Mistakes that Could Nullify Your Car Insurance in Dubai

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
If you have an experience of shopping around for car insurance, you must already be aware of how frustrating it could get. First, compare best car insurance online in Dubai, then select the one suits your car the most, and then buy the chosen one. But even after you have bought car insurance, then there can be certain mistakes made by you that could make your insurer cancel your insurance.

Who would want to get Dumped by their Insurance Provider?

Your auto insurance is at least financial commitment for at least a year which might take away a few thousand dirhams from you. However, even after spending all those dirhams on your car insurance dubai, it is possible you might come across a rude awakening- Your policy has been invalidated!

Even an unintended slip-up might cost you a lot when your claim gets rejected. And what could be worse, than your policy getting canceled by the insurance provider! Along with the premium on your insurance going down the drain, you might also have to pay for the repairs or damages (if any) out of your own pockets.

There can be various reasons as to why an insurance provider would nullify your motor insurance mid-tenure. Following are the common cases where this might happen.

Insurance Fraud

Fraud and dishonesty are usually the main reasons why car insurance providers cancel policies. If your insurer gets to know that you have been dishonest about the car or driver details while applying for the policy, or have made any false claim, or have gone purposely against the terms of the insurance policy, they have all the right to cancel your insurance.

Not Disclosing Car Modifications

Not informing the insurance provider about any modifications on your car that you have made, which affects the performance, value, and safety of the car might lead to the termination of your policy. The most convenient situation is to keep your insurance provider in the loop whenever you are planning to modify your car. By doing so, you will exactly know what your insurance cover could get extended to, and what could get excluded.

Not Following Traffic Rules

By flouting traffic laws, you don’t just end up in trouble with the authorities but also with the insurance provider. Committing offense like driving after the consumption of alcohol or with a driving license that is suspended, might provide a solid reason for your insurer to terminate your policy.

Ignorance of Car Maintenance

The policyholder is responsible to maintain his car in a good condition that is at least roadworthy. This means that you need to make sure that you get your car checked regularly for malfunctions and glitches.

Leaving the Car Unlocked

Most drivers in Dubai are unaware that if they accidentally leave their car unlocked, they do not just put their vehicle at risk of getting robbed but it can also jeopardize their insurance policy. If the car gets vandalized or stolen, after it was left unlocked, the insurance provider can refuse to cover your damages or losses. The insurer can also cancel the policy in such a situation.

Involving the Car for Business Purposes

Usually, car insurance policies put a clear disclaimer that the insurance coverage is limited to the private use of the vehicle by the driver. So if the insurer finds out that you are using your car for business purpose, such as transporting passengers or making deliveries, your car insurance Dubai could be canceled.

Loaning your Car Out

Only you and the driver named in the policy can use your car. If you loan out your vehicle to any friend or relative, you might end up getting your insurance policy terminated. In case your car gets involved in an accident while your friend was the one driving it, the insurance provider will deny to pay for any damages or repairs. Apart from that, they could invalidate your policy as a penalty for allowing a third party to drive your car intentionally.

To Sum Up

If you own a car insurance Dubai, you must make sure you are careful, and not reckless. Make sure you are speaking with your car insurance company in case of any doubt. After all, getting dumped by your car insurance provider would never make you happy.

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