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Union Insurance Company is listed in the Security Exchange of Abu Dhabi. The company started its operations in the year 1998 and has a corporate office in Dubai, The company is known for offering a comprehensive range of commercial and retail insurance products in the UAE. The insurance policies offered by the company cater to individuals, large industries, and small and medium-sized organizations.

Why Buy Union Insurance Plans?

Union insurance offers best insurance plans in the domain of life insurance as well as general insurance (automotive insurance, health insurance, marine insurance, engineering insurance, property insurance etc. The insurance plans offered by Union Insurance company provide comprehensive insurance coverage.

Union Insurance Products Portfolio

Here are the plans offered by Union Insurance.

Insurance Category

Insurance Plans

Corporate Plans

Group Health Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance

Marine Liability Insurance

Property Insurance

General Accident Insurance

Engineering Insurance

Energy Insurance

Aviation Insurance

Individual Plans

Motor Insurance

travel insurance

Home Insurance

Expat Protect

Union-Hansard Infinity Products

Sure Term

International Income Protection

Health insurance

Single Premium Plan

Flexi Life

Million Dollar Plan

Corporate Plans

Here are the corporate plans offered by Union Insurance.

Group Health Insurance:

Union group health insurance plan is designed to provide financial security to the group members in case of health

The plans can be customized as per the insurance needs of the employees. The customer support team is available 24x7 to resolve all the queries of policyholders.

The insurance products offered under this policy are:

  • Small and Medium Enterprises: This plan is formulated for small and medium-sized enterprises having the workforce of less than fifty members.
  • Corporate Plans: The plan offers various options to corporates to customize group health insurance plans as per their insurance needs. The corporate health insurance plans are available at a low cost with wide insurance coverage.
  • Essential Benefits Plan: Union Insurance company has been awarded Participating Insurer (PI) award by the Dubai Health Authority. Union Insurance offers Essential Benefits Plan for the employees or housemaids having Dubai Visa and earning a gross monthly income of AED 4,000 or less.

Marine Cargo Insurance:

Union marine cargo insurance provides affordable insurance coverage for the cargo in-transit via ocean, land (road or rail), or air or through any means of transport.

The plans offered under this policy are:

  • Single Cargo Insurance Policy: This policy is for the organizations that want to safeguard their cargo only for one consignment.
  • Open Cargo Insurance Policy: This policy provides open insurance to cargo for multiple consignments for the period of one year.

Group Life Insurance:

Union group life insurance plan is designed to provide financial security to the group of people. These plans provide insurance coverage to the employees against various odds including untimely demise and disability.

The coverage offered under this policy is:

  • Accidental death benefit
  • Accidental medical expenses
  • Coverage for disability
  • Hospital cash benefits
  • Coverage against illness
  • Repatriation Expenses

Marine Hull Insurance:

Union marine hull insurance provides insurance coverage against physical damages and losses caused the machinery and hull of the ship. The policy provides insurance for all types of vessels including oil tankers, cargo vessels, commercial yachts, pleasure crafts, etc.

The coverage offered under this insurance policy is:

  • Hull Insurance:
    • Machinery & hull
    • Loss of hire
    • Disbursements, risk of excess liabilities, and increased value
    • Kidnap and ransom
    • War & terrorism risk
    • Builder's risk insurance
  • Yacht Insurance
    • Third-party liability
    • Hull & machinery
    • Personal effects
    • War & strikes risks
    • Uninsured boaters coverage
    • Medical payments
    • Water skiing
    • Personal accident
    • Tender/dingy coverage

Marine Liability Insurance:

Union marine liability insurance policy offers insurance coverage to protect the sail for personal purposes or for business purposes. It secures the in-transit cargo by sea, air, or land (road or rail). The plan neutralizes the risks at an affordable premium.

The insurance products offered under this policy are:

  • Charter's Liability: This policy provides coverage for legal liabilities of the charters. The plan is designed to cover the liabilities that provide custody, care, and control (CCC) of the charter.
  • Terminal Operator's Liability: This policy provides coverage for insured liability arising due to the damages/ losses or bodily injury caused to a third-party.
  • Ship Repair's Liability: This policy provides coverage for the legal liabilities arising due to damages caused to the vehicle while it is in the custody, control, or care of the ship's repairer.
  • Stevedore's Liability: This policy provides cover against all the legal obligations of a stevedore in case cargo damages while it is in his control, custody, and care.
  • Hauliers Liability: This policy provides protection against cargo liability, third-party liability, errors and omissions liability arising due to hauliers operations.
  • Marina Operator's Liability: This policy provides protection against liability of the marina operator caused due to, relatives, visitors and third-parties visiting the location. Additionally, it provides coverage when the vessel is under the control, custody, and care of the marina.
  • Protection and Indemnity Insurance: This policy provides protection to the vessel, its owners, and its operators against the third-party liability arising from damage and bodily injury.

With additional coverage, this policy can be customized for:

  • Cargo legal liability.
  • Liability protection for passengers' personal effects and baggage.
  • Collision coverage.
  • Coverage for the incurred expenses related to getting crew members back to home and compensating these members from the lost wages.

Property Insurance:

Union property insurance policy provides protection to home and its contents. such as car, plants, some machinery etc.

The insurance products offered under this policy are:

  • Fired and allied Perils Policy
  • Business Interruption Policy
  • Property All Risk Insurance Policy

General Accident:

Union general accident policy provides comprehensive insurance coverage to the business firms. The insurance products offered under this policy are:

  • Money Insurance
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Personnel Accident
  • Public Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Medical Malpractice Insurance

Engineering Insurance:

Union engineering insurance provides protection against the risks involved in various operations of the industry,

The insurance products offered under this policy are:

  • Contractor’s all risks insurance
  • Machinery breakdown insurance
  • Erection all risks insurance
  • Deterioration of stock insurance
  • Electronic equipment’s insurance
  • Contractor’s plant & machinery insurance

Energy Insurance:

Union energy insurance provides protection to energy companies against various unexpected situations like an oil spill or a rig accident that can cause environmental damage and tarnish their reputation.

The insurance products offered under this policy are:

  • Downstream (onshore) insurance
  • Midstream insurance
  • Upstream insurance

Aviation Insurance:

Union aviation insurance provides risk management solutions for aviation

The key coverage that offered under this policy are:

  • Aircraft hull and liability
  • Crew personal accident
  • Hanger keepers and premises liability
  • Loss of license
  • Airport fleet - liability and hull of both passengers and cargo operations
  • Product liability
  • Airport operator's liability
  • Airside contractor's liability
  • ATC liability

Individual Insurance

Here are the individual insurance plans offered by Union Insurance.

1. Motor Insurance:

Union Car Insurance policy offers basic motor insurance policy as well as a policy that provides customized benefits to an insured Its excellent customer care makes sure that a policyholder has a hassle-free claim experience.

The key coverage offered under this policy is:

  • Multiple motor insurance packages according to the needs of the insurance buyer.
  • Coverage for superior agency repair.
  • Exclusive cover for vehicles for catering to the situations wherein there is a loss of employment.
  • Benefit of the courtesy car and replacement of the vehicle.
  • No claim bonus and driver discounts for cost-effective
  • Free medical coverage in case of emergency and coverage for personal belongings and other freebies.
  • Auto assistance in case of a breakdown.
  • Coverage for an inbuilt personal accident up to AED 1 million.

2. Travel Insurance:

Be is a weekend getaway, a family vacation for a month, a business trip to abroad or somewhere nearby, Union travel insurance plan provides insurance coverage in case of travel-related emergencies. The travel plan offers a wide range of benefits for the insured.

The key coverage offered under travel insurance is:

  • Medical assistance in case of an accident and other medical emergencies.
  • Coverage in case of loss of passport, loss of checked-in baggage, and loss of other travel-related
  • Single and multiple trip options to meet the insurance needs of an insurance buyer.
  • Coverage for winter sports and golf equipment.
  • Exclusive coverage for pre-existing medical conditions (if any).
  • Coverage for business equipment.

3. Home Insurance:

Union home insurance policy offers financial coverage to the home, its valuables, and contents in case of robbery/ burglary. The premium of this policy is as low as AED 1/- per day.

The key coverage offered under home insurance policy is:

  • Insurance cover for personal belongings even at the time of transit.
  • Fulfilment of personal liabilities of the policyholder.
  • Alternative accommodation during the home restoration.
  • Coverage against home shifting.
  • Personal accident cover.
  • Emergency hospital cash benefit.
  • Option to protect domestic helpers.

4. Expat Protection:

Union expat protection this insurance policy offers protection and assistance to the policyholder in case he/she moves to in a new country. The packages under this insurance policy offer multiple benefits and comprehensive coverage.

Key coverage of expat protection policy is:

  • There are multiple packages available to meet the needs of different customers.
  • Coverage for the family.
  • Cover for temporary or permanent repatriation.
  • Coverage for involuntary loss of employment.
  • Option of availing add-on(s) travel insurance rider.
  • Exclusive corporate expat packages available.

5. Sure Term:

Union sure term policy offers financial safety to the insured’s family against unforeseen situations. This plan provides much-needed peace of mind to the insured.

The key coverage offered under sure term insurance policy is:

  • Works as a primary and secondary life insurance plan.
  • Provides coverage irrespective of cost.
  • Coverage is initiated almost instantly.
  • Global and portable coverage.
  • Hassle free and simple payment process.
  • Flexible tenure according to the requirement of the insured.
  • Works as a supplementary and primary insurance plan.

6. International Income Protection:

Union international income protection insurance provides insurance coverage to the policyholder against various unexpected situations such as illness or injury that can result in disability or inability to work. Under this policy, income protection is provided to the insured. It provides a replacement for the loss of income in case of injury or illness causing an interruption in work.

7. Health Insurance:

Union health Insurance plan provides coverage for various diseases. The plan is offered on a family basis as well as individual basis. The insurance products offered under this policy are:

  • SANAD: It is a unique individual health product for the dependents having Dubai Visa. This plan is pre-underwritten and does not require any declaration from the members as no medical history is tracked.

8. Single Premium Plan:

Union Insurance offers a hassle-free unit-linked program. Under this plan, an insured invests once and reaps the benefits throughout the term of the policy.

The key benefits offered under this plan are:

  • Death benefit.
  • Option to link the investment with a single
  • A range of investment options in the single premium plan.
  • Switching from one fund option to another.

9. Flexi Life:

United Insurance Flexi life solution, United Insurance offers insurance solutions that can help an insurance buyer to fulfil his/her financial goals. The comprehensive benefits and features offered in this plan provide much needed financial security for the insured and insured’s family.

Key benefits of this plan are:

  • An insured can maximize the investment as the premium is invested in the funds of the choice of the insured.
  • Option to customize the benefits to fulfil insurance expectations of insured.
  • Option to pay premiums on the monthly, quarterly, half-annually, or yearly basis.
  • During the term of the policy, an insured can access the investment for his/her short-term
  • Flexibility to remove or add optional benefits, change benefit amount, and premium payment as per the requirements of different stages of the life of a policyholder.

10. Million Dollar Plan:

Union insurance million dollar plan offers international cover to the individual up to USD 1,000,000. Additionally, it offers access to hospital and a vast range of add-on covers.

The key coverage offered in this policy is:

  • The annual limit of USD 1 million.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Inbuilt additional coverage for the treatment of cancer, organ transplant, eyes, maternity expenses, and dental expenses.
  • A global network of hospitals.
  • Worldwide emergency services or medical repatriation facility or medical evacuation facility.
  • Stress management benefits.
  • Option to get an annual medical checkup.
  • Management of chronic disease.

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