Understanding the Importance of Gold in the UAE Culture

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Gold has been a significant part of the UAE’s culture for centuries. Needless to say, this precious metal holds deep economic, social, cultural, and great relevance in the Emirates even today. Over the years UAE’s infatuation with this metal has grown stronger and stronger. Gold, in the UAE’s history is more than an investment; it is a culturally precious metal that has found a place in Emirati’s hearts & homes alike.

It’s true that a majority of the people in the UAE find great ways to purchase gold & make it an integral part of their lives despite the gold rate in UAE.

In this article, we will help you to understand the importance of yellow metal in the UAE culture and why people prefer to buy it.

Gold as a Gift

Gifting the yellow metal is considered propitious in the UAE, with gold gifts forming an integral part of all ceremonies and occasions. Gifting gold helps recipients to utilize it fruitfully since this precious metal not only looks beautiful but also it is a key source of money. It’s quite common to gift gold during weddings where you can see brides bringing in large quantities of gold to their new homes that are considered propitious. In fact, a gift of this metal is probably the highest form of gifting in the emirates, showing the value of an individual as well as purity of intent. In addition to this, gifting yellow metal is also common during birthday and child birth’s ceremony in the emirates.

Religious Connotations

Gold is indeed an integral part of religious ceremonies in the UAE irrespective of religion. Be it Islamic or Hinduism, this yellow metal is a precious asset in all major religions in the emirates. It is quite ordinary for emiratis to buy gold on several occasions as well as religious gatherings.

Family Patrimony

Gold is a very precious metal that is a very crucial part of each and every Emirati household. Also, this yellow metal is reckoned a family patrimony by the majority of the UAE people. Gold ornaments and jewellery are passed on from one generation to another in order to keep the family’s legacy alive. Also, it is quite normal for most households to pass on gold jewellery or ornaments from a mother to a bride in her wedding despite some basic facts such as a change in design trends or gold rate in UAE.

Moreover, this precious metal is an extremely sentimental part of specific traditions and it continues to stay a patrimony. Passing gold ornaments and jewellery from generation to generation also enables people to save a huge amount of money on gold while avoiding the increasing gold rates in the UAE.

Status Symbol

Without any doubt, gold is a bigger status symbol in the UAE due to its great value. In a social setting with millions of people, this precious metal is such an element that can help stand out in the crowd. Emiratis are not shy to flaunt it and their love towards the yellow metal can be easily seen. Also, it has been a great status symbol in the UAE since ages. The more gold one has, the more rich he/she is, a clear indication of their capability to buy gold irrespective of rising gold prices in UAE.


Investing in gold is considered a safe investment due to its high value and good resale value. It works as a protector against bad times that insist people of the UAE to buy it as an investment. With gold rates fluctuating on a daily basis it makes sense to invest in this yellow metal in order to secure the future.

The Final Verdict

People of the UAE consider gold, a very precious metal that can give solutions to multiple problems and also it can be utilized for plenty of good reasons. Thus, it holds a significant value in the UAE culture.

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