whether this cover includes mechanical repairs, vehicle towing, flat tire, battery boost, lock-out support, and delivery of emergency fuel.

GCC Cover

In case you frequently travel to the neighboring Gulf Cooperation Council States (GCC States), this GCC cover can be of great benefit for you.

Agency Repair

This cover means that your vehicle is eligible for repairs from your car manufacturer; however, many times this covered is offered for new cars only. Moreover, it is generally offered for 2-3 years from the manufacturing date only.   

In case you have bought a new car, ensure that the agency repair cover is included in your policy. You also have the option to negotiate an extended time for the availability of agency repair.

Ambulance Fees Coverage

You also need to check if your online car insurance includes ambulance fees in case there is a need for medical treatment. Also, you need to look for a cover for personal injury and the personal effects lost in the accident.

Other Benefits

You can cover a ton of benefits in your insurance policy. This may include-

  • renewal service & car registration
  • key replacement
  • windscreen cover
  • personal accident cover
  • cover from social (riots and strikes) and natural (storm, flood) perils
  • waiver of depreciation
  • dent repair
  • legal liability

and many more…

The Parting Words!

A comprehensive cover protects your vehicle from all the damages that can be a result of repair or theft and also includes third-party liability. Typically, it covers various add-ons, which you can select as per your requirement.

You have the option of negotiating a customized comprehensive insurance plan, which caters to your requirements. However, the more the benefits you add to your plan, the higher would be the premium you have to pay.

Before you make a buying decision, it is important to compare car insurance online, in order to get the best deal available for you in the market. You can use a comparison website for comparing different insurance products and finding the most suitable one. Choosing the right add-ons or benefits on your comprehensive plan is equally important.

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