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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Are you looking to get rid of your old clunker?

Selling your car looks like quite a straightforward and easy process, doesn’t it?

After all, how difficult could it be? Pick up your camera phone, click beautiful pictures of your car, put them up on a website, and then brace yourself for to receive calls from interested parties.


Let us now face reality.

Even the slightest oversight could mean the between you getting the full anticipated amount for your vehicle or probably thousands below it. Hence, you have to careful while placing an advertisement because those who have a keen eye will instantly devalue your car. For instance, your car looks unclean in the picture uploaded on the website.

When you plan to sell your vehicle, there are many basic yet important tips that you can try for maximizing your sale value. Although some of these tips may seem to be pretty obvious, you can go online and check the common mistakes for yourself.

If you shift your attention towards the below-mentioned areas, you may end up with some extra dirhams in your pocket.

Put Your Photography Skill at its Best

Blurry pictures are a big no-no. Make sure the quality of the picture is the best you can manage. Do not upload an image of your car parked with other cars or with loud backgrounds. The entire focus should be on the car.

You need to ensure that all the pictures of the car are clean and presentable with an uncluttered background making it look attractive. If you are posting multiple pictures, then make sure you upload one with the entire vehicle in the frame.

Before taking the pictures, remember that it can speak a thousand words, and who knows would translate thousands of dirhams for you.

Disclosing the Entire History of Service

Not all of you would be the ones who maintain the receipts of all the money they have spent on keeping their precious car in its best condition. However, keeping all those service receipts can help you to get some of your hard-earned dirhams back into your wallet.

In any case, it is essential to maintain as many documents as possible that show any kind of work that has been done on your vehicle. This is because providing maximum details to the potential buyer through document proofs will make him or her more confident about giving away a good amount of dirhams for the car.

The records will act as evidence that you have given your best for maintaining the vehicle. It is also ideal to be upfront about the accidents, no matter major or minor (if any), from the beginning itself.

A Good Description Can Help You Nail the Sale

Giving the basic information such as the year of your vehicle, the model, the make, transmission and engine details, Vehicle Identification Number, its mileage, its color, the information regarding the car insurance UAE, and the optional equipment it may have, is of course necessary.

But, other than this, you can also make your advertisement more entertaining.

How ask how?

Why don’t you add a little background story about your car? You can write about when did you buy it, why did you buy it, and about its reliability, since the time it came into your life. Adding these may put an emotional angle that can attract more buyers.

Price! The Most Important Bit.

This is the most obvious part; however, if you have no clue about the worth of your vehicle, you should put all the main details into different online appraisal systems, which will help you to decide a rate for it.

This will obviously be based on a lot of factors including the model, mileage of your car, and its overall condition.

It is advised that you always start with a higher price than the actual worth of your car, leaving some room for negotiations. This way you may end up getting closer to what you wanted.

The Bottom Line!

Thanks to the web world, there are more ways of selling cars than ever. However, if this is your first time selling a car, the process may get a little daunting. But, don’t worry, follow the above-mentioned tips and you are good to go.

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