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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
You may have seen them roar past you at superhuman speeds in the express lanes of a UAE highway. Blink for even a second and you are bound to miss them. Whether you’re a visitor to the UAE or a long-time resident, the novelty of a supercar is something that doesn’t wear off easily. And while these cars demand a lot from their owners, from the best car insurance in the UAE to maintenance at the most premium garages, the pleasure of owning such a beast is simply unmatched.

Reaching top speeds of 200kmph and more, it is understandably difficult to catch a glimpse of these marvels of automotive engineering outside of traffic. But today, we provide you with a detailed look at these supercars and what lies under their hoods. While only the costliest and best car insurance in the UAE would do justice to one of these adrenaline-packed mechanical masterpieces, it doesn’t cost a Dirham to admire the science behind these works of art.

And best of all, every single of these supercars were made in the UAE. We have arranged these supercars in order from the least to most expensive:

Zarooq Motors: Sandracer 500GT

Think of the Sandracer 500GT as more of a personal tank than a supercar, because it sure looks like one. When one thinks of a supercar, they do not expect to get much ground clearance. However, the Sandracer 500GT boldly breaks past this convention, combining an SUV-like outer structure with the thunderous applause of a V8 engine. However, when it comes to picking the best car insurance in the uae for this supercar, car owners won’t be able to get away with declaring their Sandracer 500GT as an SUV.

The Specs:

  1. Engine: V-8 engine with a 6.2L capacity.
  2. Power: 525 HP
  3. Top Speed: 220 km per hour
  4. Price: AED 1.7 mil

Jannarelly Automotives: Jannarelly Design 1

The Jannarelly Design 1 opts for the iconic sports car look of yesteryear, with an uncanny resemblance to the Ferrari Testa Rossa of 1957. The Design 1 has slick rounded contours and smooth oval headlights embedded deep in its front wings. The Design 1 is a convertible supercar that seats two and achieves a monstrous top speed of 220km/hr. The Design 1 is a supercar that merges utility with luxury and one that can be covered with the best car insurance in the UAE at reasonable prices.

The Specs:

  1. Engine: V-6 Nissan engine with a 3.5L capacity.
  2. Power: 325HP
  3. Top Speed: 220km per hour
  4. Price: AED 2.0 mil

Devel Sixteen

This next UAE-made supercar isn’t even road legal, and for good reason. With 5,000 horsepower under its hood, the Devel Sixteen might just propel drivers into the next dimension. The Devel Sixteen’s design seems to be straight out of a comic book, like something one might find in Bruce Wayne’s (aka Batman’s) garage. Even the best car insurance in the UAE would be apprehensive to cover this physics-defying vehicle. The Devel Sixteen also sports a set of immaculate butterfly doors.

The Specs:

  1. Engine: V-16 engine with a 12.3L capacity.
  2. Power: 5,000 HP
  3. Top Speed: 500 km per hour
  4. Price: AED 6.4 mil

W Motors: Lykan Fenyr SuperSport

Whether one looks at the Lykan Fenyr SuperSport from the front or from the back, an unmistakable ‘W’ shape clearly reveals itself. The Lykan Fenyr SuperSport has a distinctly sharp look, which is further accentuated by its various slanted 45-degree spoiler and bumper extensions. The SuperSport is a supercar that tastefully combines smooth rounded curves with sharp, spiked protrusions that make it a sight to behold on any road. Only the best car insurance in the UAE would do for this supercar.

The Specs:

  1. Engine: V-6 engine with a 4L capacity.
  2. Power: 900HP
  3. Top Speed: 400km per hour
  4. Price: AED 7.1 mil

W Motors: Lykan Hypersport

UAE residents may have seen the Abu Dhabi police sporting these mechanical wonders. The Lykan Hypersport bears the telltale signs of a W Motors design, carrying a W-shaped rear and menacing inverted-L shaped lights that signal its arrival from miles away. The Lykan Hypersport has a deliciously jagged, pointed look that makes one wonder if the aesthetic was designed with the express intent of scaring perpetrators. The car has also made an iconic appearance in the Fast & Furious movie franchise. We suggest opting for nothing less than the best car insurance in the UAE to protect this triumph of vehicular design.

The Specs:

  1. Engine: V-6 engine with a 3.7L capacity.
  2. Power: 780 HP
  3. Top Speed: 395 km per hour
  4. Price: AED 13.0 mil

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